17 Prayers for a Troubled Relationship


Relationships are so vital to us all. For them to work, both sides must be willing to sacrifice for the sake of their connection. There may be disagreements along the way, and clashes occur within relationships. In these moments, we can turn to prayer for guidance and peace.

Prayers for a troubled relationship

According to some individuals, the best course of action for partners in a failing partnership is for them to part ways.

However, God does not desire a marriage in that way. What should you do if a relationship isn’t going well?

Do you watch as things worsen after trying everything to make them work?

Alternatively, you might go without a fight and let someone else have the man or lady.

Anyhow, that is the ideal time to approach God in prayer.

There is no better moment than the present to build an altar for that connection. Is it okay to leave things?

If you continue the current affairs, your marriage will end shortly. Why not convene everyone in the prayer space?

Today, we’ll look at some specific prayers you might say to God on your behalf if your relationship isn’t working well. In your prayers, you will bring up your relationship with God and put your heart and confidence into the salvation of your union.

God will always hear a sincere prayer. Below are some fervent prayers for a failing relationship that you can use in faith to experience your miracles.

1: Prayer for Protection.

Prayer for protection

Lord God, please allow me the fortitude always to respect my spouse.

I don’t want to be the kind of man/woman who always shows strength against his spouse.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I beg you to give them the grace always to respect me and treat me with the decency I so richly deserve.

2: Prayer for fear and humility

Prayer for fear and humility

Dear God in Heaven, according to your word, wisdom begins with a fear of the Lord.

I beg you to strike terror into our hearts. Please allow us to fear you so that we won’t act negatively against one another when we fear you together.

I humbly pray that you will provide us the ability to cultivate unadulterated love in our hearts, love that sees past criticism and cynics.

In the name of Jesus Christ, oh Lord, teach us to love ourselves so that there won’t be hostility between us.

3: Prayer for protection

Prayer for protection

Lord God, we firmly establish our bond in your word and on your Will so that no person, group, or force can sever it.

Let your love rule our hearts and abide in our house.

I use your priceless blood to deepen the love that we share. As stated in your word, “What the Lord has joined together, let no man put asunder,”

I speak against anything attempting to cause division in our midst, and in the name of Jesus Christ, I come against it with your might and blood.

Prayers for Struggling Relationship

There are times when a relationship seems to be in trouble. The arguments between partners seem to break out more frequently, and it almost seems that this is what the relationship is destined to become.

It can feel like you have nothing left to lose, and even if you’ve tried everything possible, it’s still not working out.

The following prayers for a struggling relationship will give you the strength and guidance to sail through the worries.

1: Prayer for Assistance

Prayer for assistance

Please, Lord God in Heaven, I ask for your assistance in my current relationship through this prayer.

Please take away all of my heart’s suffering. Fill it with compassion, pleasure, understanding, and love.

Bless my spouse and me that we may never give up in the face of difficulties.

Fill our hearts with love for one another, and may you help us all to recognize the value in the other.

Please reach out to my partner’s heart and pour all your love into me. Please make our complicated connection simple.

I ask for your forgiveness and favor so that you will let us be together for the remainder of our lives.

2: Prayer of thanks

Prayer of thanks

Father Lord, I thank you for giving me the gift of my family. You are aware that the conflict in my family damages my heart.

The chaotic atmosphere in our home has caused me to lose my tranquility and health.

Lord, there is no one else I can turn to. Because You are the one who created every one of us, only You can comprehend the hearts of Your followers, and only You have the power to unite the hearts of Your men.

O Lord, please help me to forgive my spouse when I’m wrong. Let my family not dishonor Your name by being divided like way.

Please reunite us in Your name by assisting us in forgiving one another for the wrongs we have committed against one another.

Prayers for My Broken Relationship

No relationship is perfect. During any relationship, there will be ups and there will be downs. It will take a lot of work to get back on track. These few prayers will help ease the process of fixing your broken relationship.

1: Prayer for Love

Prayer for love

Dear God and Saviour, we humbly implore you to assist us in fostering love rather than hatred among us today.

Let your love for us, not our self-interest, be the driving force in this partnership.

May you pour forth all of your love into our hearts. Help us radiate love wherever we go, and let that love pour from us.

God’s Holy Spirit, please remind us of your unfailing love so we may always live in your love as a marriage.

Please give us the tolerance to treat each other with kindness even when we disagree. By way of Jesus. Amen.

2: Prayer for forgiveness toward others

Prayer for forgiveness toward others

Help us, Dear Lord, to forgive one another as you have forgiven us.

Take pride and arrogance out of our hearts, and assist us in walking as partners in humility.

Teach us to treat one another gracefully, especially when disappointed in our partner’s actions.

Please help us get to know one another better. Please soften our hearts so that we can quickly forget and not harbor resentments for one another.

Please give us the patience to maintain our composure and control our rage. I believe, and I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.


Prayer to Heal Relationship with Boyfriend

Praying is a good option if you are struggling in your relationship and looking for a way to restore it. This article will examine some benefits of praying for healing in a relationship with your partner.

1: Prayer for an Open Heart in Relationships

Prayer for an open heart in relationships

Father God, I find it difficult to comprehend my spouse, and he finds it equally difficult to understand me.

It appears that nothing is going well between us. However, Father God, I know nothing is impossible for you.

You are very familiar with us. You know our aches and pains and how to mend our hearts. Aid in our mutual understanding.

Clear our hearts of whatever preconceived notions we may have about one another.

Please help us to see one another as you do. You are bringing us together even more closely than we were.

We are grateful to the Lord for hearing our prayers. Amen, in the name of Jesus.

2: Prayer for Dedication and Acknowledgment

Prayer for dedication and acknowledgment

We dedicate our relationship to you today, kind Father.

We acknowledge that our marriage needs work, but I am confident we can make it through with your support.

We kindly request that you free up some time in your schedule so that we may prioritize spending time together.

We hope this will increase our affection and desire for one another, bringing us closer.

May we rekindle our friendship and place more excellent value on our union as husband and wife.

Don’t let anything prevent us from spending as much time as we should together. Bless this day of our marriage. Amen.

Midnight Prayers for the Relationship with the Boyfriend

You can pray whenever the spirit comes to you. The following are midnight prayers for a relationship with a boyfriend.

1: Prayer for issues in a relationship

Prayer for issues in a relationship

You are the dependable one, Lord. We are upset because it doesn’t seem our relationship is progressing as hoped.

The issue is that we relied on our plans rather than your Will. We are weak despite our desire to be strong.

According to the apostle Paul, when we are weak, our grace is sufficient, and our strength is perfect.

Please help us, then, to be incapable in your presence. Your voice matters to us more than our ambitions.

Teach us to love the words of the Bible, not the words of men. I’m grateful, Lord. Amen.

2: Prayer to avoid unfaithfulness

I beg you, Lord, to keep me from sinning against you because of the current storm in my relationship.

Nobody else can cure a damaged heart; only you can. I kindly ask that you steer our relationship and serve as the sailor on our marital ship.

I hand over the ship of my relationship to you, Lord, and ask that you sail it to a specific location because I know that when you cruise and take the helm, the ship is guaranteed safe to sail.

Lord, I’m standing aside so that you can take complete control.

I’ve thrown all of my knowledge and ego to the side. I’m asking you to show us how to relate.

Fasting and Praying for Relationship Restoration

Fasting and praying are potent ways to seek God’s help in restoring a problematic relationship. When we fast, we deny ourselves food and drink to focus on God. This act of self-denial shows God that we are serious about seeking His help. Praying is another way to focus on God and seek His guidance.
If you are in a problematic relationship, consider fasting and praying for relationship restoration. This act of faith may be just what you need to turn your situation around.

1: Prayer for a lasting relationship

Dear Father in Heaven, you know the issues driving us apart and buried deep in our souls.

I need your assistance as we are about to call it quits. You brought us together, so I know you intend to keep us together.

Please show us how to love one another appropriately. Lord, please show us anything we do, intentionally or unintentionally, that is causing us to hurt each other.

Please help us make wise choices to improve our relationship and exalt your holy name. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

2: Prayer for Grace

Give us the grace, Lord, to stand firm in you after this storm.

Give us the grace to remain strong in you even if we cannot see any resolution.

Instead, please allow us to place our faith in you constantly.

Please do not allow us to wander away due to the current intensity of the situation.

We know this is a difficult time, so please grant us the grace not to let this phase cause us to lose faith in the name of Jesus.

Prayer For Broken Relationship with Girlfriend

No breakup is easy, and it takes a toll on us and our significant other. It would be best if you had a way to ease the hurt and find peace in times like this. Here are a few prayers to guide you.

1: Prayer for a broken heart

You are our God, Father in heaven. My significant other and I met thanks to you.

For this reason, Lord, I confidently come before your throne of grace today and beg you to mend our bond.

My partner and I have experienced much hurt due to disagreements, pride, and enemy plots.

Lord, please help us to feel well. Please make it possible for us to regard each other as allies rather than adversaries.

Using the blood of your Son, Jesus, we can purge our hearts of any resentment.

Rekindle our romance and help us to re-fall in love with one another. I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.

2: Prayer for assistance for a spouse

Dear Heavenly Father, I’m asking for your assistance today on behalf of my spouse when I come to you.

She is suffering, and this suffering is harming our connection. However, you are not the cause of their uncertainty, O Lord.

A sound mind is something that you create. Please reassure my spouse that you are our Rock and Advocate, the great Healer.

My partner has trouble confiding in me, but I know they believe in you.

Lord, I entrust you with all of my concerns over her. You are our fortress and source of power and our constant ally in times of need.

Even though everything around me is trembling, I won’t be afraid. I’m grateful, Lord. Amen, in the name of Jesus.


In the end, prayer is a very personal thing. Prayers are about deeper spiritual insight, and you might find yourself praying for someone in particular. The key is realizing that when it comes to relationship prayers, anything can be prayed for.

There is no wrong way of doing this, so you should take these prayers as templates for your needs and desires.

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