25 Prayer to Remove Obstacles in a Relationship


Prayer is one of the best ways to remove obstacles in a relationship, providing you have something ‘real’ to pray about. Prayers were designed to give power — a kind of divine power that only comes from God.

God wants our relationships to improve, for families to come together, and for love in our homes rather than strife.

Prayer to remove obstacles in a relationship

The list above of powerful prayers is meant to dissolve relationship barriers.

But remember that faith in God is essential in answering these prayers. Ask fervently and with the assurance that God will grant your requests.

1. A Prayer to Remove Obstacles in Marriage

Prayer to remove obstacles in marriage


God of Eternity, Help us to place our love above all obstacles. Please help us to value, respect, and, most of all, understand one another.

Do not let lies, deceit, and hatred creep into our connection. Keep everyone focused on the objective.

We need your limitless love, Father of Love, to get through the difficulties we have been facing. Evoke in our minds lovely memories of the beautiful days.

Help us to keep in mind how pleased we are as a team. Lord, give us the fortitude to handle anything that happens.

The enemy wants to keep us apart, but I know that our love will be stronger and that if we are with you, nothing can stand against us. Amen

2. Prayer to Remove Stumbling Block from Relationship

Prayer to remove Stumbling Block from Relationship

I pray and ask you, oh Lord, to remove all stumbling blocks from my relationship. I bring your angels into my home and drive out all that is bad, all mistrust, all hostility, and all misunderstanding.

In the name of Jesus, I revoke anyone’s wish to hurt us or end our marriage, whether motivated by hostility, black magic, a spell, or anything else.

I pray to the Lord to cast out all the evil spirits interfering with my relationship. I criticize any disparaging remarks made against my partner and me.

I repudiate any vindictive, self-centered, or arrogant attitude that harms us and keeps us from moving forward on the path to eternal life. Amen.

3. A Prayer for Breaking Barriers

Prayers of breaking barriers

I’m calling on you today, Our Father in Heaven, because of the obstacles we are facing in our relationship.

God, you are so beautiful. Please don’t let your wrath keep us from you any longer. Don’t let us lose sight of everything we’ve accomplished thus far for good.

Please give us the strength to own our errors and move forward. Please assist us in putting aside our pride and apologizing for all the harm done.

Lord, grant us the fortitude to face our fears and, more importantly, the understanding that we are flawed people who can only find true freedom from resentment through forgiveness.

Anyone in love does not fear, and there is no fear where love exists. True love, on the other hand, drives away fear.

4. Mantra to Remove Obstacles in Love

Mantra to remove obstacles in love

Come close, loving king, in these trying times. We admit that without you, we cannot succeed right now. Please give us the fortitude and bravery to overcome this obstacle in our relationship.

Lord, be with us always, lead and guard us as we eliminate the barriers on our path. O almighty Father, guide us to the righteous way. Bless us with your mercy and heavenly favor.

Break down all the barriers that stand in the way of our love life. We ask you, Most Merciful Father, to cast them out in the name of your great strength. Amen.

5. Relationship and Friendship Prayers

Relationship and friendship prayers

Dear God of love, there is a vast, seemingly never-ending disagreement in my relationship.

Everything we say becomes verbal abuse; everything is an excuse to bring up old information and mistakes, and we only focus on each other’s flaws.

I sometimes question whether my relationship will endure the difficulties I am going through. Lord, help me to remember our first encounter. The attractive traits we observed in one another.

The gifts, love, and hopes for a relationship and friendship in the future. Help us surmount this obstacle we are currently facing. This I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Powerful Prayers for Relationship Restoration

Powerful prayers for relationship restoration

1. Thank you, Heavenly Father, because I can travel anywhere outside of your presence. Bring the calm that comes from being in your company into my relationship.

As long as I trust you, according to your word, my faith will never be mistreated. Give me confidence in your ability to mend any relationship.

2. Almighty God, I pray to you today to guide us in acting in love rather than resentment toward one another.

Our connection should be governed by your love for us, not our self-interest. May your eternal love burst into our hearts.

Help us be so full of love that we cannot help but share it with everyone we meet.

3; Thank you, Heavenly Father, for knowing me and loving me. You are aware of the challenges and demands in my love life.

You’ve said in your word that those who ask will receive, those who search will find, and those who knock will have the door opened. I pray you will accept my request to move powerfully in our relationship.

You care about me and will always act in my best interests. Your love and grace make it possible for healthy partnerships. Please have my trust. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

4. Dear Lord, thank you for always being there for me when I need you. You advised me to pray for those who persecute me and to love my adversaries.

I ask you to help me love in relationships that have ended. Please assist me in praying for those who are involved in tense relationships. Please accept my request for the healing of my relationships.

May your joy fill my soul, your serenity fill my heart, your grace fill my words, and your love fills my hands. Amen. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

5. Dear Lord, despite our relationship’s ending due to unresolved issues, poor communication, and a lack of trust, we still care about each other. We desire to improve ourselves for each other.

As we renew our journey as a marriage, we pray for Your wisdom and direction to illuminate our path. Help us treat one another with kindness, love, and gentleness.

We beg for pardon for all the wrongdoing, suffering, and severe injury we have caused. Dear Father, we ask for healing as we decide to repair our relationship. We are grateful to You for giving us hope each day. In Your mighty name, we pray that.

6. Dearest Lord, the strength of Your love astounds us. We are grateful to You for being our tremendous source of hope and our source of assistance when we are in need.

We beg for Your assistance, Father, during this trying time. Despite having a failed marriage, my partner and I have chosen to continue being together.

Dearest Lord, please aid us in mending our marital rift. Teach us to consider our choices more carefully as husband and wife, and may we always remember that our union is based on You.

Lord, help us to appreciate the love we have for one another and the commitment we made to You. We release all of our worries, trepidations, and fears.

We pray for this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

7. According to You, O God, there is no commandment greater than love. I’ve only ever loved a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Even amid our ups and downs, I always cherish them. Jesus, open my eyes and theirs, and may You cause them to rethink our connection. We had a lovely relationship, and I long for it to resume.

Don’t let the devil ruin our friendship. We always will be since we were meant to be together. They are my soul mate, so I am asking you to influence them to return. We are grateful to God for the love we have felt.

I shall keep praising You because I adore You. I am appreciative of everything.

Prayer to remove obstacles in marriage

Prayer to remove obstacles in marriage (2)

1. No matter how hopelessly entangled we may feel, God can mend and rebuild our bonds.

However, Jesus turned to face them and remarked, “With man, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible,” according to Matthew 19:26. God is infinitely more powerful than any obstacle we could ever fathom.


The time to turn to scripture and prayer is when those common nasty sentiments of negativity, unforgiveness, selfishness, and blaming start eroding your love for your spouse.

2. Please grant my marriage your divine protection, O God. May no scheme of the adversary of my soul be able to dismantle what you have built.

Stop any lousy idea, voice, plan, or temptation that tries to undermine the sacred union of our marriage.

Prayer mantra to remove obstacles in love

Prayer mantra to remove obstacles in love

1. Thank you, loving Father, for being my creator, creating me, and loving me. May your might and splendor be revealed to me while I feel overwhelmed by the obstacles in my path.

You are the Creator God, and yet you extend your hand to me in blessing. May I witness your all-encompassing might in life?

May I celebrate your magnificent victory and exalt your mighty name? May I continue living as your cherished kid and benefit from your kindness. via our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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