15 Prayers For Alcoholics

15 Prayers For Alcoholics

Alcoholism is a devastating struggle that affects countless individuals and their loved ones. It is a battle that encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Amid this darkness, prayer can be a powerful source of hope, healing, and transformation.

As we lift those who are battling alcohol addiction, we invite the presence of the Holy Spirit to work mightily in their lives, bringing light to their darkness and leading them on a path of sobriety, renewal, and transformation.

These 15  powerful prayers for alcoholics are intended to be a guide, offering words of intercession, comfort, and encouragement.


Prayers for Alcoholics

Let us approach these prayers with humility, acknowledging that it is only by God’s grace that any person can find freedom from addiction.

May these prayers serve as a reminder of God’s love, mercy, and faithfulness, and may they inspire us to extend our hands and hearts in support and encouragement to those struggling with alcoholism.

Together, let us intercede on behalf of alcoholics, believing that through our prayers, God can bring healing, hope, and a new beginning.


1. A Prayer for Deliverance from Addiction



Heavenly Father, we come before You on behalf of those struggling with alcohol addiction.

We pray for their deliverance from the bondage of alcoholism. Break the chains of addiction, Lord, and set them free.

Fill their hearts with a deep desire for sobriety and a renewed passion for a healthy and purposeful life.

Strengthen their willpower and provide them with the support and resources they need to overcome this addiction.

Grant them the courage to take each step on this journey, knowing that with you, all things are possible.

In your mercy, I entrust their deliverance.

Guide them towards a life of sobriety, where they can live in alignment with your purpose for me.

I trust in your power and mercy to set me free.

In your name, I pray




2. A  Prayer for Physical and Emotional Healing



Loving God, we lift those suffering from the physical and emotional consequences of alcohol addiction.

we ask for your restorative touch upon their body and mind, mending their wounds inflicted by addiction.

Bring healing to their physical health, strengthening my body and renewing my vitality.

Mend their broken hearts and bring healing to their wounded spirits.

Grant them strength and resilience as they journey toward recovery.

Heal the deep emotional scars, soothing my heart and bringing me peace.

Fill them with hope and their heart with forgiveness and self-compassion as they embark on the journey of healing, knowing that You are the ultimate healer and restorer.

Lord, wrap them in your loving arms, granting them strength, vitality, and peace.

May they experience your transformative touch, leading them to a life of wholeness and well-being.

In Jesus’ name




3. A Prayer for Renewed Mindset



Lord, we pray for inner strength and a renewed mindset for those battling alcoholism.

Replace their feelings of weakness, shame, and despair with Your power, grace, and confidence.

Help them to see themselves as You see them—valuable, loved, and capable of change.

Grant them the courage to confront their vulnerabilities and face the challenges of recovery.

Give them the strength to resist temptation and the determination to choose sobriety each day.

Lord, empower them with resilience and perseverance to navigate the ups and downs of their journey.

Fill them with hope, joy, and a renewed sense of purpose.

May your Spirit guide their thoughts and actions, leading them towards a transformed life.

In Jesus’ name




4. A Prayer for Supportive Relationships



Heavenly Father, we ask for the blessing of supportive relationships for those struggling with alcoholism.

Surround them with individuals who will encourage and uplift them in their journey of recovery.

Send godly mentors, counselors, and friends who will provide guidance, accountability, and love.

Help them to build healthy and positive connections that will contribute to their healing and sobriety.

Father, I ask that you guide them to connect with people who will walk alongside them on this difficult path.

In your grace, may they find the support they need.

May these relationships be a source of strength, comfort, and motivation to stay committed to their recovery

In Jesus’ name




5. A Prayer for Breaking Temptations



Lord, we pray for the strength to overcome triggers and temptations that lead to alcohol consumption.

Shield them from situations, environments, and influences that may trigger their cravings.

Grant them discernment to identify potential risks and the strength to avoid them.

Empower them to resist the allure of old habits and associations that could lead them astray.

Replace their cravings with a hunger for You, and empower them to resist the allure of alcohol.

Lord, strengthen their resolve to make healthy choices and give them the wisdom to seek alternatives that support their sobriety.

In your mercy, provide them with the strength to break free from the chains of addiction.

In Jesus’ name




6. A Prayer for Emotional and Mental Stability



Heavenly Father, I bring before you those struggling with alcohol addiction, specifically praying for their emotional and mental stability.

Heal the wounds that may have led to addiction and the underlying emotional pain they carry.

Bring comfort, peace, and restoration to their hearts and minds.

Fill them with Your love and acceptance, casting out feelings of guilt, shame, and self-condemnation.

Help them find healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Strengthen their mental resilience, providing them with the tools to address underlying issues and heal from past traumas.

May they experience your peace that surpasses all understanding, finding stability and balance as they walk the path of recovery.

In your loving care, I entrust their emotional and mental well-being.

In Jesus’ name




7. A Prayer for Financial Restoration



Lord, we lift those who have experienced financial hardships due to alcoholism. Provide opportunities for them to rebuild their financial stability.

Open doors for employment, education, and resources that will enable them to meet their needs and overcome debt.

Give them wisdom in managing their finances and the discipline to make wise choices.

Guide them to make wise decisions regarding their finances, and grant them the discipline to manage their resources.

Help them to break free from the bondage of addiction and make choices that align with their recovery and financial stability.

May they experience Your provision and be set free from the burdens of financial strain.

In Jesus’ name




8. A Prayer for the Healing of Broken Relationships



Gracious God, I bring before you those who are suffering from alcohol addiction, specifically praying for the healing of their broken relationships.

Restore and reconcile families, marriages, and friendships that have been strained or broken.

Grant them the courage to make amends and seek forgiveness from those they have wronged. Lord, bring understanding, empathy, and healing to all parties involved.

Mend the bonds that have been damaged and renew love and trust. Bring healing and unity to their relationships, allowing forgiveness and grace to flow.

Lord, I ask for your healing touch upon their relationships, mending the brokenness and restoring harmony.

Soften hearts, both theirs and those they have hurt, so that forgiveness and reconciliation may take place.

In Jesus’ name




9. A Prayer for Spiritual Renewal



Heavenly Father, we pray for spiritual renewal for those struggling with alcoholism.

I pray that you would ignite a spark of faith within them, drawing them back into a close relationship with you.

Grant them the strength to surrender their addiction to your loving care.

Fill their hearts with a hunger for spiritual growth and a thirst for your presence.

Renew their spirits, Lord, and restore their hope and purpose in life.

May they experience the transforming power of your love and grace, leading them toward a life of wholeness and spiritual fulfillment.

Fill them with Your Holy Spirit, granting them strength, guidance, and discernment.

Help them to find solace and strength in Your Word, prayer, and fellowship with other believers.

May their spiritual journey be a source of encouragement and empowerment in their recovery.

In Jesus’ name




10. A Prayer for Overcoming Shame and Guilt



Merciful God, I come before you on behalf of those who are burdened with shame and guilt due to alcohol addiction

Remove the heavy burden of guilt they carry and replace it with Your forgiveness and grace.

Help them to fully embrace and accept Your love and forgiveness, understanding that their past does not define their future.

Grant them the courage to let go of shame, to forgive themselves, and to walk in the freedom of Your grace.

Fill them with a deep understanding of your unconditional love and grace, the strength to forgive themselves, and embrace a new beginning.

Surround them with a supportive community that will encourage them to let go of shame and embrace their worth as your beloved children.

In Jesus’ name




11. A Prayer for Protection from Relapse

Heavenly Father, we pray for protection from relapse for those in recovery from alcoholism.

Shield them from the snares and temptations that may lead them back to addiction.

Surround them with a hedge of protection, guarding their hearts, minds, and bodies from the grip of alcoholism.

Strengthen their resolve and grant them the wisdom to seek help and support when they feel vulnerable.

Grant them the wisdom to make choices that align with their recovery goals. Lord, be their stronghold in moments of weakness, guiding them towards healthier alternatives.

In your unfailing love, protect them from relapse and lead them toward a life of lasting sobriety.

In Jesus’ name




12. A Prayer for Finding Purpose and Meaning

Gracious God, I pray for those who are struggling with alcohol addiction, longing to find purpose and meaning in their lives.

Lord, you have created each person with unique gifts, talents, and a divine purpose.

I ask that you guide and reveal to them their true calling.

Help them to discover their passions and use their experiences to bring about positive change in their lives and the lives of others.

Show them the path You have prepared for them, where they can make a positive impact on others and experience a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

Open doors of opportunity that align with their calling and bring them joy.

Lord, may they find fulfillment and meaning as they walk in alignment with your plans for them.

In Jesus’ name




13. A Prayer for Freedom from Enabling Relationships

Heavenly Father, we pray for deliverance from enabling relationships that perpetuate alcohol addiction.

Grant wisdom and discernment to those struggling with codependency, enabling behaviors, and unhealthy relationships.

Help them establish healthy boundaries and make choices that promote their well-being and the well-being of their loved ones.

Fill their hearts with wisdom and self-worth, reminding them that their well-being is important.

Lord, guide them towards relationships that encourage growth, and accountability, and support their journey towards recovery.

In your grace, may they find freedom from enabling relationships and experience a renewed sense of self.

In Jesus’ name




14. A Prayer for Long-Term  Victorious Living

Lord, we pray for long-term sobriety and victorious living for those in recovery.

Sustain them in their commitment to sobriety day by day, year by year. Grant them the resilience and perseverance to overcome challenges and temptations.

Fill their hearts with hope and joy as they experience the blessings of living a sober life.

Help them to be a beacon of hope and inspiration to others who are struggling with addiction.

Surround them with positive influences and a strong support system that will uplift and encourage them.

Lord, empower them to develop healthy coping mechanisms, find joy in sober living, and embrace a future filled with purpose and fulfillment.

May their lives be a testimony to your transforming power.

In Jesus’ name




15. A Prayer for Peace and Serenity

Dear Lord,  You are the Prince of Peace,  I lift to you those who are suffering from alcohol addiction, praying for their peace and serenity.

Lord, addiction can cause turmoil and chaos in their lives, leaving them feeling anxious, restless, and burdened.

I ask that you calm their anxious thoughts and quiet their troubled spirits.

Replace their inner turmoil with a deep sense of serenity that can only come from you.

Help them to find solace in your presence and to trust in your plans for their lives.

Grant them a sense of serenity amidst the storms of life.

Fill their hearts with the assurance of your unconditional love and forgiveness.

Lord, may they experience the peace that surpasses all understanding, enabling them to navigate their recovery journey with grace and tranquility.

In Jesus’ name




As we intercede for alcoholics, let us remember that our prayers have the power to bring transformation and healing.

May these prayers serve as a foundation for our intercession, but let us also listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we pray for specific needs and individuals.

Together, let us lift those struggling with alcohol addiction, trusting in God’s love, mercy, and power to bring freedom, healing, and restoration.

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