7 Saturday Prayer For Family And Friends


I have postulated 7 Saturday prayer for family and friends, which you can send to remind your family and friends that you are thinking about them and wish the best for them. Begin to share the blessings to instill a smile now.

Saturday is a good day to send your family and friend blessing prayers. Whether you have been with them shortly or far away from your family and friends, grab your contact directory this Saturday morning and do the needful.

Today is Saturday, the beginning of the weekend. You have a lot of family and friends who have passed through tough times during the week, and they need a spellbound message to inspire them. You can equally act as a dutiful and caring friend and family member.


Saturday Prayer For Family And Friends

Consider being blessed to have successfully survived the week despite its downturns and see the weekend. It is an ungrateful heart that will not appreciate God’s loving Kindness over protection and guidance during work during the week.

It calls for celebration,n and this includes sharing your happiness by sending Saturday prayers for family and friends. Show gratitude by enlivening others by sending out these inspiring Saturday prayers postulated for you.


Prayer of God’s Love to a friend

Prayer of God's Love to a friend

Dear Lord, as I send this prayer of Love, I pray that you will send your angel of Love to engulf my friend Judith. You are a God of Love; nobody experiences faithful Love except you teach them. Help me to keep on showing selfless Love towards my friend. May her Saturday morning be filled with cheerfulness. Help me to keep her close to my heart as a special friend.

As the Day breaks this Saturday morning, I pray for showers of God’s Love over your life, my dear friend Judith. You will have a fulfilling and great Saturday morning. The Lord will keep thinking and watching over you. I pray for a warm Love to infiltrate your heart. I pray for the joy of the Lord to be your strength and portion this Saturday. I pray for a grateful heart full of admiration for the Love of God over your life, for a grateful heart unravels God’s Love.

I pray for a beautiful good Saturday morning of God’s Love. May this Day bring tidings of Love to your family as proclaimed in the Scriptures. This Day is the Day of God’s unfailing Love in your life. Stay calm and enjoy the bountiful Love of God in your life. As the wise men witnessed Christ as the precious gift to the world, so do I see the Love of God in your life this Saturday. Wallow in the sustained Love of Christ in your life, and it will take you through other weeks ahead. This I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen

Prayer of Kindness To Family

Prayer of Kindness To Family

Lord Jesus, I pray for my family’s expectations to manifest this Saturday. I send a greeting in the name of the Lord to my family. Good morning family! God has deployed the kindest of hearts in you as such a beautiful Saturday awaits you. I pray that my family will never experience a cruel end.

May the cold hands of death stay far from them this Saturday. God’s Kindness will always reflect in you as you exert this trait on everyone around you. I call upon protection over your lives as you go around the neighborhood to do the kind works of God. I pray for an enjoyable Saturday as you all step out to be a Blessing to others.

May the power of resistance to everything contrary to the Kindness of God rest upon you. This is a Saturday of God’s Kindness; nothing short can happen to you. I pray for God’s calm to rest on you despite any challenges and threats. This is a Saturday of Kindness and every good thing associated with it. My family will never become victims of circumstance as they rest in their homes today.

This Saturday, you will receive and give all the Kindness you need to feel happy and lively. Let the Kindness of the Lord be with you as you amazingly spend this Saturday. All your Saturdays will be glorious, as God’s Kindness will never depart from you. May my prayers be answered in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer of Good Health For family and Friends

Prayer of Good Health For family and Friends


Glorious God, I pray for good health for my family and friends this Saturday. I believe that a day spent with you is considered a spectacular day. I pray you may dwell with my family and friends as they rest this Saturday.

There is no way they will enjoy their weekend if they have health issues. I call on your healing powers to dwell on every one of them. Send your healing words to rest on them. By your stripes, you shall heal them. They believe in your saving grace and power to deliver and heal them. I invoke the healing of God upon your soul, body, and mind.

Saturdays are days of rest and enjoyment; oh Lord, drive away every form of distraction that may take away the fantastic moments of a Saturday. I implore lasting peace and good physical and mental health in their lives. Blessed Saturday is your portion in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Prayer For Renewed Hope

Prayer For Renewed Hope

Excellent Jesus, I pray for renewed hope for my family and friends this Saturday morning. Today will bring smiles and laughter into lives, and the sunshine of hope will transcend upon them. The clouds of grief, pain, and tears will never locate you this Saturday. I declare Saturday blessings full of renewed joy and hope.

Wisdom and happiness shall be your portion throughout this Saturday. Your renewed hope of joy, fun, rest, happiness, peace, and blessings will not be dashed. The weekend of enjoyment is here, and nothing can deter it. Indeed your Day of rest is here; it is your portion.

I pray for the spirit of hope to rest upon you this Saturday so that you may find joy in the simple little things God will bring your way. It is a day of enjoyment, so be it! If there were no hope for the days to come, as you have reached this Saturday, everything would fall into pleasant places for you.

Do not reflect on how gruesome the past week has been because the Lord is ushering hope to you this Saturday. Do not ponder how God will rearrange the already messed up situation of the past week. Take time and thank God, for his good works will manifest. You will be blessed beyond measure in the Mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


Prayer For Good Company

Prayer For Good Company

Lord Jesus, as my family and friends are about to enjoy their weekend among other people, Please direct their steps to the right company. Having a sour Saturday may emanate from the association with the wrong company. I pray that Holy Spirit will guide your path toward those that will fill your Day with Love, joy, and laughter.

I declare a fruitful Saturday into your lives. May you find yourselves in a hilarious environment that tickles your fancy. I decree a Saturday devoid of lousy corruption. I declare a new beginning on this Day. As you venture out today, may you associate with companies that yield good fruits? Every good thing will locate you, and you will be amongst happy folks.

This Saturday will bring everything you love to you. All your passions for next week will not be thwarted by the wrong company this Saturday. Lasting memories of a good company will trace you. I appreciate You, Oh Lord, for answering my prayers for my family and friends. Happy Saturday, my family and friends. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Prayer for Blessing

Prayer for Blessing

Heavenly Father, bless my family and friends this Saturday. I declare this Saturday a day full of God’s blessings by the power of God. You will never lack every sustainable thing in your life. Lord, I bless and appreciate your name for all the gifts you have bestowed on their lives. Blessings shall trace everything you do this Saturday. All happiness followed by blessings shall locate you. I declare a miraculous blessing from our Lord Jesus upon your life.

Behold a Saturday of Blessings. It is at your doorstep, and God can never fail in his promises of blessings. The glowing spirit of blessing has dropped a beautiful flower on your doorstep to remind you of God’s blessings and beautiful works.

My prayer to my friends and family this Saturday is an unending flow of God’s Blessings for their continued trust in your name. God will always shower his blessings upon you, which shall follow you from now henceforth as I declare this Saturday’s blessings upon your lives. May the good Lord guide your path this Saturday toward rivers of benefits. Amen.


Prayer For A Refreshing Weekend

Prayer For A Refreshing Weekend

Dear Lord, I pray for a refreshing Saturday for my family and friends as the weekend draws closer. I pray for your body, spirit, and soul to be strong and rejuvenated by the power of Christ. I declare a Saturday full of enjoyment that refreshes the soul. The joy that refreshes is your portion in Jesus’ name.

I pray for the restoration and revival of your lost weekends to be refreshed this Saturday. You shall regain a millionfold of what you lost in the past weekends, and you will be strengthened this Saturday entirely to have a lovely Saturday.

Every fear, depression, and struggle is wiped away this Saturday. I declare lasting peace in your lives. Let the refreshing power of Christ be with you. I pray for enjoyment that will bury all your sorrows and pains this Saturday. May your grief turn to joy and boundless happiness. I pray for the best weekend for you.

As you celebrate your Saturday, it will not be full of dull moments. You are free from all distress and peril. The Lord will supply you with all your needs to enjoy the weekend for a refreshing mind, soul, and body. The paths of refreshing waters will continually cross you. The proclamation of Saturday Blessings will never depart from you. Fortunes that will refresh you till eternity will be your portion.

Even though your past weeks were full of trouble, I declare refreshing waters to pour on you to relax and unwind. The Lord will continually prevent you from unfortunate occurrences so your renewed strength will be unshaken. I pray to God to enable your sense of freshness this Saturday. Enjoy your Saturday in Jesus’ name, Amen.



Offering Saturday prayer for family and friends should be cultivated and maintained. God reveals himself to us through the people we surround ourselves with, so the prayers you offer on their behalf reflect the peace and comfort bestowed on them.

Every relationship we develop is a part of God’s larger purpose for us. Through this Saturday prayer for family and friends, we can express our gratitude to God for the benefits he has bestowed on the lives of our family members and friends.

Saturday Prayer for family and friends could be a cornerstone of our house where our family is anchored. This prayer is the highest expression of Love we can give our family and friends.

Do not be tired of offering Saturday Prayers for your family and friends. Ask the Lord to watch after their happiness every Saturday.


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