15 Prayers To End Violence And Hatred


The decisions we make in life will determine how our communities, schools, and country develop in the future.

It is up to us to decide whether hatred or love will govern the globe, whether violence or peace. And we can take this decision through prayers.

Knowing that prayer is the answer to everything in life is crucial. We must ask God to guide our leaders to be men and women of peace and understanding. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God,” He said in the Bible in Matthew 5:9.

Prayer To End Violence And Hatred

Although the Lord is powerful and patient, he will not let the guilty go unpunished (Nahum 1.3).

As we watch the news or receive alerts, it could appear as though violent and hatred take place every day.

We can only get a better and brighter tomorrow through sincere prayer. Here are three prayers that will help you.

1. A Prayer For Violence To Stop In Our Cities

A Prayer For Violence To Stop In Our Cities

Lord God, I ask that you awaken a great desire in me and in others to oppose violence and bigotry wherever we come across them.

Give me and others the courage to stand up for the weak and the oppressed and to speak out. Lord, I know I can’t alter someone; only you have that power.

So I ask God to bring conviction to bear on those who commit acts of violence in our society.

I ask that your Spirit soften the hatred that has hardened my heart toward the humanity of others.

People need to be made aware of what is going on and encouraged to feel uneasy about it. give people the courage to fight hatred and violence with justice and peace.

Without you, Lord, we can do nothing.

2. A Prayer For An End To Insecurities

A Prayer For An End To Insecurities

Oh, my God Given the level of hostility we currently live in, I’m in despair.

Lord, where is the practice of caring for our neighbors? I ask that you help put a stop to hatred by working in people’s hearts.

Your Spirit can soften stony hearts. Facilitate tolerance for diversity. Put an end to people’s insecurities that cause them to perceive diversity as a threat.

Whoever is expressing hatred should stop speaking. Give me courage, O God, to speak words of peace to hatred when I come across it.

Let me be confident that you, Almighty God, are at my side and will never leave me so that I won’t be intimidated.

Although I am powerless to change anyone’s heart, Lord, I can speak your truth to lies and be a conduit for love in a day where it is sorely needed.

3. A Prayer For A World Devoid Of Retaliation And Violence

A Prayer For A World Devoid Of Retaliation And Violence

Lord Jesus, we long for a world devoid of retaliation and violence as well as a world without poverty and injustice.

We ask that you grant us peace. We pray for overall serenity in our mind, body, soul, and spirit.

We ask that you heal us and take away all the things that are giving us anxiety, sadness, and sorrow.

Please direct us in life, and make peace with those who are against us.


Prayers For Protection From Violence

We constantly think about protection, but how should we react in a world that is rife with violence, rage, and hatred?

We are accountable for ensuring the safety of our family, including our children. How can we protect them from harm?

Here are three prayers that will help and protect you and your family from violence

1. A Prayer For Protection From All Types Of Evil And Violence

A Prayer For Protection From All Types Of Evil And Violence

Lord Jesus, there is violence everywhere. I pray for Your protection from all types of evil and violence.

Protect us from those who plot against the truth and those who stir up chaos in the name of peace.

May Your angels surround us constantly to banish fear and combat unseen, evil spiritual forces.

Help us destroy every imagining and thinking that the enemy uses to exalt itself against You. Lord, keep us safe. Amen

2. A Prayer For Safety From All Forms Of Violence

A Prayer For Safety From All Forms Of Violence

Please provide me safety from all forms of violence, Lord God. You are my fortress, and I can always take solace in Your mighty wings.

Keep evil far from me, and keep me safe from harm wherever I go. Wherever I am, You are my Protector;

You are the One Who Fights for Me Every Day. I don’t need to be afraid of anything since you are always there for me in Your love and faithfulness, along with Your goodness and mercy.

God, I put my faith in You and I thank You for Your care and safeguarding me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Prayer To End Racial Hatred

In our today’s society, we have seen so may racial hatred and discrimination. It is our duty as believers to use these prayers to pray that God will take way this from amongst us.

1. A Prayer To Remove Obstacles In Our Community

A Prayer To Remove Obstacles In Our Community

Jesus Christ, thank you for bridging the gap between Samaritan, Roman, and Jewish cultures.

You provided the captives with freedom, you gave sight to the blind, and you provided salvation for all human nations.

Help us remove the obstacles in our community so that we may see the truth of racism and prejudice and be empowered to confront and eradicate it from ourselves, our society, and the world.

Give us the wisdom to see and revere our neighbors as beings made in the divine image and likeness. Please bring harmony to every race you have made. Amen


2. A Prayer For A Fresh Heart And Mind

A Prayer For A Fresh Heart And Mind

Lord, In our efforts to eradicate racism, we recognize that we are up against systems and organizations that uphold the myth that some members of the family are inferior and others superior, thereby sustaining racism.

Create in us a fresh heart and mind that will allow us to recognize our racial categories’ dividing lines as the faces of brothers and sisters.

Please grant us the wisdom and fortitude to free ourselves from the racial stereotypes that oppress some of us while giving others entitlements.

Help us build a country that welcomes the aspirations and concerns of the oppressed people of color who live here in our country and around the world.

God, heal the earth and make us a part of it. Amen


Prayer For The Victims Of Violence And Hatred

It is essential to understand that prayer is the solution to every problem. We must implore God to deliver individuals going through violence and hatred in their lives.

1. A Prayer For Victims Of Violence And Hatred

A Prayer For Victims Of Violence And Hatred

Dear Lord, we pray for victims of violence and hatred. we ask that you go close to everyone who has been impacted by violence,

including those who have been injured, lost loved ones, or experienced a loss of security.

Be a stable haven of comfort and a secure place for them to rest.

Help individuals who want to harm others by calming their minds and softening their hearts. May you transform hate into love, conflict into peace, and darkness into light.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen


2. A Prayer For The Broken Heart

A Prayer For The Broken Heart

We offer prayers today for those who have been hurt and are suffering as a result of violence and hatred.

Bring them to you and shine your face in their direction. May they discover well-being, joy, and tranquility.

You are the creator and supporter of our existence. You are aware of the suffering of the bereaved and sensitive to their prayers.

Hear the pained cries of your people, and give them more reason to believe in your enduring goodness. Amen


Prayer For The Violence To Stop In Our Cities

We often consider ways to defend ourselves, but apart from our personal safety, we must also pray for our cities?

We are responsible for making sure that everyone in our family, especially our children, is safe. How can we safeguard them against harm? These prayers will help you in praying for the safety of our cities.

1. A Prayer For Peace In Our Cities

A Prayer For Peace In Our Cities

Heavenly father I pray for peace in our cities. Please put an end to all the violence in our neighborhood.

Muster the grace and bravery in us to stand united in defense of the most helpless kids.

Our God, we ask in trust that you would use us to confront negative attitudes and behaviors, motivate people to support us in putting a stop to violence in this city,

transform all hearts and minds to do what is right. Amen

2. A Prayer For Peace In Our Communities

Lord, thank you for showing us the power of a strong family, community, and united front.

We now know that we were made to live as brothers and sisters in Christ and that we were not supposed to accomplish our goals on our own.

We ask you lord to bring about world peace so that violence in our cities can be eradicated.

Please assist us in remembering to uplift and support one another as we travel on this road to peace together.

There will no doubt be challenging periods and heartbreaking stories in the future. However, we also understand that during trying times,

Your light shines brightest and that there is no issue that is too complex for Your power to solve through us.

Thank you father for I know that you have answered our prayer


Prayer To End Domestic Violence

Numerous people have been victims of domestic abuse and violence around the world.

Following several mind, body, and spirit-related tragedies, some of them are currently recovering physically and emotionally.

We may be distantly related to some of these victims, while others may be people we don’t know at all.

Sadly, a great deal of victims endure quiet and suffering because they are unsure of who or where to turn.

Our prayers for their recovery and restoration are crucial. Here are two prayers that will help them.


1. A Prayer To End Domestic Violence In Our Families

(Luke 6:27-28)

“Do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you”

Merciful God, You imprinted life in us because You wanted us to live it abundantly.

In order for those who are oppressed by abuse to live in peace and reap the benefits of Your blessings,

we implore You to release those who are suffering from it physically, psychologically, or spiritually.

Help us to take good care of what You have entrusted to us. Give us the bravery and Your might to oppose the violence perpetrated against Your priceless people.

In the name of Jesus. Amen.

2. A Prayer To End Domestic Violence In Our Lives

We pray to you, Almighty God, for all abuse victims. We beg you to take care of them, to shield them with Your loving might, to keep them safe,

and to grant them health, healing, serenity, and love. We hope and pray most of all that they will sense Your presence and have faith in You.

Safeguard the young children who witness or experience violence and abuse at the hands of those they hold dear.

Take them to a secure location so they can start to recover. Restore their ability to trust, love, and have freedom in their spirits.

Your angels, around them. Change the heart of those who abuse and mistreat others and reframe their thoughts. So that they might turn to You, Amen


Prayer For Repentance From Violence And Hatred

Sincere prayer is the only way to ensure an end to violence and hatred and also bring about a better and brighter tomorrow.

Here are two prayers that will aid in brining about repentance from violence against you and hatred.

1. A Powerful Prayer For A Change Of Heart From Violence

Ephesians 4:31

“Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice”

Lord, You are all-knowing and all-mighty. You created the universe, time, and all life on earth.

So who are we to get in Your path and let our little wrath flares start? Please take away violence and hatred from us. Free our mind from all forms of violence.

Make it easier for us to take a backseat and let You alone have supremacy.

Help us to be confident and comforted by the fact that You will exact Your holy vengeance justly and totally.

Give us the grace to control our anger and  humble us. Allow our rage to move You closer to the center so that we can honor You and put Your people first.

Give us a sense of peace. Amen

2. A Powerful Prayer For A Heart Free From Violence And Hatred

Ephesians 4:26

“Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry”

Dear father in heaven,  Please assist us in putting aside our anger, agitation, angst, violence and the early seeds of hatred that are starting to sprout.

Let us keep in mind the advice you gave us via Your servant, James, to “Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry since human wrath does not generate the righteousness that God seeks” (James 1:19-20).

Fill us with your spirit and dwell in us so that we will be able to love one another without hatred and violence. Give us your mind Lord. Amen


We must constantly remind ourselves that hatred and violence are learned attitudes, and that if we all work together, we can put a stop to them before someone is harmed.

We have highlighted a few practical prayer points that we should employ when we are praying. We believe that as people pray these prayers in their daily lives, they will greatly benefit.

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