27 Prayer Points for Deliverance and Breakthrough


In the realm of faith, prayer serves as a mighty conduit to connect with the divine. It is a sacred communion where believers seek God’s guidance, protection, and intervention in their lives.

One of the most profound aspects of prayer is its role in delivering us from the trials and tribulations of life while ushering in breakthroughs that propel us forward in our spiritual journey.

In this article, we will delve into 27 powerful prayer points for deliverance and breakthrough, each designed to address specific areas of need in your life.

27 Prayer Points for Deliverance and Breakthrough

1. Prayer for Deliverance from Bondage

Prayer for Deliverance from Bondage

In moments of despair and captivity, call upon the Lord to break the chains that bind you. Seek freedom from addictions, unhealthy relationships, and any form of bondage that hinders your spiritual growth.

“Heavenly Father, I beseech You to deliver me from the shackles of bondage. Set me free from all that holds me captive, for it is in Your name I find true liberty. Amen.”

2. Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

Many struggle with financial burdens that seem insurmountable. Approach the throne of grace with a prayer for a financial breakthrough, believing that God can provide abundantly.

“O Lord, the provider of all, I humbly request Your divine intervention in my financial situation. Grant me the wisdom to steward Your blessings wisely, and let a breakthrough in my finances be a testimony to Your grace. Amen.”

3. Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Healing

Physical and emotional ailments can weigh heavily on our spirits. Pray for healing, trusting that the Great Physician will mend your body and soul.

“Merciful God, I come before You in need of healing. Touch every part of my being, Lord, and restore me to full health. In Your name, I find comfort and healing. Amen.”

4. Prayer for Family Restoration

Prayer for Family Restoration

Family is a cornerstone of our lives, but discord can fracture even the strongest bonds. Pray for the restoration of family relationships, asking God to mend what is broken.

“Heavenly Father, I lift up my family before You. Heal the wounds, reconcile the hearts, and let Your love and peace reign in our midst once more. Amen.”

5. Prayer for Guidance and Direction

Prayer for Guidance and Direction

In moments of uncertainty, seek God’s guidance to illuminate your path. Pray for clarity and direction, trusting that He will lead you in the way you should go.

“O Lord, be my guiding light in this world of darkness. Lead me on the path of righteousness, and grant me the discernment to make choices that honor Your will. Amen.”

6. Prayer for Career Breakthrough

Stagnation in one’s career can be disheartening. Approach the throne of grace with a prayer for a career breakthrough, believing that God can open doors of opportunity.

“Gracious Father, I seek Your favor and guidance in my career. Open doors that no one can shut and lead me to opportunities that align with Your purpose for my life. Amen.”

7. Prayer for Deliverance from Fear

Fear can paralyze us and hinder our progress. Pray for deliverance from fear, trusting in God’s promise of peace and courage.

“Almighty God, I cast my fears upon You, for You are my refuge and strength. Deliver me from the grip of fear and replace it with Your perfect love and peace. Amen.”

8. Prayer for Marital Restoration

Struggles in marriage can be deeply painful. Pray for the restoration of your marital relationship, seeking God’s guidance and healing touch.

“Loving Father, I bring my marriage before You. Heal the wounds, renew our love, and let Your grace be the foundation of our union. Amen.”

9. Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies

In times of adversity, pray for deliverance from those who seek to harm you. Trust in God’s protection and justice.

“Lord, shield me from the schemes of my enemies. Deliver me from their malice, and let Your justice prevail in all circumstances. Amen.”

10. Prayer for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is essential for a fulfilling Christian journey. Pray for a deepening of your faith, wisdom, and understanding of God’s Word.

“Heavenly Father, I hunger and thirst for righteousness. Grant me the grace to grow in faith and to walk closely with You each day. Amen.”

11. Prayer for Deliverance from Sin

Sin can weigh heavily on our conscience. Pray for deliverance from sinful habits and thoughts, seeking God’s cleansing and forgiveness.

“O Lord, I confess my sins before You. Deliver me from the bondage of sin and renew a right spirit within me. Wash me clean with Your precious blood. Amen.”

12. Prayer for Breakthrough in Ministry

If you’re involved in ministry, seek God’s anointing and favor. Pray for a breakthrough in your service to others, that His message may reach hearts.

“Lord, empower my ministry with Your Spirit. Grant me the words and opportunities to touch lives and draw others closer to You. Amen.”

13. Prayer for Deliverance from Despair

Despair can cloud our vision of hope. Pray for deliverance from despair, trusting that God’s light can penetrate even the darkest moments.

“Gracious God, in my despair, I turn to You. Lift me out of the pit of hopelessness, and fill my heart with Your joy and hope. Amen.”

14. Prayer for Deliverance from Sickness

Sickness can test our faith. Pray for deliverance from illness, trusting in God’s healing power and His plan for your life.

“Healer of all infirmities, I lay my sickness before You. Restore me to health according to Your will, and grant me the strength to endure. Amen.”

15. Prayer for Deliverance from Loneliness

Loneliness can be a heavy burden to bear. Pray for deliverance from loneliness, seeking God’s companionship and the fellowship of His people.

“Loving Father, in my solitude, I find solace in Your presence. Surround me with Your love, and guide me to meaningful relationships. Amen.”

16. Prayer for Breakthroughs in Relationships

Strained or broken relationships can cause immense pain. Pray for breakthroughs in relationships, asking for reconciliation and healing.

“Lord of reconciliation, I bring my broken relationships before You. Heal the wounds, restore trust, and mend what is torn apart. Amen.”

17. Prayer for Deliverance from Anger

Uncontrolled anger can harm us and others. Pray for deliverance from anger, seeking God’s peace and self-control.

“Prince of Peace, I surrender my anger to You. Deliver me from its destructive power, and fill me with Your serenity. Amen.”

18. Prayer for Breakthrough in Education

Education is a gateway to a brighter future. Pray for breakthroughs in your studies, asking God for wisdom and understanding.

“God of wisdom, I seek Your guidance in my studies. Grant me the capacity to learn and excel in my educational pursuits. Amen.”

19. Prayer for Deliverance from Doubt

Doubt can weaken our faith. Pray for deliverance from doubt, asking God for unwavering trust in His promises.

“Faithful God, I lay my doubts before You. Strengthen my faith, and help me trust in Your unfailing love and faithfulness. Amen.”

20. Prayer for Breakthrough in Creativity

Creativity is a gift from God. Pray for breakthroughs in your creative endeavors, asking for inspiration and innovation.

“Creator of all, I seek Your inspiration in my creative pursuits. Break through the barriers of my imagination and use me as a vessel of Your creativity. Amen.”

21. Prayer for Deliverance from Guilt

Guilt can haunt us. Pray for deliverance from guilt, seeking God’s forgiveness, and the freedom to move forward.

“Gracious Redeemer, I confess my guilt and shame. Set me free from their chains, and remind me of Your boundless grace. Amen.”

22. Prayer for Breakthrough in Ministry Outreach

If you’re involved in ministry outreach, pray for breakthroughs in reaching those who need God’s love. Ask for open hearts and receptive spirits.

“Lord, empower our ministry outreach efforts. Break through the barriers that hinder others from knowing You, and draw them close to Your heart. Amen.”

23. Prayer for Deliverance from Anxiety

Anxiety can grip us tightly. Pray for deliverance from anxiety, seeking God’s peace that surpasses all understanding.

“Prince of Peace, I surrender my anxiety to You. Replace it with Your calm assurance, and guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Amen.”

24. Prayer for Breakthrough in Personal Growth

Personal growth is a lifelong journey. Pray for breakthroughs in your character and maturity, so that you may become more Christlike.

“Heavenly Father, I desire to grow in character and maturity. Break through my limitations, and transform me into the image of Your Son. Amen.”

25. Prayer for Deliverance from Temptation

Temptation is a constant battle. Pray for deliverance from temptation, seeking God’s strength to resist and overcome.

“Almighty God, lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil. Grant me the strength to stand firm in the face of trials. Amen.”

26. Prayer for Breakthrough in Faith

Faith can move mountains. Pray for breakthroughs in your faith, asking God to deepen your trust and reliance on Him.

“Faithful Lord, increase my faith. Break through my doubts and strengthen my belief in Your promises and power. Amen.”

27. Prayer for Deliverance from Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness can poison our hearts. Pray for deliverance from unforgiveness, seeking God’s grace to forgive as you have been forgiven.

“Merciful Father, help me release the burden of unforgiveness. Break through the walls of bitterness, and fill me with Your love and forgiveness. Amen.”

FAQs For Prayer Points for Deliverance and Breakthrough

1. Why are prayer points important in prayer?

Prayer points are important because they provide a structured approach to prayer, helping us focus on specific areas of need or gratitude. They serve as a guide to ensure that we cover all aspects of our lives and the lives of others in our prayers.

2. How can I know if my prayers for deliverance and breakthrough are being answered?

Recognizing answered prayers requires faith and discernment. Often, you may see changes or improvements in the areas you’ve prayed about, experience inner peace, or receive guidance that aligns with your requests. God’s timing may differ from yours, so patience is essential.

3. Can I use these prayer points as a daily prayer routine?

Absolutely! These prayer points can serve as a foundation for your daily prayer routine. You can customize them to suit your specific needs and circumstances, making them a powerful tool for connecting with God consistently.


Prayer is a divine connection between believers and their Creator, a sacred conversation that spans the spectrum of human experience. In these 27 prayer points for deliverance and breakthrough, we have explored specific areas where you can seek God’s intervention and guidance in your life.

Remember that prayer is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it is a deeply personal and transformative practice. As you incorporate these prayer points into your spiritual journey, trust that God hears your petitions and is working according to His perfect plan.

Whether you seek deliverance from bondage, healing, financial breakthroughs, or any other need, approach the throne of grace with faith, knowing that your breakthrough is on the horizon. Keep the flame of hope burning, for in God’s time, He will answer your prayers and lead you toward the breakthroughs you seek.

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