13 Prayer To Save Marriage From Divorce


Like any other institution, the marriage institution is not devoid of crisis. As Christians, we should turn to God to save our marriages from collapsing, especially Divorce; the more reason we should involve in prayers.

Many religious sects have made Divorce appear as a regular occurrence. Still, the Scriptures have pointed out that marriage was an institution established by God in the garden of Eden between Adam and Eve.

Marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman that God used as an illustrative point to show his love for humanity.

Looking at the notions towards marriage, especially in a morally corrupt society, the high divorce rate is disheartening because lesser people are committed to marriage.

Nevertheless, God can still restore marriages at the brink of collapse. It is not God’s plan for couples to separate after going into a binding covenant with each other with God in the center. Using prayers to tackle Divorce helps to strengthen weakened bonds and makes marriages more successful.

However, possessing certain character traits of patience, kindness, not jealousy, not being rude or selfish, and other good behaviors listed in the Bible might be helpful to reduce the rate of Divorce.

As a couple, do you possess any of these attributes? Are you eager to develop any of these attitudes? You can ask God to help you culminate these attitudes. It is a process, but it will be worth the prayers.


Prayer To Save Marriage From Divorce

The Devil had used the seven-letter word “DIVORCE” to fight against the marriage institution. Many married couples detest that word, but they eventually find themselves going through the divorce process and finally getting divorced.

If you find your marriage drifting towards Divorce, these prayers to save your marriage from Divorce should become your powerful tool to wage war against the forces against your marriage. God is always on the verge of listening and answering our prayers if only we pray to him.


1. A Prayer For Wisdom To Tackle Divorce.

Wisdom is applying knowledge and understanding to approach marital issues, problems, and situations. Marriage requires unselfishness, so having insight will be profitable to help put the partner’s needs before our own and guide our words and actions to save marriage from Divorce.


A Prayer For Wisdom To Tackle Divorce

Everlasting King, I come before your holy throne to present my marriage on the verge of collapse.

I appreciate your loving kindness towards my partner.

It is a well-known fact that you place more value on the marriage because it was a direct covenant initiated by you.

The Devil is fighting my once-envious marriage, so I need you to give me wisdom and understanding to take charge of each chaotic situation.

I know you have abundant wisdom to give me because I have asked for it.

Provide me with wisdom to handle every lurking crisis in my marriage.

The wisdom to know the words to use while communicating with my husband and understand his needs and body language can only come from you, Oh, Lord.



I commit my marriage into your Wonderful hands; take charge as you provide your wisdom.

I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.



2. Prayer For An Abundance Of Love To Revive A Collapsing Marriage

Divorce is inevitable without practicing the central theme and message of love in marriage. Jesus Christ surrendered his life on the cross as an ultimate demonstration of love. However, marriage epitomizes God’s love for the body of Christ (Church), which characterize unselfishness and sacrifice. For a marriage to be successful, couples must be prepared to love their spouse unconditionally without selfishness. Amid challenges, it is pertinent to ask God to instill love in your heart, which can restore a broken marriage.


Prayer For An Abundance Of Love To Revive A Collapsing Marriage

Precious Lord, I come before you to renew my vow at the altar to love my partner despite any situation.

I have encountered terrible situations which have shaken the foundation of my marriage, and I seek your help to love my spouse just the way you love the church.

Let me put aside selfishness and love my spouse unconditionally.

Show me how to love like Christ, for my worldly desires overwhelm me.

I need your strength to carry out the wish and divine will of marriage.

This I ask in Jesus’ name, Amen.



3. A Prayer To Become A Unique Helper.

The most potent way to avoid Divorce in a marriage is to pray to God to help you become the kind of person your partner wishes to have. It was not good that man (Adam) stayed alone hence the need for God to give him a companion (Eve), a perfect complement, and a suitable helper. Pray God to guide you in becoming an ideal match for your spouse.


A Prayer To Become A Unique Helper

Loving Lord, I am deeply in love with my spouse but do not know how to give him the necessary support, which is one of the factors threatening my marriage.

Complementing my partner’s weaknesses will spur them up in all aspects.

Teach me the appropriate manners and attitude to put into building my marriage.

Show me the right kind of love to shower on my spouse to make them feel loved uniquely.

Help me to showcase my passion in actions, not just in words.

I bless your name because you have answered my prayers.




4. A Prayer To Exercise Patience In My Marriage.

Most marriage incidents make us furious, depressed, tired, frustrated, and irritable, and the result of these emotions boomerang on our spouses. Marriage is a process that grows gradually, and we need God to guide us through the journey. It is compulsory to ask God to give us the patience to strive through the process full of unpredictable outcomes.


A Prayer To Exercise Patience In My Marriage

Almighty God, I come to your throne of grace to seek your unrivaled patience.

Forgive me for taking out on my partner whenever I cannot control my anger.

Help him to have a space in his heart to forgive my outburst.

He does not deserve to have an undeserving person.

Help them to exercise patience with me, and I do the same towards them.

Help me demonstrate patience amidst a chaotic situation.

Even when my spouse gets on my nerves, help me deal with them with patience.

Teach me to use patience in dealing with conflicts in my matrimonial home. Thank you for imbibing patience in me.

Receive glory in Jesus’ name, Amen.







5. Prayer Of Resilience To Withstand Chris In Marriage

A phrase in a wedding vow, “for better or worse,” is binding on the partners. This level of commitment demands tenacity and the best kind of firm will. Naturally, humans tend to give up and move on when things go south and seem not to normalize. Only a tenacious spirit will keep the love in the marriage aflame. Use a potent tool (prayer) to save your marriage from hitting the rocks. The God of possibilities in an impossible situation will save your marriage.


Prayer Of Resilience To Withstand Chris In Marriage

Eternal Rock of Ages, my marital condition is absurd, but I want to uphold the marital vows I promised at the altar.

Do not let the temptations of this world dissuade me from honoring the matrimonial laws.

Let me love my spouse more and give me the ability to fight the physical and spiritual battles of my marriage.

I still believe in your perfect will encircling the institution of marriage.

Help me save my marriage against Divorce. Let every demonic directive of the Devil that may lead my marriage to Divorce be resisted.

Help us work and build on the perfect will of marriage to remain steadfast and know why we choose to remain partners; to fulfill the purpose of God.

Help us to support each other through our trying times.

In Jesus’ name, I ask, Amen.




6. Prayer To Terminate A Divorce Case

Many couples are tempted to seek a divorce after going through irreconcilable differences. At some point, one of them might not want to push things too far, but one would want to prove points or Garner sympathy and validation by seeking redress in court. A conceding partner needs to take the case to God in prayers. The power of prayers can soften the heart of the adamant partner to withdraw the issue from the court and accept a peaceful resolution.


Prayer To Terminate A Divorce Case

Lord of Host, you commanded that nobody should tamper with any union you have established.

I request your divine intervention to stop my spouse from pursuing the divorce case.

Let my partner understand the value of an amicable settlement.

Stop the urge to get divorced in our hearts. Keep us on track with your divine marital plan.

Let your mighty hand lay siege to our hearts. Let your voice keep whispering genuine directives in our ears.

Forgive our randy attitudes, which lead to filing a divorce suit.

Our actions detest you, but Lord does not give the Devil a loophole to crash our marriage.

Our defeat is your defeat, but I believe in your power of defense.



Inject our marriage with love, peace, joy, happiness, and all the good things one might do in marriage.

I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.


7. Prayer To Heal A Crushed Heart In Marriage.

Many spouses are going through emotional and psychological strain, yet they smile on the surface to convince the public that all is well. Feeling broken will leave you desolate even amidst people. Time will seem longer than usual, and the presence of your partner will detest you. Handing your situation to God is the best and fastest way to get healed, and God will give you the strength to overcome any emotional turmoil. Only God will restore joy in your heart and make you understand that he was working out things for your good.


Prayer To Heal A Crushed Heart In Marriage

The great healer, I call upon you to tackle the enemy of my marriage.

I find it difficult to speak or sleep as my heart is burdened with grief.

My partner has dealt brutally with me, and I do not know what to do.

That is why I come to you for solace. Make my partner understand the hurt I am subjected to whenever there is a rife.

Come into my house and register your presence. Fill my heart with goodness despite all damage caused by my partner. Help me heal and restore my broken heart.

Let your healing power descend on us so we can move beyond our pain and still love each other.

Heal our wounds and make us realize the true meaning of loving beyond scars.

Let your mercy and joy flow in our hearts. I believe in your healing and restoration power to make our union holy.


I invite you to be in our midst and speak peace to our hearts.

Be the strand that binds our cord in love and heals our hearts. Pick the pieces of our broken hearts and make them whole. Thank you for not allowing the Devil to rejoice over our hurt.

In Jesus’ perfect name, I pray, Amen.


8. Prayer Of Forgiveness In Marriage.

The ability to forgive your partner will breed hope, peace, and physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Accepting to forgive your spouse will reduce the hurt’s grip on you and free your spirit from being caged. Speaking to God in prayers will help you release those pains and forgive your partner because holding unto such pains might cause more significant harm. God will help you exercise understanding, empathy, and compassion through forgiveness.


Prayer Of Forgiveness In Marriage

Compassionate and Gracious Lord, I implore that you allow me to forgive my spouse.

I feel a torrent of rage in my heart as I think of the demeaning way I am treated.

I feel bitter and sad; I want to rip him and get rid of this marriage.

I find it hard to forgive him after going through a lot of resentment.

Purge me of this bitterness and anger swelling in my heart as I am about to burst.

Help me, Oh Lord, at this moment to forgive my spouse.

Let me see you when I confront him to overcome the hurt in my heart.

I need you to help me count less of his mistakes and help me not to override his weaknesses.

Teach us to build our marriage in love, peace, respect, and humility.

I believe in the power of forgiveness established on the Calvary cross.

I call upon the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts, forget our past, and embrace a brighter future. Step into our marriage and sow a seed of forgiveness so that our marriage can survive Divorce.

In your compassionate and Gracious name, I pray. Amen.


9. Prayer For Love, Hope, And Faith In Marriage To Avoid Divorce.

Some marriages lack faith, love, and hope and have never celebrated their worth and relevance. These three virtues are a strong cord that binds couples together in marriage and teaches them the definition of humankind. These virtues are a discourse to couples to teach them about the dangers of disunity, immorality, and immaturity. The supremacy of these virtues in marriage keeps Divorce at arm’s length. Couples must engage in prayers for God to imbibe these virtues in them.


Prayer For Love, Hope, And Faith In Marriage To Avoid Divorce

Enduring and faithful God, you are the only one who gives hope, faith, and love.

We so much desire to have these virtues to overcome the Devil’s tricks to destroy our marriage.

This virtue will draw closer each day. We have experienced so many years of marriage devoid of these virtues.

Help renew our marriage and make us start afresh by rediscovering the potential of each other.

Pour your love over us so we will live for each other. Increase our love, unity, and hope so that it will cover the loopholes in our marriage.

Let us grow in these virtues to greater heights to become insurmountable for the Devil to penetrate. Let us not count each other’s sins and seek revenge.

Work in our hearts to achieve better things. Help us love each other immensely and put you as the symbol of unity and faith in our marriage.

Let us be devoted to each other and help us become penitent over our attitudes.


Instill these virtues to drive away worthless desires in our hearts. We tend to adapt to negative influences of the world, which helps us to stop inculcating them.

Give us the strength to drive away all vile attitudes and resist the urge to perpetrate any attitude outside these unique virtues.

Remain focused on essential things that will lead to eternal life and break the hold of distraction from acting with the integrity that will save our marriage from Divorce.

I pray to God in Jesus’ name, Amen.


10. Prayer of Repentance And Reconciliation To Save Marriage From Divorce

In marriage, many couples tend to be ignorant that genuine repentance breeds forgiveness and helps avoid a repeat of the grievous act. When one does not genuinely repent from an action that caused harm to the partner, he tends never to exert change. When a partner truly repents, there will be a change in his previous attitudes that were pointed out as flawed. You can repent if you lay your situation in God’s hands, and repentance will make one have a change of value that leads to a change in life to avert a crashed marriage.


Prayer of Repentance And Reconciliation To Save Marriage From Divorce

Precious Lord, I confess and repent of my sins in my marriage.

I have sinned and fallen short of not loving my partner as you directed.

I have not been submissive, so I have repented this day.

I repent of all my mean attitudes which have hurt my partner.

Heal our hearts and help us overlook and forgive each other as we grieve.

Help us overcome this problematic stage through repentance, confession, and forgiveness.

Help me regain my partner’s trust and make them accept my genuine repentance.

I genuinely regret all my failures in my duties as a good partner.

I pledge to become a better version of myself. I plead for forgiveness for not being the spouse you directed me to be.


I acknowledge your love in making me have a self-realization of my waywardness.

I repent of the mess that can cause a divorce in my marriage. Pave the path for reconciliation to usher peace, unity, joy, and all good things of marriage.

Help me fulfill my duties to get married to become a loving and holy union. Establish my request for your glory.



11. Prayer For Humility In Marriage To Have Divorce

In marriage, particular couples live together without being humble to each other. Certain factors like personality supremacy tend to cause a marriage clash—the outcomes of low or no humility traits in marriage range from strife to further relational destruction. With prayers, you can practice the art of humility, and God will remind you that humility is the catalyst of a peaceful marriage. In due course, you will begin to choose humility over the surging pride and desire to satisfy yourself alone. So, take up the mantle of prayers and wear the garment of humility to strengthen your marriage.


Almighty God, I look forward to a marriage filled with humility. Let me eliminate my stubborn attitudes and remain humble to retain my marriage.

Recently, pride has taken over my life, and I have behaved violently. I admit to all my wrongdoing and seek forgiveness.

I plead to have the humility of Jesus Christ, who humbled himself unto the cross. Crush every prideful spirit and deposit the spirit of humility.

I can only succeed if you intervene and imbibe in me the virtue of humility. The foundation of my marriage has been shaken to the verge of Divorce; humility will make me realize the need to stay together happily.

Let not the enemy make me feel the ugly marks of Divorce through my inability to remain humble. I pray for a miracle over my marriage.

Drive away every spirit of pride militating against the progress of my marriage. I believe in your power of salvation that you will replace compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience in my heart instead of pride and arrogance.

Be in charge of my actions, thoughts, and words so that I will wear the armor of humility and safeguard my marriage from hitting the rocks.

I believe you will answer my prayers in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.


12. Prayer For Guidance To Handle Marital Crisis

Having Godly guidance by couples is essential to a successful marriage. We can choose our perfect life partner when we have God’s guidance. Sometimes, no matter the excellent choice of a life partner, the Devil still strikes in marriage, so guidance is paramount to handling issues. A Christian home must seek advice through prayers. As Christians, what should we consider when choosing a spouse? Does God have any particular advice for Christians in selecting a spouse?


Lord of Light, I come to you for sole reliance on your divine guidance to handle my marital issues. I seek your abundant knowledge to decipher between good and evil.

I am asking for the right way to navigate the raging road of marriage. I realized I was in the dark when my spouse issued me a divorce letter.

I am broken and need you to guide me to respond correctly. Deep down in me, I still cherish my marriage and do not wish it should end in shambles.

It will be unfortunate to see all the years I toiled to build this marriage end in distraught. I have so many loving memories that I do not flush them into the drain.

I pray that you turn us away from the destructive path of Divorce. I need the appropriate guidance on placating my partner to reverse his divorce decision.

Help me to make adequate changes to restore my marriage. Our kids are affected by the divorce rumors; oh Lord, support and guide me on how to explain the situation to them.

I need guidance to prepare their minds for the situation. Let me realize my faults and restrain my actions, as our children will be negatively impacted.

Blot out every thought of Divorce in my heart. I need your guidance right now, oh Lord, and set me free from Divorce in Jesus’ name.



13. Prayer of Deliverance From The Spirit Of Divorce

Knowing the purpose of marriage will make couples define why they got married. Marriage is not child’s play, and that is why Satan has vowed to destroy it against all odds. Marriage can take off smoothly, but the Devil will strike at some point hence the need for deliverance prayers.


The one and only God, I come to your throne of deliverance to speak against every spirit of Divorce attacking my marriage.

My marriage is gradually drifting to its end. I need you to revive my marriage. The same you resurrected from the pit of death, Oh Lord, awake my dying marriage.

Shine your light into the darkest parts of marriage and breathe life into it. I call upon your mighty name to deliver my marriage from the shackles of the spirit of Divorce.

I long for the return of your glorious light into my decaying home. Save my marriage by adding a sweetening savor of love in our hearts to bind us together continually.

I believe in your power of deliverance to save my marriage from the depths of destruction. Help me and my spouse enter an agreement prayer that nothing should separate us.

Grant us time to deliberate over our differences without the Devil using it as an opportunity to strike my marriage. I invite you into our conversation to be devoid of the Devil’s agenda.

Give us ideas that will inspire us to greater heights. Help us reach amicable settlements and proffer solutions to our conflicts.

Thank you for your deliverance that will reflect love in my marriage.




Praying to save a marriage from divorce can be a powerful tool for couples who are struggling in their relationship.

While it’s important to take practical steps to work through issues and seek professional help, prayer can provide comfort, guidance, and a sense of connection with a higher power.

Couples can strengthen their faith and commitment to each other by committing to praying together and individually. Ultimately, whether or not a marriage is saved from divorce may depend on various factors.

Still, prayer can be a valuable part of the healing process. It may help couples to find the strength and clarity they need to navigate their difficulties and build a stronger, more loving relationship.

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