20 Prayer Points Against Anger and Bitterness


In human emotions, anger and bitterness are like thorns that can pierce our hearts and poison our souls. These corrosive feelings can damage relationships, hinder personal growth, and distance us from God’s peace. But there is a potent antidote to these destructive emotions – prayer.

In this article, we’ll explore 21 prayer points against anger and bitterness, offering a spiritual guide to help you conquer these negative emotions and find healing and restoration.

Understanding Anger and Bitterness

Before we dive into prayer, it’s essential to understand the nature of anger and bitterness. Anger is a natural emotion, but when left unchecked, it can turn into bitterness – a deep-seated resentment that festers over time. Both emotions can have detrimental effects on our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

20 Prayer Points Against Anger and Bitterness

1. Prayer for Self-Examination

Prayer for Self-Examination

Begin your journey towards healing by asking God to help you examine your heart. Pray for the courage to confront your anger and bitterness honestly.

Prayer Point: “Heavenly Father, I come before you, acknowledging the anger and bitterness that have taken root in my heart. Help me, Lord, to examine my emotions and confront them with honesty. Shine Your light on the dark corners of my soul and reveal the source of my anger and bitterness.”

2. Prayer for Forgiveness

Prayer for Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a powerful weapon against bitterness. Pray for the grace to forgive those who have hurt you, just as Christ forgives us.

Prayer Point: “Lord Jesus, I choose to forgive [Name] for the pain they’ve caused me. Just as You’ve forgiven my sins, help me release the burden of bitterness and extend Your love and forgiveness to others.”

3. Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Healing

Anger and bitterness can harm not only your emotional well-being but also your physical health. Pray for God’s healing touch.

Prayer Point: “Heavenly Father, I pray for Your healing touch to mend the wounds in my heart caused by anger and bitterness. Restore me, body and soul, to the wholeness You intended.”

4. Prayer for a Softened Heart

Prayer for a Softened Heart

Ask God to soften your heart and replace bitterness with compassion, kindness, and love.

Prayer Point: “Lord, grant me a softened heart that overflows with Your love and compassion. Replace bitterness with kindness and anger with patience.”

5. Prayer for Self-Control

Prayer for Self-Control

Pray for the fruit of self-control to manage your anger constructively.

Prayer Point: “Holy Spirit, empower me with self-control to manage my anger in a way that honors You. Help me respond to difficult situations with wisdom and grace.”

6. Prayer for Humility

Humility is key to overcoming bitterness. Pray for the humility to admit when you’re wrong and seek reconciliation.

Prayer Point: “Lord, teach me humility. Help me acknowledge my faults and seek reconciliation with those I’ve wronged or who have wronged me.”

7. Prayer for Divine Intervention

Invite God to intervene in your life and bring about the transformation needed to conquer anger and bitterness.

Prayer Point: “Divine Creator, I invite Your presence into my life. Transform me from within and free me from the chains of anger and bitterness.”

8. Prayer for Release from Resentment

Pray for release from resentment and the strength to move forward with a forgiving heart.

Prayer Point: “Lord, release me from the chains of resentment. Help me let go of the past and embrace a future filled with forgiveness and grace.”

9. Prayer for Inner Peace

Seek God’s peace to guard your heart against anger and bitterness.

Prayer Point: “Prince of Peace, let Your tranquility reign in my heart. Guard me against anger and bitterness, filling me with Your serene presence.”

10. Prayer for Wisdom

Pray for wisdom to discern the root causes of your anger and bitterness.

Prayer Point: “God of Wisdom, grant me discernment to understand the root causes of my anger and bitterness. Guide me towards healing and restoration.”

11. Prayer for Renewed Relationships

Ask God to mend broken relationships and restore harmony in your life.

Prayer Point: “Heavenly Father, I pray for the restoration of relationships strained by anger and bitterness. May Your love bring reconciliation and unity.”

12. Prayer for Empathy

Pray for the gift of empathy to better understand the feelings of others.

Prayer Point: “Lord, grant me the gift of empathy. Help me to see and understand the pain and struggles of those around me.”

13. Prayer for Patience

Seek patience as you work through your anger and bitterness.

Prayer Point: “God of Patience, fill me with Your enduring spirit. Help me to patiently work through my anger and bitterness, trusting in Your perfect timing.”

14. Prayer for Thankfulness

Gratitude is a powerful antidote to bitterness. Pray for a thankful heart.

Prayer Point: “Lord, help me cultivate a heart of thankfulness. Show me the beauty in every situation, even amidst anger and bitterness.”

15. Prayer for Emotional Healing

Invite God to heal the emotional wounds that contribute to your anger and bitterness.

Prayer Point: “Healing Savior, I lay my emotional wounds at Your feet. Heal me from the inside out, restoring my emotional well-being.”

16. Prayer for God’s Presence

Pray for a deeper awareness of God’s presence in your life to combat feelings of anger and bitterness.

Prayer Point: “Lord, make Your presence known to me each day. Let Your love and grace overshadow my anger and bitterness.”

17. Prayer for Gracious Speech

Ask God for help in taming your tongue when anger threatens to spill over.

Prayer Point: “God of Grace, guard my tongue. Help me speak words that build up and heal, even in the face of anger.”

18. Prayer for Courage

Pray for courage to face the issues that fuel your anger and bitterness.

Prayer Point: “Lord, grant me courage to confront the issues that contribute to my anger and bitterness. Help me find resolution and peace.”

19. Prayer for Transformation

Seek a transformative experience with God that reshapes your heart and mind.

Prayer Point: “Heavenly Father, transform me from the inside out. Renew my mind and heart, replacing anger and bitterness with Your love.”

20. Prayer for a Future Filled with Hope

Conclude your prayers by seeking God’s guidance for a future free from anger and bitterness.

Prayer Point: “Lord, I entrust my future to Your care. May it be filled with hope, love, and freedom from anger and bitterness.”



Anger and bitterness need not define your life. Through prayer and faith, you can conquer these destructive emotions and find healing and restoration.

The 21 prayer points against anger and bitterness provide a spiritual guide to help you navigate this transformative journey.

Remember that God’s grace is sufficient, and with His help, you can emerge from the shadows of anger and bitterness into a life filled with peace, love, and forgiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: Can prayer help me overcome anger and bitterness?

Absolutely. Prayer is a powerful tool that connects us with the divine source of healing and transformation. It allows us to release our burdens, seek forgiveness, and invite God’s grace into our lives.

FAQ 2: How long does it take to overcome anger and bitterness through prayer?**

The journey to overcoming anger and bitterness is unique for each person. It may take time and persistence, but with faith and prayer, healing is possible. Trust in God’s timing.

FAQ 3: Can I pray for someone else who is struggling with anger and bitterness?

Certainly. Intercessory prayer for someone else’s healing from anger and bitterness is a loving and compassionate act. Pray for them, asking God to grant them peace and freedom from these negative emotions.

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