17 Restoring Prayer for Broken Marriages (Couples Only)


The journey of marriage is not always smooth; it can be marred by challenges and hardships that test the foundation of the union.

When the threads of connection begin to fray and the once vibrant colors of love fade, couples often find themselves amid a broken marriage.

During these times of turmoil, the power of restoration, in both physical and spiritual realms, becomes crucial.

The act of prayer, laden with the hopes, aspirations, and faith of two individuals, can serve as a bridge toward mending what’s fractured and reigniting the flame that once burned bright.

In this guide, “17 Restoring Prayer for Broken Marriages (Couples Only),” we delve into the depths of this spiritual journey, exploring how prayer can be a potent tool in revitalizing the bonds that tie two souls together.

17 Restoring Prayer for Broken Marriages (Couples Only)

Peaceful Resolutions

1. Peace Prayer for Broken Marriage

Peace Prayer for Broken Marriage

Dear Heavenly Father, Amid our brokenness, we come before You seeking the gift of peace.

May Your calming presence envelop us, bridging the gaps in our marriage.

Grant us the wisdom to communicate with compassion, the patience to listen with empathy, and the courage to let go of resentments.

May the tranquility we find in You extend to our relationship, guiding us toward peaceful resolutions.


2. A Prayer for the Power of Inner Peace in Turbulent Times

A Prayer for the Power of Inner Peace in Turbulent Times 1

O Divine Source of Peace, As turbulent waves crash around us, grant us the strength to find refuge in the stillness within.

Fill our hearts with Your unwavering peace, reminding us that our challenges are temporary, but Your love is eternal.

Let Your peace be the anchor that steadies us amidst the storms, helping us navigate the rough waters of our broken marriage with grace and clarity.


3. A Prayer for Peace and Emotional Healing

A Prayer for Peace and Emotional Healing

Loving Creator, We bring our shattered emotions to Your healing presence.

Pour your balm of peace upon our wounded hearts, soothing the accumulated pain and bitterness.

Help us release the burden of hurt and find solace in Your comforting embrace.

May the peace that surpasses all understanding flow through us, mending our hearts and guiding us toward emotional healing in our broken marriage.


Strength Prayer for Broken Marriage

4. A Prayer to Draw Strength from Faith During Marital Challenges

A Prayer to Draw Strength from Faith During Marital Challenges

Dear God of Strength, In the face of adversity, we turn to You as our wellspring of courage.

Grant us the strength to endure the trials that test our marriage.

May our faith in You empower us to overcome obstacles, reminding us that Your grace is sufficient even in our weakness.

Infuse us with the resilience to persevere and the belief that through You, we can find renewed strength in our broken marriage.


5. A Prayer for Resilience and Inner Strength

A Prayer for Resilience and Inner Strength

Mighty Source of Resilience, As we navigate the rocky terrain of our broken marriage, fortify us with inner strength.

Illuminate the path before us, showing us the depths of our resilience.

Help us rise above doubt and despair, knowing that Your power within us is greater than any challenge we face.

With unwavering faith, we embrace the journey of rebuilding, standing strong in the face of adversity.


Unity and Healing

6. A. A Unity Prayer for Broken Marriage

Giver of Unity, Amid our brokenness, we seek the unity that once bound our hearts as one.

Guide us to lay aside our differences, and let understanding and compassion lead the way.

Bless us with the grace to forgive and the humility to ask for forgiveness.

May our renewed commitment to unity be the cornerstone on which we rebuild our marriage.


7. A Prayer to Value Unity in Rebuilding Relationships

Loving Creator, As we embark on the journey of rebuilding, remind us of the value of unity.

Help us cherish the shared dreams and memories that unite us, even in our brokenness.

Let every step we take toward healing be a step toward a more profound connection.

Strengthen our resolve to honor the unity that was once the heartbeat of our marriage.


8. A Prayer for Re-establishing Unity and Harmony

Healer of Hearts, We bring the fragments of our shattered marriage before You, seeking restoration and harmony.

As we labor to mend what’s broken, instill in us the spirit of unity.

May our efforts be guided by love and a shared vision for the future.

Let our actions and words foster an atmosphere of harmony, as we work together to rebuild what was lost.


Healing Prayers for a Broken Marriage

9. A Prayer to Recognize the Need for Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Compassionate Healer, Open our eyes to the wounds that require healing within our marriage.

Help us recognize the emotional and spiritual scars that have formed.

Grant us the humility to acknowledge our shortcomings and the strength to seek healing.

Through Your grace, may our brokenness become the canvas upon which You paint a masterpiece of restoration.


10. Healing Prayer for Both Individuals and the Marriage

Divine Mender, We lift our hearts to You, asking for healing for our marriage and our souls.

Mend the brokenness within us, restoring our sense of self-worth, trust, and hope.

As we heal individually, let our healing journeys intertwine to create a stronger, more resilient union.

May our marriage become a testimony of Your transformative power.


Rekindle Our Love Prayer for Broken Marriage

11. A Prayer to Reignite the Flame of Love and Affection

Eternal Flame of Love, In the shadows of our broken marriage, we yearn to rekindle the passionate fire that once burned within us.

Ignite the spark of affection and tenderness that we once shared.

Grant us the courage to be vulnerable, the patience to nurture our connection, and the devotion to fan the flames of love until they burn brightly once again.


12. A Prayer for Rekindling Love and Passion

Creator of Love’s Embrace, As we stand at this crossroads of our relationship, we humbly ask for Your guidance in rekindling the flames of love and passion.

Help us rediscover the joy of being in each other’s presence, the thrill of shared dreams, and the warmth of affectionate gestures.

May our renewed love be the force that heals our broken marriage and paves the way for a brighter future.



Rebuilding Trust and Wisdom

13. A Prayer to Restore Trust in a Broken Marriage

Merciful God, In the aftermath of broken trust, we come before You with heavy hearts.

Grant us the strength to rebuild what was lost, to mend the fractures that have formed.

Help us find the courage to extend forgiveness and the humility to seek forgiveness.

May Your grace be the glue that binds the broken pieces of trust back together, guiding us toward a stronger and more resilient marriage.


14. A Prayer to Nurture Trust After Betrayal and Hurt

Compassionate Source of Healing, In the wake of betrayal and hurt, we turn to You for the strength to nurture trust anew.

Help us embrace vulnerability and transparency as we rebuild what was shattered.

Let our actions speak of remorse and commitment, and let our hearts be open to healing.

May the seeds of trust we sow today grow into a lush garden of renewed love and faith.


15. A Prayer for Rebuilding Trust and Transparency

Loving Creator, In the quest to rebuild what’s been broken, guides us toward a path of renewed trust and transparency.

Grant us the discernment to recognize the value of honesty, even when it’s difficult.

May our words and actions align with integrity, fostering an environment where trust can flourish once again.

Let our commitment to transparency be a foundation for the restoration of our marriage.


Wisdom Prayer for Broken Marriage

16. A Prayer Seeking Divine Guidance in Decision-Making

Wise and Loving God, As we navigate the complexities of our broken marriage, we seek Your divine wisdom.

Illuminate our paths and grant us clarity in our decision-making.

Help us discern the steps to take for our shared future.

May Your guidance lead us toward choices that nurture our connection and bring about healing.


17. A Prayer for Wisdom and Discernment

Source of Infinite Wisdom, In times of uncertainty, we seek Your wisdom to guide us.

Bestow upon us the gift of discernment, that we may make choices that honor the sanctity of our marriage.

Let Your wisdom guide our words, actions, and intentions as we strive to rebuild what’s been lost.

May our decisions be aligned with Your divine plan for our union.



In the labyrinth of life, marriages often encounter crossroads where the path ahead appears uncertain and challenging.

The promise of a lifelong journey with a partner can face unforeseen tests, leaving couples grappling with the fragments of a once harmonious bond.

In these moments, the revitalizing power of prayer shines as a beacon of hope.

The prayers shared within this guide, carefully crafted to mend what’s broken and heal what’s wounded, remind us of the transformative potential inherent in faith, commitment, and shared devotion.

As couples embark on the restoration journey through prayer, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, empathy, and reconnection.

May these 17 restoring prayers serve as a lifeline for couples seeking to mend their broken marriages, rekindle their love, and build a stronger, more resilient union that stands the test of time.

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