12 Prayer for Sleep Paralysis


A widespread condition that impacts many people globally is sleep paralysis. Just after waking up or falling asleep, a person enters this state, which prevents them from moving or speaking. It can be a scary event that makes people feel frightened and helpless.

Due to its potential to cause anxiety, melancholy, and even hallucinations, sleep paralysis can negatively influence mental and physical health.

Our lives are not complete without sleep, and the quality of our sleep has an impact on how we feel overall. Finding solutions to prevent sleep paralysis and enhance the quality of our sleep is therefore essential.

Prayer has a relaxing impact and can also assist lower stress levels, a major cause of sleep paralysis. When we pray, we give our cares and fears to a higher power, which can help calm our brains and lessen the chance of developing sleep paralysis.

In this essay, we’ll examine the effectiveness of prayer in assisting people in overcoming sleep paralysis. We’ll talk about the power of prayer, how it functions, and the various prayer methods that can aid with sleep paralysis.


13 Prayer for Sleep Paralysis

Prayer can aid in calming the mind and bringing comfort and peace in cases of sleep paralysis. Many people claim that praying before bed helped them avoid episodes of sleep paralysis and allowed them to sleep all night soundly.

There are various prayer methods that people might employ to treat sleep paralysis. While some people prefer to picture soothing sights or scenes, others prefer to recite a prayer or mantra.


1. The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven, Give us this day our daily bread, And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, Because, forever and ever, the kingdom, the power, and the glory are all thine. Amen.











It inspires us to have trust that our wants will be supplied, live in the present, forgive others, and concentrate on a higher purpose.

We can gain comfort and strength by reciting the closing lines of the prayer, which speak of God’s greatness and power.

It can ease sleep paralysis-related anxiety and provide consolation to the mind and soul. It reminds us that we are not alone and inspires us to have faith, show mercy to others, and concentrate on a higher good.


2. Psalm 23

The Lord's Prayer

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not lack. He brings me beside tranquil rivers; he restores my spirit; he makes me lie down in verdant pastures. Even though I walk through the deepest valley, I will fear no harm because you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me; your goodness and love will accompany me throughout the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.  Amen.










God is a devoted and nurturing shepherd who gives His flock rest and sustenance. Reciting it might bring solace and tranquility during sleep paralysis, when the mind and body may feel weary and spent.

We may experience difficult times, and that life is not always easy, but it also serves as a reminder that we are not alone; God is by our side, offering consolation and safety.

It provides comfort and hope by reassuring us that God’s love and care will always be with us, even after this life.


3. The Serenity Prayer

The Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to recognize the difference, Taking each day as it comes, savoring each moment as it arrives, and accepting struggle as a road to serenity. Take this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it as Jesus did. I trust you will make everything right if I surrender to your will. Amen.












This is a helpful reminder that some aspects of life are out of our control. Rather than allowing these aspects to fill us with worry and anxiety, it’s crucial to accept them calmly.

It encourages us to stop worrying about the future, concentrate on the here and now, accept the world as it is, and refrain from attempting to exert control over everything in it.

It encourages us to concentrate on finding some measure of happiness in this life and eternal bliss by reminding us to trust in God’s plan and submit to His will.



4. A Prayer for Protection

A Prayer for Protection


Almighty God, you are the protector of our souls and the source of all strength and comfort.

We come to you in this moment of fear and uncertainty, asking for your divine protection.

We ask that you protect us from any harm or danger that may come our way.

We pray that you shield us from any harmful or evil forces that may try to enter our minds or spirits during this time.

We ask that you guide us and give us the strength and courage to face this challenge with grace and grit.

We pray that You fill our hearts with peace and comfort and that you surround us with Your divine light and love.

We trust in your protection and know that you are with us always.

We thank you for your loving care and the sense of security your protection provides.



We pray that you continue to watch over us and guide us through life’s challenges.




5. A Prayer for Peace

A Prayer for Peace

Gracious Lord, We wish for peace with you today. Help us through sleep paralysis and calm our minds and bodies.

We may feel immobilized in our bodies and unable to move or communicate during sleep paralysis.

It can be a terrifying event that makes us feel helpless and isolated.

But, we know your constant presence and the peace and solace that your love may bestow upon us.

We pray for your serenity to surround us while we rest our bodies and minds.

May we sense your presence as we slumber, and may your tender embrace comfort our hearts.

We are confident that we can do anything with your support.

We believe in your compassion and wisdom and beg you to give us peace in even the most trying circumstances.



We ask for calm and solace during sleep paralysis in your holy name.




6. A Prayer for Strength

A Prayer for Strength

Eternal God, We turn to you in prayer for courage today.

We humbly ask for your assistance in empowering our brains and bodies as we navigate the difficulties of sleep paralysis.

We could feel helpless and exposed while experiencing sleep paralysis.

We can have trouble speaking or moving, and worry and anxiety might be running rampant in our heads.

Assist us in recognizing our inner strength. Give us the bravery to face our anxieties and the fortitude to keep going when things get tough.

Encourage us to believe in our skills and knowledge to overcome any challenge.

We can conquer even the most severe obstacles with your assistance.

We put our faith in your love and wisdom and beg you to give us the inner fortitude to face each day with courage and resiliency.


We ask for courage and empowerment amid sleep paralysis in your holy name.




7. A Prayer for Healing

A Prayer for Healing


Alpha and Omega, We are praying for healing before you right now.

We beg you to help us navigate the difficulties of sleep paralysis and encourage mental and physical well-being.

We may feel helpless and physical or mental pain while experiencing sleep paralysis.

Our bodies and hearts may be burdened by pain, dread, and anxiety.

Help us let go of any negative feelings that might prevent us from moving forward with optimism and hope.

We beg your healing power to flow through us as we relax our bodies and minds.

We are confident we can conquer any obstacle and become stronger with your support. We put our faith in your compassion and wisdom, and we beg you to assist us in locating the healing we require to lead joyful, peaceful, and healthy lives.


We ask for healing and restoration during sleep paralysis in your holy name.




8. A Prayer for Courage

A Prayer for Courage

Rock of Ages, We pray for your bravery as we approach you today.

We beg you to assist us through the challenges of sleep paralysis and to give us the courage and fortitude to face our fears and anxieties.

While experiencing sleep paralysis, we may feel confined and powerless, with fear and worry taking over our bodies and minds.

Give us the courage to confront our anxieties and the perseverance to tackle our difficulties.

Allow us to put our faith in your love and wisdom and in our capacity to conquer any challenge with your assistance.

With your support, we can muster the strength to face even the most formidable obstacles.

We put our faith in your love and wisdom and beg you to give us the inner power we need to face each day with assurance and resolve.



We ask for courage and strength through sleep paralysis in your holy name.




9. A Prayer for Forgiveness

Prayer for Forgiveness

We are asking for forgiveness from you today in prayer.

We beg you to help us through the difficulties of sleep paralysis and assist us in forgiving others in order to attain inner peace and emotional recovery.

We may experience a cycle of unfavorable feelings and ideas during sleep paralysis, with guilt and shame pressing hard on our minds and hearts.

Assist us in forgiving anyone who has wronged us or given us grief or suffering, including ourselves.

Help us let go of any negative feelings that might prevent us from moving forward with optimism and hope.

We pray that your forgiveness fills us while we let our bodies and brains rest.

May we feel your light and love around us, bringing inner calm and emotional healing to every area of our being.

We ask in the holy name of Jesus Christ.





10.  A Prayer for Gratitude

A Prayer for Gratitude

We pray to you for appreciation as we come to you today.

We humbly ask for your assistance as we navigate the difficulties of sleep paralysis and learn to cultivate an attitude of gratitude that will bring us inner peace.

Help us recognize our life’s blessings, despite obstacles and problems.

Help us focus on the positive and let go of any unfavorable feelings or thoughts that might prevent us from moving forward.

We beg your thankfulness to flood us while we relax our bodies and minds.

May we feel the light of your love and abundance shining upon us, encouraging a happy outlook and easing tension throughout every fiber of our being.

We are confident that we can conquer any obstacle and become stronger with your support.

We put our faith in your compassion and wisdom, and we beg you to assist us in discovering the thankfulness we require to have joyful, peaceful, and fulfilled lives.


We ask for thanksgiving and a cheerful outlook during sleep paralysis in your holy name.



11. A Prayer for Wisdom

Oh God of Wisdom, We are praying to you for insight today. We beg that you lead us through the difficulties of sleep paralysis and assist us in gaining understanding and direction through wisdom.

We may feel disoriented and overwhelmed during sleep paralysis, without direction and a sense of purpose. Yet, we know that you are a wealth of knowledge and insight and that you can support us in locating the solutions and direction we require.

We pray that your wisdom fills us as we rest our bodies and brains. In every aspect of our being, may we sense your presence leading us and providing clarity and a sense of purpose.

We put our faith in your compassion and wisdom and beg you to give us the knowledge we require to live meaningful lives.

In Jesus’ precious name, we pray, Amen.



12. A Prayer for Sleep

I pray for your blessings and direction as I lay down to rest my body and mind in preparation for a calm and comfortable night’s sleep.

Assist me in letting go of any fears or anxieties that may prevent me from feeling peaceful and relaxed.
Keep an eye out for me all night long and shield any bad energy or influences from me.

I pray for your divine intervention to assist me in overcoming any sleep disorders that might impair my rest, such as sleep paralysis.

May my body be renewed and refreshed by the sound sleep you provide me, and my mind be filled with beautiful dreams. I sincerely appreciate your love and support, and I beg that you continue to lead me as I navigate life.




Final Thoughts

Christians who want to overcome sleep paralysis and encourage calm and restful sleep can use prayer as a potent weapon. You can relax, concentrate on good thoughts, and welcome God’s divine intervention and protection throughout the night by including prayer in your regular sleep practice.

Along with prayer, other healthy sleep practices such as creating a regular sleep schedule, designing a peaceful sleeping environment, limiting screen time, using relaxation techniques, and abstaining from stimulants can help with sleep disruptions.

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