13 Prayer For Relationship with God

13 Prayer for Relationship with God

This post is for people who desire a unique relationship with God. Even though reading scriptures and serving people is a sign of having a relationship with God, the most potent and most excellent way to establish a cordial relationship with God is through prayers-communication in the extra mundane world.

Prayer for Relationship with God

Below are thirteen (13) powerful prayers that will make you have a good relationship with God.

1. Prayers To Create A Relationship With God

1. Prayers To Create A Relationship With God

Gracious Father,

Irrespective of the fact that there are people I meet every day wherever I go, I also have a family with which I bond. I have friends and acquaintances, yet I still feel empty. I have discovered that you are the only being that can represent all these people in my life.

I want to create a relationship with you as I will find the lasting peace and joy that I need. I long to be your friend. I know that you will break through my spirit and lift it to the realm of your righteousness. I no longer want to be filled with the emptiness of this world.

I want to experience the hope of your salvation and feel the shimmering ray of your love to soothe my soul. Come and fill the void in my heart by granting a space in your forum to accept and accommodate me. I believe you will get my request in Jesus’ name; amen.

2. Prayers For A Relationship With Good Intention With God

Prayers For A Relationship With Good Intention With God

Heavenly Lord,

I pray to have good intentions toward the relationship I just created with you. I pray to do only your will but not the intents of my heart as I expect to have a robust relationship with you. Let me diligently seek to have good intentions as I finally establish a relationship with you.

May my mind be devoid of fallacy and evil intentions, but let a burning desire to be in love with you constantly spring in my heart. Let me genuinely crave for you and adopt strategies to avert evil intentions towards this relationship. In Jesus’ precious name, I pray. Amen.

3. Prayers For A Relationship To Put God First

Prayers For A Relationship To Put God First

Dear God,

Thank you for agreeing to have a relationship with me. Thank you for giving me a new beginning. I pray for the grace to always put you first in my actions, thoughts, desires, and feelings.

Let me have contentment and a strong desire that you are the only one to help me in my endeavors. Imbibe in me the confidence to always come first to you before indulging in anything. As I journey with you, I pray for reliance on your advice, encouragement, help, and strength every moment of my life. This I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

4. Prayers For the Relationship To Grow Intimacy With God

Prayers For Relationship To Grow Intimacy With God

Gracious Lord,

I seek that you constantly be with me to help grow our relationship. Hearken to me whenever I need to be with you as you have agreed to be in a relationship with me. I am overjoyed, for I know you will have an affectionate intimacy with me.

I seek to share beautiful moments with you as they will help grow our relationship. I seek lasting companionship as we continually are in a relationship. Our relationship will grow stronger because I believe that you will be with me through seasons of happiness and trials.

I know that you will grant me exhilarating moments as we grow together. You are the best for me, and I pray we will wax stronger daily in Jesus’ precious name, amen.

5. Prayers For Relationship To Obtain Strength To Love God.

Prayers For Relationship To Obtain Strength To Love God

My Lord and Savior,

I pray for your divine spirit to rest upon me to give me the strength to be in a relationship with you. Your power won’t let me dissuade you from your loving relationship. It is your strength that will help me to proclaim your genuine relationship despite trials and temptations continually.

Lead me each day with your strength to new phases of our relationship. I ask that you guide my heart daily to love and cherish your above every other thing. I ask to pursue you and dwell in your love. My heart will continually dream and desire you.

My thoughts will be filled with love, for you are my strength. All my requests will come to fruition because I believe you are the source of my power to love you exceedingly. Amen

6. Prayers For Relationship To Believe In God

Prayers For Relationship To Believe In God

Gracious Lord,

I ask for the ability to believe in you solely. Your wisdom will enable me to acknowledge your presence in my life. Your genuine interest in fostering an enduring relationship with me will enhance my belief in you.

Your unquenchable strength to keep me soaring will bolster my belief in our relationship. The mighty power of your deliverance will heighten my trust in you. I pray for your management of grace to believe that you are the only true friend I need to establish a relationship with.

My magnanimous belief in you will make me strong and courageous for every journey of my life. Grant my prayers through your son Jesus Christ. Amen

7. Prayers for Relationship to Wax Stronger in God

Prayers For Relationship To Believe In God

Merciful Lord,

As humans, the flesh will be weak at some point, but only your divine strength will make me wax more vital in the relationship. I believe you will be my source of power as a true friend to prevent me from becoming weary in this relationship.

In moments where my strength fails, Oh Lord! Prevent me from going astray. Do not let our relationship sag and lag. I pray for your unfailing strength to keep in touch to bring me back on track constantly.

I pray for your strength to resist every temptation that will make me surrender to the works of the flesh. I might be tempted to be selfish in our relationship; please prevent me from such acts, for I do not want to embrace darkness again.



8. Prayer For Restoration Of Relationship with God

Prayer For Restoration Of Relationship with God

Almighty God,

I need the power of your restoration whenever I backslide in my relationship with you. I want to experience your powerful restoration of the lapses in my mind, body, and soul which retrogressed our relationship.

Whenever the devil crawls up to dismantle our relationship, tear him apart with your mighty power. Restore every dwindling strength. Chase away all forms of cowardice and fear in my heart that would make me deny our special relationship. Restore your light to chase away all darkness so I can commune with you.

10. Prayers For An Impactful Relationship With God

Prayers For An Impactful Relationship With God

Good God,

I thank you for the opportunity of being in a relationship with me. I pray for an impactful relationship. Let me feel the impact of your love in this relationship. Draw me closer to you so you will hear my heart’s whispers.

I hope to feel the warmth of your love. Let the impact of this relationship filter my heart and allow me to glimpse your true reflection in my life. I know that your love is not boastful but impactful. Let this relationship create an impact on my generation, yet unborn. Your impactful pet clothes me with honor.

Do not unveil it till the end of my life. Your love is not just impactful but selfless. With my confidence in you, I continually seek to wallow in this impactful relationship. May there be no end to it? In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

11. Prayer For Family Relationship With God

Loving God,

I pray for establishing a relationship with my family, which will help ease my smooth relationship with you. As you are in a relationship with my family, I will not be unevenly yoked to them. Inspire their hearts to know about your loving character.

Your spiritual coverage will be immense by having a relationship with my family. No evil intent of the enemy will come to manifestation in our lives. I want you to have a relationship with my family so that you will surround us with heavenly weapons.

As a family with a unique relationship with you, there will be good discernment and insight in our lives. We will understand your ways and will, and we will hear your voice, know your habits and act in one accord about your ordinances.

12. Prayers For An Accessible Relationship With God

Wonderful Savior,

I ask for an accessible relationship with you. Always be ready to open your doors for me to walk in and pour my heart into a loving friend, which you are. When pressures of life push me into a corner, I have no place to run to for solace other than your soothing arms.

When a hundred trouble chase me, and I feel paralyzed, please give me your soothing balm. Your accessible relationship with me will make you remain a reliable friend to me.

It will give me the courage to keep running the race, knowing that you are an accessible secret place of rest. Thank you for granting me unrestricted access to you. I bless your name for the kindness. Amen

13. Prayers For A Spiritual And Not Religious Relationship With God

Eternal Father,

As you draw me out of darkness by establishing a relationship, create a spiritual bonding between us. Please do not allow me to misinterpret the principles of having a relationship with you to be upholding certain religious practices and doctrines.

Give me clarity on the difference between spirituality and religion. Do not let the hypocritical tendencies of religious practices create a barrier to me gaining and sustaining my relationship with you. Let me acknowledge the gift of the holy spirit and seek its directives instead of resorting to religion.

Let me be a vessel of honor by associating with you so that others will see your shining light and draw closer to you. I pray that you will keep me far from the entrapment of religious fanatics. In Jesus’ name, I request. Amen



God is desirous to hear from everyone and is readily accessible and eager to listen to our prayers. He is anxious to discuss your daily activities, he wants to engage in your dealings, he wants to partner in your endeavors, he wants to hear about your day, he is longing to listen to what you are grateful for, and he wants to hear how he can assist you.

He is willing to share in your grief. In all, he is ready to be in a relationship with you.


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