15 Reasons Why God Answers Prayer

Reasons Why God Answers Prayer

Does God answer prayers? And if yes, why? Yes, God still answers prayer, and as for the why, that’s what this post is all about.

This article will discuss 15 reasons why God answers prayer and how you can position yourself to receive it.

Some of the reasons we will look into include the following;

  • Our faith in God
  • God’s integrity and Promises
  • His love for you
  • His unlimited power
  • His word is His bound
    And then much more reasons!

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

15 Reasons Why God Answers Prayer

God answers prayers;

1. Because He Honors His Word Every Time

Most of the time, God answers our prayers because we pray using His word, which is because he so much cherishes His words.

In Psalm 138:2, the Bible says God has exalted his word above all his names. So next time you want to pray, try looking for scriptures to back up your prayer.

It not only increases your faith, but it’s also holding God to what he has said (Isaiah 43:26).

2. Because God Has Integrity

Another reason why God answers our prayers is because of his integrity; He always does what He says.

No matter how long it takes, whatever God says will indeed happen.

Scriptures like Hebrew 6:8 confirms that God can’t lie, 1 Sam 12:29 makes us understand that God cannot change his mind, and Numbers 23:9 stresses that God will surely make good whatever He promised.

Tons of scriptures state, as-a-matter-of-fact that he is a God of integrity. So if He says he will answer your prayers (Matthew 7:7), we should be assured that it is not a lie because he will surely answer your prayer.

3. Because He Loves To Reward Faith

If you want God to answer your prayers, then pray in faith. It’s as simple as that!

Besides, even non-Christians do receive answers to their prayer when they believe without doubt. One classic example in the Bible is the Canaanite woman (Matthew 15:21-28).

Although she was not a Jew, her faith level in Jesus Christ – even after he tried dissuading her multiple times – marveled him.

He rewarded her faith by healing her daughter. So faith – strong faith – is another reason God answers prayer.

4. Because He Has Unlimited Power

All rules adhered to; God will not answer your prayer only if the solution is more excellent than him – which is impossible.

Nothing is more significant than God! He has unlimited power. God always answers our prayers to prove that all power belongs to him (Psalm 62:11).

In the Bible, He is called the man of war (Exodus 15:3), and no other God is before him (Isaiah 45:5).

5. Because It’s Time

There is time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3). So if God answers your prayer, know that the blessings manifest at the right time.

And the reverse is the case. No matter how much you pray, God will not provide the answers if the time is not yet right.

In this case, you’ll have to learn patience and wait.

Ecclesiastes 3:11, we learn that God will make everything perfect in His time. So if it’s God’s time, the prayers will be answered, else you’d have to exercise the fruit of patience.

6. Because God Loves Us

We receive the answers to our prayers because God loves us. After love comes giving.

Humanity had always been praying for a savior, so out of love, God gave us His son Jesus Christ (John 3:16).

In Jeremiah 31:3, God confessed everlasting his love for us. So since we are loved, we should rest assured that God will give us the answers to all our prayers.

7. Because We Asked With The Right Intent

If we ask and do not ask amiss, we should be sure of receiving answers to our prayers (James 4:3).

However, believers make the mistake of praying selfishly or ignorantly.

For instance, praying to God to heal you so you can have enough strength to avenge your transgressors will not be answered.

Instead, when we pray for solutions that would better – not only our lives but also – the life of everyone around us, then God will speedily provide the answers.

Remember, God always searched the heart of men (1 Sam 16:7), and if the prayer is of a godly intent, it will indeed be answered.

8. Because We Put Him First

If God is not the center of our needs, we will hardly receive answers to our prayers.

God answers our prayers because He knows that we will not forget him after delivering our solutions.

Most people want answers to their prayers of prosperity, but if God makes them rich, they’ll forget him and chase worldly pleasures.

These kinds of people will hardly get answers to their prayers. But if God is number one in your life, He will see that all your prayers are answered.

9. Because We’ve Forgiven Our Transgressors

God always answers the prayers of those without grudges in their heart.

God will grant us our prayer answers when we forgive them for wronging us.

In Matthew 6:15, Jesus made us understand that if we do it, have mercy on those who offend us, and God will not have mercy on us.

10. Because Other Believers Are Praying For Us

Sometimes the real reason for prayer answers is because of the joint faith of other believers praying for the reply.

Yes, joint faith works!

In Acts 12, When Herod arrested Apostle Peter for execution, he was assured that God would save him and even slept well that night.

And true to his faith, God saved him. And a big part of the reason was that some believers earnestly prayed for him (Acts 12:12).

So if you find it difficult to get answers to your prayers, you might ask other believers to pray for you.

11. Because We Are Obedient

Every parent loves an obedient child and quickly tends to their needs. And it’s not different from God.

In fact, without obedience, forget about getting anything from God.

God pleads, requires, and commands that we obey him!

In Isaiah 1:9, God promised that all our good desires would be granted if only we could be willing and obedient.

12. Because The Holy Spirit Prays For Us

There are some prayers we should pray but cannot, probably because we don’t fully know what or how to pray for it.

Speaking in tongues and preying on the spirit works powerfully in this case.

The Bible has made us understand that the holy spirit himself intercedes for us using silent groaning (Romans 8:26).

If the holy spirit prays for us, that prayer is labeled answered!

13. Because We Acted In Faith

It is one thing to pray in faith and another thing to act in faith.

God might have answered prayer, but most people don’t eventually receive the answers because their actions agree with what they prayed for.

If you don’t read, how do you expect to pass – even if you prayed for more intelligence? If you don’t go out and preach, how do you expect to win souls – even after you’ve prayed for the spirit of boldness and power?

In James 1:26, we learned that faith without work is dead.

So next time you pray, act consistently to the result you expect from the prayer.

14. Because He Knows We Will Be Grateful

God loved grateful believers. And when you are the type that loves thanking God, He will always be on the watch out for all your prayers.

King David was a man of praises and Thanksgiving, so God granted him all his heart desires.

We should learn to thank God for what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do, just like the grateful leper (Luke 17:11-19).

15. Because We Ask

Yeah, if you don’t ask, how can you receive it? God answers prayers because we ask (Matthew 7:7).

In John 16:24, Jesus taught us that we do not receive because we do not ask. Then He encouraged us to ask (in his name), and our joy will be filled.

Any Questions?

Wrapping Up

Many reasons cause our prayers to go unanswered, but we can also do many other things to trigger God to answer us.

Now that we’ve known why God answers prayer, let’s arm ourselves, apply what we’ve learned, and start receiving answers to our prayers.


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