Closing Prayer For Women’s Meeting

Closing prayer for women's meeting
Closing Prayer for women’s meetings has always been an accepted activity widely practiced amongst women  Christians and even non-believers, either in private or public. Christians believe prayers to be the right way of communicating with God.
In any gathering, particularly the Women’s Christian meeting, prayers are offered during the opening of a service or event to usher in the presence of God and seek protection and guidance during the event.

Sometimes, in the middle of an event, there might be a cause for prayers, but praying at the end of every occasion is mandatory to seek journey mercies from God.

Given the importance of prayers to Women, it is pertinent for this article to provide essential prayers for closing women meeting at all levels.


Closing Prayer for Women’s Meeting

The closing Prayer for women meeting is rendered to implore the Holy Spirit to support their quest for leadership positions and their expanding importance in the church, business, and society as discussed and planned.
Below are suitable closing prayers for women’s meetings, fellowship, or groups.

Closing Prayer For Women Leaders Meeting

Closing Prayer for Women's Meeting

Dear Lord,

We come to You today in Prayer, offering our thanks and praise. We thank You for the gift of this meeting and all the opportunities it has given us to learn, grow, share, and connect.

We thank You for the firm and courageous women who have come together today. We pray that You would bless each one in their journey and fill them with strength, courage, and grace.

We pray that You would grant us all the clarity, insight, and wisdom to continue to carry out Your will in our lives. Help us to be mindful of the needs of others, to reach out and support one another, and to continue working together to advance Your kingdom.

We thank You for always being there for us, even though we may not always recognize Your presence. We pray that You will continue to shine Your light upon our lives and guide us in the paths that You have set before us.

Closing Prayer For Women’s Ministry Meeting

Closing Prayer For Women's Ministry Meeting

Dear God,

I sincerely appreciate all of your love and concern for us as women. We are grateful that you have accepted us to work in your kingdom as ministers.

Thank you for making the women’s ministry a platform of excellence. We praise your name for assisting us in creating, impacting, and imparting knowledge for expanding your church.

In our little strength, we see your powers. Thank you for strengthening our faith and desire to work for you, irrespective of the difficulties encountered in our society based on gender stereotypes.

This gathering was a meeting to seek your unshakable support for the women, but we continually strive for your guidance as we disperse.

We are not leaving your excellent presentation as we depart from this gathering. We are grateful for your recognition of great women in the past for their contribution to the ministry.

We stand on the same mandate to proclaim your faithfulness. Please help us to be doers and not hearers of the word but a thread in the footsteps of great women. Please help us to fulfill these wishes as we bring this meeting to a close.

We are grateful that you have pardoned our sins, even the ones we are unaware of. As we leave your presence today, fill us with your unending affection, knowledge, and kindness toward others.

May the various ministries you have given us handle overflowing with greatness. Help us to put you first in our church.
As we close this women’s ministry meeting, we call on the holy spirit to address all our needs. Thank you for the possibility of this meeting. We appreciate the gift of the holy spirit in administering to us. As a result of your presence with us, may we be filled with grace, joy, and peace.
Free us from the burden of sin and help us to have holy lives as ministers and be devoted to serving you.
We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Closing Prayer For Women’s Group

Closing Prayer For Women's Group

Almighty God,

As we offer this closing Prayer of this women’s group, let it serve as a reminder that it is the beginning of another phase as you lead in your light. Let us enter the world with your guidance and protection as we continue our daily activities.

Thank you for the time we have to unite and one purpose to learn and discuss more about the issues that affect us in this group. Thank you for opening our eyes to acknowledge the power of togetherness.

We have resolved to put everything we have discussed into practice; it is only your power, oh! Lord, that will make us abide by our resolves. Give us the grace to serve each other in this group. We pray against every force of disunity, jealousy, and other evil practices that will be used to dismantle our unity as a group.
As we leave this place, provide us the opportunity to bless each other. Help us, Lord, recognize you and the blessings in the modest things that will make us happy. Provide us the serenity as we depart this meeting arena. Enable us to progress in all our plans and delight in your will and purpose for the group.
There is so much happening around us that we cannot understand now. This group is a haven for women overwhelmed with marital and personal issues. Thank you for making this group experience serenity and comfort and reminding us that you are in charge.
Let the women in this group continually exert peace when circumstances appear hopeless. We ask for peace to be with us. Help us put our trust in you and your timing. This we pray in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

Closing Prayer For Ladies Meeting

Closing Prayer For Ladies Meeting

Dear Lord,

We thank you for granting us a memorable time in your presence to learn and plan for our families and what concerns us. We believe that the purpose of our gathering will be fulfilled, and all the requests we have brought to you will be granted.

Give us the grace to recognize you as the pilot of our affairs. Let us be submissive to our husbands, and let them love us just as you love the church. Let us not rely on our wisdom and understanding but perpetually seek your divine wisdom. Thank you for gathering unique and wonderful women who seek only your ways. Help us to guard our marriages and do the necessary things for sustenance.

Thank you for your successful deliberation, good advice, and impartation of knowledge to aid us in our daily lives. Thank you for allowing us to harness our potential in this gathering. Forgive us when we fail to put others before us and fail to behave as a symbol of peace.

We pray for our single sisters to believe in the miracle of marriage. May they find their compatible spouse. We also pray for the fruit of the womb for our married sisters. Let your powers descend and perform a Miracle as we leave this gathering. We believe that your will in our lives will be perfected.

We look forward to praising you as we testify to your goodness in our next meeting.

As we close this meeting, let us desire to know more about you, oh Lord, as you are the only way, truth, and life. We can never harness your beautiful potential for women unless you guide and guard us accordingly. Let us serve you with strength, vigor, and faith, and help us stand firm in our feminine weaknesses.


Closing Prayer For Women’s Retreat

Closing Prayer For Women's Retreat

Heavenly Father,

We lift our voices to praise and adore your Holy name. Thank you for the time we have spent in your presence. Thank you for this retreat’s successful organization and planning; you have granted us more success than we could have imagined.

Thank you for assembling us for an excellent program where your word has revived our soul, body, and spirit to explore the ends of the earth and preach your Gospel to humanity. Thank you for reminding us that we are not limited personalities in your kingdom. We will continually praise and adore you, for you are the Alpha and the Omega.

We thank you for all the blessings of this retreat. We believe that it will extend to our family and friends. Thank you for the easy access to your freedom. Help us consider coming into your presence often, no matter our busy schedule, because your company is full of joy. Let our commitment be an encouragement to one another, even to unbelievers. Thank you for making us one family under the auspices of this retreat. We love you, Lord. We pray for journey mercies back to our various destinations. Amen.



Closing Prayer For Ladies’ Social Meeting

Closing Prayer

We come to you, Heavenly Father, with our hearts full of gratitude. We take a moment to appreciate and commemorate the wonderful and one-of-a-kind gift you have bestowed on each of us as women. We are grateful for your love and commitment to molding us into your ideal representation. We are thankful for the chance to unite and support one another as sisters. We pray you, Oh Lord, to bestow upon us every knowledge and wisdom so we may serve you obediently and bring honor into our life.

When we part ways, we look to You for solace and direction so that we may act in love and respect for one another. We pray that You will continue to grant us peace and harmony so our paths might keep crossing in jovial camaraderie.

We are grateful to You for allowing us to meet today and showing us how to use our gifts to minister to one another. We’ll make use of them to exalt You, as well as to give everyone courage and inspiration.

Amen, in the name of Jesus.

Since closing prayers are mandatory in meetings, including women’s conferences where women gather to discuss affairs affecting their well-being as a female in all spheres. These are recommended scriptures to aid closing prayers;

  • Exodus 39:32
  • 2nd Thessalonians 2:1
  • Ephesians 4:3
  • 1st Corinthians 14:26
  • Acts 1:12
  • 1st Chronicles 6:32



A closing Prayer is a perfect way of bringing a church service or meeting to a close by asking God to continue loving, blessing, and protecting everyone till they meet again.

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