21 Short Prayer Against Temptation

Short Prayer for Renewed Mind and Heart (1)

In the intricate tapestry of human existence, the struggle against temptation is an ever-present thread.

Temptations, whether they arise from within or are external enticements, test our resolve, integrity, and moral compass.

As individuals striving to live virtuous lives, we often turn to prayer as a means of fortifying our defenses against these alluring distractions.

In this compilation of 21 short prayers against temptation, we delve into the depths of the human spirit, seeking divine strength to overcome the allure of that which might lead us astray.

21 Short Prayer Against Temptation

These prayers encapsulate the fervent desire to remain steadfast and grounded in our principles, as we navigate the complex landscape of right and wrong.


1. Short Prayer for Strength

21 Short Prayer Against Temptation

Heavenly Father, grant me the strength to stand firm against the allure of temptation.

Strengthen my resolve and empower me to resist that which would lead me astray.

In moments of weakness, be my stronghold, and guide me toward the path of righteousness.


2. Short Prayer for Wisdom

21 Short Prayer Against Temptation

God of Wisdom, bestow upon me the discernment to recognize and avoid the snares of temptation.

Illuminate my path with Your truth and grant me the insight to make choices aligned with Your divine will.

May Your wisdom be my guiding light.


3. Short Prayer for Filling with the Holy Spirit

Short Prayer for Filling with the Holy Spirit (1)

Holy Spirit, fill me with Your power and presence.

Let Your divine fire burn within me, granting me the strength to overcome the pull of temptation.

May Your guiding light lead me away from the enticements that seek to ensnare me.



4. Short Prayer for God’s Protection

Short Prayer for God's Protection (1)

Loving God, I seek Your protection against the tempting influences that surround me.

Wrap me in Your shield of grace, guarding my heart and mind from harmful allurements.

With You as my refuge, I am secure from the snares of temptation.



5. Short Prayer for Renewed Mind and Heart

Short Prayer for Renewed Mind and Heart (1)

Heavenly Renewer, transform my mind and heart, fortifying me against the pull of temptation.

Grant me a renewed spirit that resists allurement and seeks after righteousness.

May my inner transformation guide my choices.



6. Short Prayer for Overcoming Weakness

Mighty God, I admit my weaknesses that lead me to temptation.

In my vulnerability, grant me Your strength to triumph over these personal challenges.

With You as my support, I rise above my vulnerabilities and find victory.



7. Short Prayer for Victory

God of Grace, empower me to break free from the bondage of sinful temptations.

Shower me with Your mercy and strength as I strive for victory over entangling allurements.

In You, I find the power to overcome.



8. Short Prayer for Gratitude

Gracious Provider, fills my heart with gratitude and contentment, diminishing the pull of tempting desires.

Help me find satisfaction in Your provision, countering the allure of worldly pleasures.

Through gratitude, I find the strength to resist.


9. Short Prayer for Divine Assistance

Loving Savior, in moments of vulnerability, I seek Your divine assistance.

Strengthen me when temptation is strongest, and guide me away from paths that lead astray.

With You by my side, I stand firm against allurements.


10. Short Prayer for Self-Control

God of Self-Control, grant me the strength to manage desires that lead to temptation.

Guide me in exercising self-control over strong urges.

With Your guidance, I navigate the challenging terrain of desires.


11. Short Prayer for Clarity

Divine Illuminator grants me clarity of purpose to resist distracting temptations.

Focus my heart and mind on Your plan, helping me overcome allurements that divert me from Your path.


12. Short Prayer for Submission

Heavenly Father, I submit my desires to Your will, seeking alignment with Your purposes to overcome temptation.

Grant me the strength to yield to Your ways, even in the face of allurements.


13. Short Prayer for Accountability

Loving God provides me with accountability and support as I face temptation.

Surround me with a community that strengthens my resistance and uplifts me in times of struggle.

Together, we stand firm against allurements.


14. Short Prayer for Spiritual Armor

Divine Protector, clothe me with the spiritual armor I need to deflect temptation’s arrows.

Shield me from the enemy’s schemes and empower me to stand strong in Your might.



15. Short Prayer for Discernment

God of Truth, grant me discernment to recognize and defeat deception.

Illuminate falsehoods with Your light and guide me towards Your unwavering truth.



16. Short Prayer for Guidance

Guiding Light led me to walk in the light and avoid the shadows of darkness.

Guide me through tempting situations, keeping me on the path of righteousness.



17. Short Prayer for Humility

God of Humility, grant me the humility to surrender in the face of temptation.

Strengthen me to yield to Your ways and find strength in submitting to Your divine will.


18. Short Prayer for Gratefulness

Loving God, in times of testing temptation, I seek gratefulness for Your faithfulness.

Through appreciation, may I find the strength to overcome and draw closer to You?


19. A Prayer To Overcome Temptations

Heavenly Father, in moments of temptation, I seek Your strength.

As the allure of distractions and desires surrounds me, grant me the power to resist.

Let Your presence be my refuge, and guide me towards choices that honor You.

Help me overcome the pull of temptations and remain steadfast in my commitment to righteousness.


20. A Prayer To Seek Discernment

Divine Guide, grant me the gift of discernment to recognize the paths of temptation that lay before me.

Illuminate the subtle deceptions that seek to divert me from Your truth.

With wisdom as my guide, I navigate the complexities of choice, making decisions that align with Your will and purpose.

Shield me from the pitfalls of allurements, O Lord.


21. A Prayer To Find Victory

Mighty Redeemer, I stand before You seeking victory over the snare of temptation.

Let Your grace empower me to conquer the weaknesses that entice me to stray from Your path.

Fill me with Your Spirit’s strength, so I may triumph over the allurements that seek to hinder my journey toward righteousness.

In Your name, I find the power to overcome.



Within the realm of human existence, the struggle against temptation is a universal experience that transcends cultures and beliefs.

The collection of 19 short prayers against temptation serves as a poignant reminder of our shared journey to resist allurements that may compromise our values.

As we utter these fervent invocations, may we find solace and strength in the power of prayer, seeking divine guidance to navigate the intricate paths of life’s choices.

Let these prayers be a constant reminder that in the face of temptation, we can draw upon our inner reservoirs of faith and the unwavering support of a higher power to emerge victorious and resolute in our commitment to virtue.

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