11 Powerful Prayer To Break Soul Ties – Say Goodbye to Unhealthy Connections


Welcome to our article on 11 powerful prayers to break soul ties and say goodbye to unhealthy connections.

As human beings, we all form emotional connections with others that can be positive or negative. These emotional bonds are known as soul ties and can significantly impact our emotional well-being.

While positive soul ties can be beneficial, unhealthy soul ties can be destructive and prevent us from living our best lives. Therefore, breaking negative soul ties is crucial to promote emotional healing and growth.

In this article, we will explore the power of prayer in breaking soul ties and provide 11 powerful prayers to help you cut the unhealthy connections holding you back. Let’s delve into the world of soul ties and discover how prayer can be a powerful tool in breaking these emotional bonds.

11 Powerful Prayer to Break Soul Ties – Say Goodby to Unhealthy Connections


1. Acknowledgement of Soul ties Prayers


I acknowledge and attest to the fact that my Soul shares a tie with another as a result of my actions.

It was never my intention, and the results have been disastrous.

Rescue me from these predicaments, dear Lord. Being truthful prepares me for change, and acknowledging that one’s Soul is connected with another can only be revealed by your power.

Cut these ties away and break me free from this yoke as the willingness to let go has set in.

Crush every association that negatively impacted my life so that I will be accessible in the precious blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross; I pray.









2. Prayers for Strengthen Faith for Breaking Soul Ties


I believe and trust that you can and will free my Soul from every evil soul tie.

I ask that you fill me with the grace to have faith in you throughout the whole process and after that.

Faith to move mountains and heal diseases is all my spirit asks for; even though the doubts may be.

I believe that nothing is impossible with you. No soul ties are too great for you to break.

Thank you, Lord, for strengthening my faith; it is the act of hoping and believing.

It will not be possible to break from soul ties if you do not help me to believe in your mighty power.

Fill me with faith to set the process of being free from soul ties in motion.

I ask in the Mighty name of Jesus, Amen.






3. Confession of Sins From Soul Ties


Dear Lord, I plead that you forgive me for all my mistakes due to the negative Soul ties my spirit has been aligned with.

I agree that I am not without blemish, which is connected with a particular soul that has made me commit sins; please forgive me.

Being in contact with people with evil souls has led me to commit sins.

I pray to let down every guilt and fear which has stalled progress in my mind.

I believe that you will make it easier to break from negative soul ties, as I confess.

Help me never to go back to the sinful path of soul connections.







4. Renouncement From Negative Soul Ties


Heavenly Father, I no longer want to be connected with this Soul.

I have accepted that we were hooked and no longer want that connection.

I pray that you please help me break from this negative soul tie.

I want to be free; I no longer wish to align with this Soul. Give me the authority to make decisions and stay to it.

I offer this renouncement prayer from negative soul ties to confirm that I am ready to break from these negative soul ties and set my mind, spirit, and body to brace for the coming change.









5. Prayers For Detachment From Soul Ties


May my Soul break ties with anyone living or dead, that harms my life. I will no longer be attached to this Soul.

Our ties are broken with the help of the holy spirit. Save me from every negative soul tie.

I declare a physical and mental decision backed by the spiritual.

I pray to detach from negative soul ties as I stand firm and belief in your mighty name to set me free.











6. Prayers For Strength and Willingness to Detach


Dear God, I ask for strength in my spirit, mind, and body to detach from every negative soul tie.

My spirit will remain unbroken, my body will not experience illness or deformation, and I will not lose my mind in this attempt to break free from this soul tie.

I will not give up on this; my Soul will break free from negative soul ties.

I resolve to break from negative Soul ties and not be subdued in my physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

I pray for strength in my spirit. I pray to consistently remain in true power to overcome the yokes of soul ties in Jesus’ name.








7. A Prayer to Break Covenants


Every other covenant apart from the covenant made on the cross for my redemption is broken, and every sealed agreement has been destroyed with the help of Jesus.

I pray that these covenants no longer have their effects on my life. Covenants of negative soul ties are being broken.

I do not make any covenants or agreements with anybody, either consciously or otherwise, that are not sealed and binding in the blood of Jesus.

I untie my Soul on all Alters I never consented, or Christ consented on my behalf.

I break free in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.









8. Healing From Negative Soul Ties Prayers


I ask for instant healing from this negative soul tie. I pray to heal from every hurt and pain from this negative soul tie.

I seek recovery from the trauma caused by any soul tie.

There is healing in the Lord, and I covet that healing in my body, mind, and spirit.

I ask for healing because I believe God’s power is at work within me.

I need God’s perfect healing from the effects of any negative Soul tie on me.

I pray that I move forward and break from these negative ties.

Give me the grace to continually pray for healing, as it is a balm on my bruised Soul.

Make all these prayers possible in Jesus’ name; Amen.





9. Restoration Prayers


I am restored to my sane state. I am restored to my peace, joy, and sound mind.

Everything I have lost due to being connected to this Soul is restored in folds greater than I have lost.

I let go of every thought and emotion stalling my restoration.

My Soul must return to its original, peaceful, and happy state.

Negative Soul ties only cause pain, hate, and hurt, and I pray for your comfort, ease, joy, and calm to be restored to me.

In Jesus’ powerful name, I pray, Amen.









10. Prayers to Discern Negative Soul Ties


With the holy spirit’s help, I discern every other negative energy attempting to make ties and connect with my Soul.

I ask for the wisdom to evade these spirits with the holy spirit’s help.

Every attempt to be associated with me is made futile.

It is not enough to break from a negative soul tie unless you give me the spirit of discernment to know every other person and spirit that wants to reach out to my Soul for negative purposes.

I pray that you prepare my spirit and body against every possible contact leading to negative soul ties.

In Christ’s precious blood, I declare, Amen.


11. Prayers for Getting Closer to God

Dear God, I acknowledge that I have been far away from you. I repent of all my sins and have decided to come closer to you.

I have accepted that you are the only way to be free from negative soul ties. I renounce my foolishness and need you to lift me; please take me in my unholy form.

I need to be closer to you, Oh God. The covenant of every negative spirit is damned forever if you are closer to God; for I know that you are the ultimate spirit that can give freedom and peace to all beings.

Bring me into your closure, where I will enjoy love and security from negative soul ties. I beseech in Jesus’ name, Amen.


12. Additional Tips for breaking Soul Ties

Other than offering prayers to break negative soul ties, there are other things to do to help break negative soul ties. Such things involve going to a therapist for counseling; this will soothe a person’s mind. Seeing a therapist means involving another person who will give a listening ear and can help. Sometimes, having a listening ear will hasten to break from soul ties.

Also, forgiving the person you had a tie with will trigger healing from the effects of the soul ties. This is because you are letting down all grudges and creating an atmosphere in your heart for peace and warmth.

To break from soul ties, you should also take charge of your mind and body and intentionally break from these ties. Go on a vacation, exercise often, and meditate alone. Read books, eat good and healthy food and fruits. Be ready to break from these soul ties.


Understanding Soul Ties

Soul ties are bonds between two or more people that involve the connection of their spiritualities, emotions, feelings, and sometimes moral inclinations. To be Soul tied with a person means that you are connected beyond the physical with a person; it can be positive or negative.


Positive Soul Ties

Soul ties could be positive, otherwise known as good and healthy. Healthy soul ties in relationships occur when the connections between these two souls result in positive physical realizations in the two parties. Beneficial soul ties do not cause strains on the parties involved; instead, it leaves the feeling of peace, love, and strength.


Negative Soul Ties

Unhealthy or damaging soul ties come from negative feelings between partners. Although these partners share spiritualities, feelings, and emotions, a party is always uncaring. In most cases, attempts to break these ties will always be futile.

Negative soul ties are parasitic because of the effects. Negative soul ties are accompanied by outcomes such as anger, jealousy, low self-esteem, and manipulations.

Since soul ties affect a person’s development, breaking negative ones will positively impact a person’s life. It might be complicated to break soul ties ordinarily, but prayers make it possible.

Prayers break soul ties. This is because soul ties involve the spiritual and moral connections which affect emotions, feelings, and physical reactions.

Prayers are not just uttered words and sounds but communication with spiritual beings; it is the redemption of one’s Soul with the help of a higher spiritual being.

While praying, it is crucial to believe that these prayers will break the ties. Doubting is synonymous with not praying at all; having faith can break soul ties and will cause the manifestation of blessings.



The benefits of breaking from negative soul ties are enormous, both to the mind and the body. Comfort, ease, joy, peace, and love cannot be contained in a connected soul, which results in adverse outcomes such as pain, hurt, low self-esteem, etc.

Breaking from negative soul ties opens your mind and body to grow. Intellectually, physically and emotionally, you will experience growth. Every other effort to break soul ties without praying will be futile and a waste of time.

Prayers for breaking soul ties are effective, do not have any unhealthy effects, and are the only way to wade off the negative spirits.

If you are Soul tied and want to be free from these negative soul ties, pray and seek the help of a therapist. Talk to your friends and do not die in silence, do not be subdued into thinking that you cannot break from negative soul ties.

You can break from soul ties. You can be free from the pain and hurt and live a free life again. You need to pray and work on yourself. Get ready to break from those ties.


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