17 Prayers for Total Healing and Deliverance


In the journey of human existence, we encounter moments of affliction, both physical and spiritual, that challenge our well-being and test the depths of our faith.

It is during these trying times that we often turn to the solace of prayer, seeking total healing and deliverance from the burdens that weigh us down.

These moments of supplication are profound expressions of our vulnerability and our unwavering belief in a higher power capable of providing the restoration and freedom we so desperately seek.

In this exploration, we delve into the realm of “17 Prayers for Total Healing and Deliverance,” a collection of supplications that span across diverse faiths and traditions.

These prayers represent the universal human desire for physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness. They serve as a reminder that amidst life’s trials, we can find strength and hope through the act of prayer, connecting us to the divine source of healing and deliverance.

17 Prayers for Total Healing and Deliverance


May these prayers be a source of comfort, strength, and hope for those who seek healing and deliverance in their lives. May they find solace in the belief that God is a loving and powerful healer, ready to answer their prayers and provide the restoration they seek.

1. A Prayer To RecognizeGod as the Healer

A Prayer To RecognizeGod as the Healer

Heavenly Father, Jehovah-Rapha, the God who heals, In reverence, I approach your throne, where mercy dwells. You, the source of life and restoration, I proclaim, My Healer, my Refuge, in your hands, I find my name.

Lord, lay your healing hands upon my feeble frame, As I seek your touch, in Jesus’ holy name. May every ailment, pain, and suffering I bear, Be transformed by your grace, a testimony to declare.

2. A Prayer for Emotional Healing

A Prayer for Emotional Healing

Precious Lord, I bring my wounded heart to you, For healing, restoration, and renewal, make me new. Emotional scars and traumas, I lay at your feet, Replace them with joy, love, and peace, O Lord, so sweet.

Heal the broken places deep within my soul, Restore my spirit, and make it once again whole. In your presence, I find comfort and release, Heal my emotions, and bring me lasting inner peace.

3. A Prayer Against Generational Sickness

A Prayer Against Generational Sickness

Almighty God, I stand against this hereditary chain, Breaking generational sickness, ending every pain. I declare health and wholeness for my family tree, In Jesus’ name, from sickness, we shall all be free.

May future generations walk in paths of health, Breaking the cycle of disease by your great wealth. I claim your promise of healing and divine grace, For my family’s future, we’ll run the race.

4. A Prayer for Spiritual Deliverance

A Prayer for Spiritual Deliverance

Heavenly Father, I declare my soul’s release, From every spiritual chain, find your sweet peace. Renounce the spirits that bind and blind my sight, In your light, O Lord, I walk, in your truth, I find my light.

No longer captive to the enemy’s snare, In your freedom and enlightenment, I declare. Deliver me, O God, from spiritual captivity, For in Christ’s redemption, I find eternity.

5. A Prayer Against Mental Oppression

A Prayer Against Mental Oppression

Loving Father, lift the weight of despair and deliver my mind from anguish, anxiety, and care. In your presence, grant clarity and peace anew, Renew my thoughts, O Lord, make them pure and true.

Break the chains of mental oppression, I pray, In your healing love, I find my strength today. Restore my mind to soundness, clear and bright, In your peace and love, I take my flight.

6. A Prayer for Deliverance from Addictions

Lord of liberation, set me free from the chains, Of addiction’s grip, and break these bonds and pains. I declare my freedom in Jesus’ precious name, No longer captive, I’m released from guilt and shame.

Renew my heart, O God, create a life brand new, In your strength, I conquer, in your grace, I pursue. Break the hold of every bondage, every sin, In Christ’s victory, my healing journey shall begin.

7. A Prayer for Restoration of Broken Relationships

Heavenly Father, we bring our brokenness before your throne, Seeking healing for relationships, and love to be sown. Bind the wounds of strife, misunderstanding, and pain, Restore unity and understanding, and make us whole again.

Grant wisdom, patience, and hearts willing to forgive, In your love, may our relationships truly live. Lord, as we seek healing for the bonds that have frayed, Reignite the love that in our hearts was once laid.

8. A Prayer Against Chronic Diseases

Mighty Healer, I stand against this chronic plight, Claiming health and vitality, dispelling the night. No more recurrence, no more pain to endure, In your healing touch, I find my cure.

You are the God of health, strength, and life, Endurance in my trials, through every strife. In Jesus’ name, I declare my body’s release, From chronic diseases, I find my peace.

9. A Prayer for Deliverance from Financial Strain

Provider of abundance, I lift my plea to you, Deliver me from financial strain, make me anew. Break the chains of debt, set my spirit free, In your prosperity and grace, may I find the key.

May your abundance flow and debts be erased, In your favor and provision, I find my place. Financial freedom and abundance, I claim, In Jesus’ name, I declare my financial aim.

10. A Prayer for Healing of the Land

O Lord, heal our land, our nation, and our home, Bring restoration where division and strife have grown. Repentant hearts, we seek your face anew, Heal our land, O God, and make us steadfast and true.

Forgive our sins, our shortcomings, and our greed, In your healing love, may our nation’s wounds be freed. Protect us from harm, calamity, and despair, In your mercy and grace, may our land repair.

11. A Prayer of Repentance and Cleansing

Merciful God, I humbly bow before your throne, Confessing my sins, my transgressions, and my own. Cleanse my heart, O Lord, make it pure and right, Renew my spirit, in your presence, I find the light.

Forgive my failings, my doubts, and my fear, In your grace, O God, may my spirit draw near. Wash me clean, make me white as snow,
In your love and mercy, your child I shall know.

12. A Prayer Against Evil Altars

Almighty God, I stand against every evil altar, Breaking every curse, every negative falter. In Jesus’ name, I declare dominion and might, No evil altar shall have power over my life’s flight.

By your authority and sovereign decree, In Christ’s name, I am forever set free. No weapon formed shall prosper or harm, In your presence, O God, I find my charm.

13. A Prayer for Protection from Enemies

Lord, shield me from enemies, both seen and concealed, In your refuge, your protection, I’m safely sealed. Set a hedge around me, protect my soul from harm, In your sanctuary, I find safety and calm.

In Jesus’ name, I rebuke every plan and snare, No enemy’s plot shall succeed or impair. With you as my defender, my victory is sure, In your presence, O Lord, I find my security.

14. A Prayer for Renewed Strength

Heavenly Father, in weakness, I humbly come, Seeking renewed strength from the Almighty One. In weariness, you are my unyielding source, Empower me, O Lord, for life’s endless course.

Renew my spirit, revitalize my frame, In your strength, I’ll rise, forever in your name. By your grace, I conquer, in your might, I stand, Renewed and rejuvenated, guided by your hand.

15. A Prayer for Faith and Trust

Faithful Father, grant me unwavering trust, In your healing process, in you, I entrust. In moments of doubt and wavering sight, Strengthen my faith, O Lord, in your holy light. May I rest in your promises, firm and secure,

In your timing and wisdom, I am sure. Increase my faith, O God, in every way, In your presence, I trust, in your grace, I’ll stay.

16. A Prayer for Wisdom and Direction

Wise Counselor, grant me wisdom, I pray, In every decision, guide me in your way. As I seek healing and make choices each day, Grant discernment, O Lord, lead me on the right way.

Amid the confusion, let your voice be clear, Your direction, your wisdom, your presence near. In your guidance, O God, I find my true direction, In your wisdom, I trust, in your loving protection.

17. A Prayer of Gratitude for Healing and Deliverance

Gracious God, with thankfulness, I bow, For the healing and deliverance you bestow. You’ve lifted me from depths, my Savior and my Friend, With a heart full of gratitude, your name I commend.

In past victories, and in healings that have taken place, I celebrate your goodness, your love, and your grace. With a heart overflowing, in worship, I’ll abound, For in your healing and deliverance, your love is found.


The quest for total healing and deliverance is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of faith. The “17 Prayers for Total Healing and Deliverance” encapsulate the depth of our yearning for wholeness, offering solace in times of suffering and hope in moments of despair.

These prayers stand as timeless companions on our path to healing and deliverance, reminding us that, even in our weakest moments, there is strength in surrender, and there is grace in seeking the divine.

May they serve as a beacon of hope and a source of comfort for all who yearn for total healing and deliverance in their lives.

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