15 Prayers Of Healing Scripture

Healing is a universal desire that transcends cultural and religious boundaries. In times of illness, physical or emotional pain, and uncertainty, many people turn to their faith for solace and support. Within the realm of Christianity, the Bible offers a rich source of comfort and guidance through a collection of powerful prayers for healing.

These prayers, often referred to as the “15 Prayers of Healing Scripture,” are drawn from various passages in the Bible. They are believed to harness the divine power of God to provide strength, restoration, and hope to those in need.

In this exploration, we will delve into these 15 prayers, understanding their origins and significance, and how they continue to be a source of spiritual healing for countless individuals around the world.

15 Prayers Of Healing Scripture

Scriptures About Physical Healing

1. Jeremiah 17:14, 33

These verses emphasize God as the ultimate source of physical healing and restoration, highlighting the importance of trust and faith in His healing power.


Heavenly Father, I come before You with faith, seeking the physical healing promised in Your word. May Your restorative touch mend every ailment and infirmity in my body, for You are the great Physician. In Your mercy, grant me the strength to trust in Your healing power.

2. Exodus 15:26, 23:25

These passages promise God’s blessings of health and protection to those who obey His commandments.

Gracious God, I thank You for Your promise of health and protection to those who walk in Your ways. As I strive to follow Your commandments, I ask for Your blessings of physical well-being. Shield me from illness and grant me strength for the journey.

3. Isaiah 41:10, 53:4-5, 38:16-17, 57:18-19

Isaiah’s verses offer comfort and assurance of God’s willingness to heal, redeem, and restore His people from physical afflictions.

Divine Healer, I humbly approach Your throne, believing in Your willingness to heal and redeem. May Your grace restore my body and spirit, bringing comfort and renewal in my time of need. Let Your peace flow like a river, washing away my afflictions.


4. Psalms 107:19-21, 30:2, 103:2-4, 6:2, 41:2-3, 4, 147:3, 23, 30:10-11, 73:26

These Psalms contain numerous references to God’s healing nature, His forgiveness, and His ability to comfort and restore physical health.

Merciful Lord, I lift my voice in prayer, embracing the words of these Psalms that speak of Your healing nature. I ask for Your touch to heal every sickness, to mend every brokenness, and to restore my health. Your love is my refuge, and I trust in Your healing grace.


5. 2 Chronicles 7:14-15

This passage underscores the importance of repentance and prayer in seeking God’s healing and restoration.

Gracious God, I repent of my sins and seek Your face, knowing that You are faithful to forgive and heal. As I turn to You in humility and prayer, may Your healing touch be upon me, my loved ones, and our land. Grant us Your mercy and restoration.


6. Deuteronomy 32:39

It reminds us of God’s sovereignty over life and death, highlighting His power to both afflict and heal.

Sovereign Lord, I acknowledge Your authority over life and death. In my time of physical distress, I place my trust in You, knowing that Your hand can bring healing and deliverance. Your will be done in my life, and may I find peace in Your plan.


7. 1 Peter 2:24

This verse in the New Testament references Jesus’ sacrificial death and how it provides spiritual healing and reconciliation.

Compassionate Savior, I am grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus and the spiritual healing it provides. I pray for the strength to walk in His footsteps, embracing His healing power for my body and soul. May His wounds bring me wholeness and reconciliation.


8. 3 John 1:2

This verse expresses the desire for overall well-being, encompassing physical health and spiritual prosperity.

Abundant Life-Giver, I seek Your blessings of overall well-being, encompassing physical health and spiritual prosperity. Pour out Your grace upon me and those I love, that we may experience Your abundant life in every aspect.

9. Revelations 21:4

It offers hope for a future where God will wipe away every tear and end suffering, including physical ailments.

Almighty God, I long for the day when suffering and pain shall cease. As I endure physical challenges, may I find hope in the promise of Your eternal healing. Wipe away every tear, O Lord, and grant us lasting peace.

Spiritual and Emotional Healing Scriptures

10. Proverbs 4:20-22, 17:22

Proverbs teaches the importance of God’s Word for nourishing the soul and the healing power of a joyful heart.

Heavenly Father, I seek the wisdom of Your Word to heal and nourish my soul. Fill my heart with joy, for a cheerful heart is good medicine. May Your words be life and health to my spirit.

11.  Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

This passage reflects on the seasons of life and the idea that there is a time for healing and restoration in every individual’s journey.

Eternal God, I recognize the seasons of life and the need for healing and restoration. In times of pain and sorrow, grant me the patience to trust in Your timing and purpose, knowing that there is a time for every purpose under heaven.

12. Isaiah 33:2, 40:29

These verses speak to the strength and grace God provides for those in need of spiritual and emotional healing.

Source of Strength, I turn to You for the grace to renew my spirit and find comfort in times of emotional distress. Empower me with Your might, for those who wait on You shall renew their strength.

13. Matthew 11:28-30

Jesus invites those burdened with life’s troubles to come to Him for rest and spiritual healing.

Compassionate Redeemer, I heed Your invitation to come to You for rest. In my moments of weariness and emotional burden, grant me Your peace and the yoke of Your gentle guidance.

14. John 14:27

Jesus offers His peace as a source of comfort and emotional healing in times of distress.

Prince of Peace, I receive Your gift of peace. In times of turmoil and emotional turbulence, let Your tranquility reign in my heart. Your peace is a balm for my wounded soul.

15. James 5:16

This verse emphasizes the power of prayer, including the prayer of the righteous, in bringing about spiritual and emotional healing.

Faithful God, I understand the power of prayer in bringing about spiritual and emotional healing. As I confess my sins and lift up my burdens to You, may Your healing grace be poured out upon my soul.

16. 1 Corinthians 10:13

It assures believers that God provides a way of escape in times of temptation and trial, offering hope for healing and endurance.

Gracious Provider, I trust in Your faithfulness to provide a way of escape in times of trial. As I face challenges, grant me the strength to endure and the wisdom to navigate the path to healing.

Healing Verses from Psalms

These Psalms are reiterated from Section 1 and contain references to God’s healing nature, His forgiveness, and His ability to comfort and restore physical health, as well as spiritual and emotional well-being.

Section 4: Healing Miracles of Jesus

17. Matthew 4:23-24, 9:35, 10:1-8

These passages describe Jesus’ healing ministry, where He not only preached but also demonstrated His power to heal the sick.

Divine Healer, I marvel at the healing ministry of Jesus. As I read of His miraculous deeds, I pray for His touch in my life and in the lives of those in need. Grant us healing and the knowledge of Your kingdom.

18. Mark 1:29-34, 2:17, 5:34

Mark’s Gospel highlights various instances of Jesus healing the sick and comforting the afflicted

Compassionate Savior, I see Your compassion in the stories of healing and restoration. Just as You healed the afflicted, I pray for Your healing in my body and spirit, and that Your grace may flow to all who call upon Your name.

19. Luke 5:17-24, 8:49-56, 12:17-19, 13:11-13, 14:1-6

Luke’s account showcases numerous healing miracles performed by Jesus, illustrating His compassion and authority.

Wonderful Healer, I am inspired by the many miracles You performed. In times of physical and spiritual affliction, I seek Your touch and the power of Your Word to heal and restore.

20. John 9:5-11

This passage tells the story of Jesus healing a man born blind, emphasizing His ability to bring sight and understanding.

Light of the World, I contemplate the story of the blind man healed by Your touch. I pray for Your healing in my own blindness, whether physical or spiritual, that I may see Your truth and grace.

21. Acts 4:30-31, 9:33-34, 10:37-38

These verses demonstrate that the healing power of Jesus continued through the early Church, affirming His enduring legacy of healing and restoration.

God of Miracles, I see Your healing power continuing through the early Church. Grant us the faith to believe in Your healing presence and the courage to share Your healing grace with others.



The “15 Prayers of Healing Scripture” offers a profound connection between faith and healing, underscoring the importance of spirituality in times of physical or emotional distress. As we’ve journeyed through these prayers, we’ve discovered their origins, their purpose, and the unwavering belief in their ability to channel divine healing.

These prayers, rooted in the timeless wisdom of the Bible, serve as a reminder that healing is not solely a physical process but encompasses the restoration of the spirit and the renewal of hope.

In moments of suffering and uncertainty, these prayers provide a comforting anchor, reminding us of the power of faith and the profound healing that can occur when we turn to a higher power. Whether one is facing illness, grief, or simply seeking solace, the “15 Prayers of Healing Scripture” offers a source of strength and a pathway to spiritual rejuvenation.

They continue to be a testament to the enduring connection between faith and healing, inspiring countless individuals to find solace and hope within the sacred verses of the Bible.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1: What are the 15 Prayers of Healing Scripture?

The 15 Prayers of Healing Scripture is a collection of Bible verses and passages that are commonly used for seeking physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

These prayers are drawn from various parts of the Bible and are believed to invoke God’s healing power and grace.

Q2: Can these prayers guarantee physical healing?

While these prayers are a source of comfort and hope, they do not guarantee physical healing in all circumstances. The outcome of healing is ultimately in God’s hands, and His will may not always align with our desires.

However, these prayers serve as a means of seeking divine intervention and trusting in God’s plan.

Q3: Are these prayers specific to any particular denomination of Christianity?

No, these prayers are not specific to any particular Christian denomination. They are derived from the Bible, which is a foundational text for all Christian denominations.

Believers from various denominations can use these prayers as part of their spiritual practices.

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