13 War Room Prayer For Cheating Husband

My mother has been in Marriage for over three decades. From her marital experience and stories, I have discovered one crucial element responsible for a successful marriage; War Room Prayer.
This Prayer is the lifeline and first line of defense against any attack, which any woman should not use as a last resort.
I reference my parent’s Marriage which is accurate and might be upheld by women in their marriages. The adversary will exploit any weakness in your Marriage to enter your home. No matter how firmly rooted your Marriage might seem, the Devil is scheming to rock it, the more reason marriages people never thought could falter hit the rocks.
The Devil would employ every trick, scheme, and ploy to penetrate any Christian home to evade the aura of peace, warmth, and love by making a once faithful husband become a chronic cheat.

War Room Prayer For Cheating Husband

You may be going through a tough time with a cheating husband, and I assure you that Prayer is the most effective defense tool to wade against the Devil. 
I have stipulated 13 prayer points that might be helpful to every wife, present and future, in steering the course of your disruptive homes to stability. These prayers will strengthen you in fighting any destruction in your Marriage.

1. Dangerous Prayer To Get My Husband Back

Dangerous Prayer To Get My Husband Back


Almighty God, I need your support in this challenging period to bring back my loving husband into my arms. You said our strength should be renewed as we wait on you according to your word in Isaiah 40:31.

I pray that my husband’s strength experience a renewal to escape the evil spirit of cheating. I bring him into your fabulous presence and recharge his soul as he is exhausted from the torture of an evil spirit.

Do not allow him to faint. Close his ears from the voice of the Devil telling him that a strange woman is better than his wife. 

I make this request through the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.








2. Prayer For To Remove Strongholds on My Husband For Self Recovery

Prayer For To Remove Strongholds on My Husband For Self Recovery

Everlasting Father, Give my husband the knowledge to provide daily bread for his family and remain steadfast about it; for the Devil has dissuaded him from performing his responsibilities and lagging in fatherly roles.

By making him steadfast in his roles as a man, I will be happy and stay nourished despite these trying times. Help him keep his thoughts focused on the welfare of his family instead of prostitutes.

Inspire him to drift away from situations that will lead him to destruction. Prevent him from speaking against his family and rather adore strange women. Make him speak and seek separation from strange women.

Control his mind to do good things from now henceforth and remember his loving family.

I pray in confidence in the name of Jesus, Amen.







3. A Prayer Of Faith For Husband Under Attack

A Prayer Of Faith For Husband Under Attack

I have faith in your limitless power. Use his weakness to great advantage. Let the future bring more self-recovery to escape the bondage of Satan. In the storms of life, support him and be by his side. 

I have always believed in your promises of restoration and renewal which gives me strength that you can deliver my husband.

Give him the supernatural power to fill every cell of his body so that he can regain consciousness to resist the temptation of the evil one.

I am full of the awe of your love, the liberty of your spirit, and the delight of knowing you; I am aware of your power, so I pray for renewal in the Mighty name of Jesus. Amen.








4. Prayer For Excellent Attitude Towards Cheating

Prayer For Excellent Attitude Towards Cheating

In the Mighty name of Jesus, I pray this day that whatever my husband does should be distinguished by excellence. I pray for an excellent character, thinking, and actions.

Let there be a difference in his womanizing attitude and notoriety in women’s affairs. Help him treat every woman who comes in contact with him respectfully instead of seeking to explore and exploit them sexually.

Give him a sense of uprightness towards women. Give him the ability to remember that he belongs to you and should not divert from your commandments in Hebrews 13:4. Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled, but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

Pour your spirit of excellence upon him to always desire to behave correctly. Prevent him from stumbling and guard his thoughts against straying into diversions that can waste time and energy.

Let him seek the most crucial tasks to enhance your plan for him and his family. Amen




5. A Prayer To Stay Calm Amid My Husband’s Cheating Habit

A Prayer To Stay Calm Amid My Husband's Cheating Habit

Ultimate Lord, in my helpless situation, I find people to blame, and also guilt trips my mind. I search for an appropriate way to vent my anger, and my mind wanders to you.

I feel imprisoned by the actions of my husband. I feel a wave of fury in my heart. I am weighed down with resentment, and I pursue justice at your throne of mercy.

Do not allow this rage to overtake my sanity, for you say in your word; John 14:27; Peace I leave with you, The peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

I need you, All-Powerful Lord, to provide freedom for my soul by granting liberty to my husband. Retain my calm and resolute composure until you restore his sense of responsibility to return to his lovely home.

In the Holy name of Jesus, I Pray, Amen.






6. A Prayer of Healing And Restoration From Cheating Effects Of My Husband

A Prayer of Healing And Restoration From Cheating Effects Of My Husband

Dear Lord, I come to your soothing feet to constantly absorb all the emotional tumult speared against my soul by the cheating spirit controlling my husband.

Heal all the wounds with your death on the cross and conquer the Devil in my home. Surround me with your peace and calm; embrace me tight.

Wrap your calm around to enable my sense of reasoning to uphold the right way to deal with and overcome this issue. Control my emotions so that I will not be overpowered by rage.

Keep my spirit alive by giving me hope for a renewed husband and a vision of a blessed home.

This I request in Jesus’ precious name, Amen.









7. A Prayer For Bonding In An Adulterous Home

A Prayer For Bonding In An Adulterous Home

God of Heaven, as I stay as a faithful and enduring wife, help me overcome the challenges of my husband’s cheating habit. Help me to rise above the barrier and hindrance of lack of love in my home.

Rekindle the love in my heart for my husband despite his flaws and do the same to him. I pray that the light of your countenance may shine into our lives and that we may draw closer to each other daily.

Strengthen the ties that bind us and fill each of us with the love of Jesus, for it is only as we grow in Godly love with you that your Holy Spirit will enable us to reach out to each other in love. 

Although it is frequently said that we can choose our friends but not our family, especially a husband, Lord, you were the one who chose us to be together. Do not let any woman put asunder.

In the precious name of Jesus, I pray, Amen.






8. Praying Away The Other Woman and Tearing Down Stronghold To Earn Compassion

Praying Away The Other Woman and Tearing Down Stronghold To Earn Compassion

Gracious Father, it is your will and decision for us to be husband and wife. Fill his heart with compassion towards me. Let not the yearnings of another woman hearken his heart.

Let him acknowledge my tears and know I have missed his warmth, attention, and care. Help us treat one another with kindness and compassion just as God did for us and died on the Cross Of Calvary.

Let the compassion of God and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ shine in my husband’s heart starting today and forever. Help him to practice compassion and goodness every day. Remind him that actions speak louder than words.

I fervently seek to have back the awe-inspiring love of my husband. Usher into his spirit your unfailing love; let him remain kind, extend compassion, and love me more.

I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.






9. A Prayer To Lead Out of Temptation Of Cheating

A Prayer To Lead Out of Temptation Of Cheating

Lord Jesus, You know the temptation of cheating in my husband’s life; I pray that you do not allow him to stumble. Help him not to go astray from the faith.

Let him resist every urge that is pulling him into adultery. Sometimes, the temptation may be too great, and it seems impossible to resist the impulses; Oh Lord, I believe in your power of resistance.

Let the power of resistance that made you able to overcome the Devil in the wilderness come upon my husband whenever the spirit of adultery comes to lead him astray.

I am in the war room, and I need your assistance. I can’t do it alone. Give him strength by empowering him with your Holy Spirit to resist temptations.

Let him not be tempted beyond what he can handle. Lead him out of the path of every agent of darkness in the form of a woman that will make him cheat on me. 

Help him stay alert to identify the ploy of the Devil. In Jesus’ mighty name, I pray, Amen.




10 A Dangerous Prayer To Keep The Other Woman Away From My Husband

A Dangerous Prayer To Keep The Other Woman Away From My Husband

Faithful Lord, I pray for physical and spiritual guidance over my husband’s life. Do not let him be caught in the web of adulterous sin forever. Prevent him from having sexual escapades that will bear more wicked desires that will turn his heart from his family.
Help me remember that you are living in him by ensuring that your Holy word well nourishes his spirit. You are superior to all forces of adultery and evil vices of the possessed one luring him into the world of cheating.
Lord continually protects him from the consequences of sin. Help him recognize his plight and turn to you. I plead that you show him a way of deliverance as you fight off the Devil’s assaults.
Do not let his impulses lead him astray. Let his heart hear and follow your voice. Grant him a discerning spirit to acknowledge any agent of adultery. I believe in your power of protection and guidance, for I depend on you, Oh, great deliverer. 
I appreciate your answering my prayers in Jesus Christ’s name; Amen.

11. A Prayer Of Success To My Husband To Avoid Adulterous Breakthrough Affairs

Precious Lord, I would like to convey my gratitude for how you made my husband and the various skills you have given him. Even those that he might not get along with or understand, I am grateful for them. I am confident that you will lead him to places of success and not the coven of adultery.
Grant him the judgment and wisdom to avoid every web of deceit in his financial endeavors in the form of an alluring woman to lead him astray. 
Give him the perseverance to wait for the future you have prepared for him instead of running into the destructive arms of a woman who has promised him fake financial exploits. 
Lord, aid him in always doing his best and maintaining optimism and hope to avoid every devilish cheating trap to make ends meet. Give me calm and make it easier for me to have complete faith in you to do your work in the life of my loving husband.
This I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.

12. Prayer For Marriage Under Attack Of Cheating

God, I pray to you today for the success of my Marriage. It is under a great deal of strain. I know my husband is cheating, but he is your son. I thank you for bringing us together as one blood and flesh. 

Assist my husband in taking care of his family. I was not him to live in a way that upholds and illuminates you. As he develops, assist him in becoming more and more Christ-like.

Be patient with him as I let him take charge of the family even though I don’t think he is doing well. Assist him by showing him the path he deserves to tread to earn the respect of his family.

Help me to remember that you called me to something higher that is better for our Marriage when I am tempted to nag or argue with my husband based on the hurt of his cheating habit.

All these requests are channeled through our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


13. A Prayer Of Forgiveness Towards A Cheating Husband

Dear Jesus, I am feeling entire down as I stand before you. My heart hurts to see the deeds of my husband in the reflection of my conscience, and I feel confused when I think about his errors and the ways he has sinned against you and his family.

My sorrows over what he has done have grown, and I think of how much I love him, yet he cheated on me. Sometimes I wish I could undo everything. I know your spirit of forgiveness will engulf my entire being to forgive him. I plead that you forgive him and prevent him from sinning further.

May your mercy forgive him all his trespasses and purge all wicked cravings from his heart. I have faith that as I beg you to forgive him, you will also give me the fortitude to forgive him. Enable my heart to comprehend your risen love so I may breathe in your hope and discover a new day of forgiveness and peace.

Tie us in love and pardon us all for not treating your name in our homes with the respect it deserves. Help me treat my husband with care and love. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.


Feeling overwhelmed and upset is natural, but it’s essential to remain calm and level-headed to make the best decisions for yourself and your family. Contact a trusted friend or family member, or consider seeing a therapist or counselor who can help you navigate this challenging time.

Although you are praying, you can talk to your husband about your feelings and try to understand his perspective. This can help you both come to a resolution and make a plan for moving forward. If your husband continues to cheat or engage in behaviors that violate your trust, setting clear boundaries and consequences is essential.

Make sure to prioritize self-care during this difficult time. This can include exercise, meditation, and spending time with loved ones. Remember that you are not alone, and help and support are available.



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