19 General Intercession Prayers


When the burdens of the world weigh heavily on our hearts, and the desire to make a positive change becomes our fervent prayer, we turn to the art of intercession. Intercessory prayer is a powerful act of selflessness, where we stand as advocates for others before the throne of grace.

We will delve into the heart of general intercession prayers, explore the steps to effective intercession, discover the beauty of opening prayers for intercession, delve into the prayers of the faithful during general intercessions, and find inspiration in general intercessions for Sunday.

19 General Intercession Prayers

General intercession prayers are the divine bridges we build between our earthly existence and the heavenly realm. They are heartfelt petitions that transcend self-interest and extend to the needs and concerns of others. These prayers serve as a spiritual lifeline, connecting us with the divine source of hope, healing, and transformation.

1. A Prayer for World Peace

A Prayer for World Peace

Dear Heavenly Father, we lift our voices in unison, praying for the peace of our world. In a world marred by conflict and strife, we beseech You to bring about reconciliation and harmony among nations. Let Your love reign supreme and transform hearts to seek peace.

2. A Prayer for the Sick

A Prayer for the Sick

Compassionate Healers, we intercede for those who are battling illness. We ask for Your divine touch to bring healing and comfort to their bodies and souls. May they experience Your restorative power and find solace in Your presence.

3. A Prayer for Those Facing Financial Struggles

A Prayer for Those Facing Financial Struggles

Provider of Abundance, we lift those burdened by financial difficulties. Pour out Your blessings upon them, granting wisdom to manage resources and an abundance that exceeds their needs.

4. A Prayer for the Bereaved

A Prayer for the Bereaved

Comforting Presence, we come before You on behalf of those who grieve. Wrap them in Your loving arms and bring them solace in their time of loss. Let the assurance of eternal life bring hope and peace to their hearts.

5. A Prayer for Leaders

A Prayer for Leaders

Divine Guide, we intercede for our leaders, both in government and in our communities. Grant them wisdom, integrity, and a heart to serve the people they lead. May their decisions be just and in alignment with Your will.

6. A Prayer for Families

Loving Creator, we pray for families facing challenges. Strengthen their bonds of love, foster understanding, and bring reconciliation where needed. May homes be places of peace and joy.

7. A Prayer for the Homeless

Compassionate Savior, we remember the homeless, those without shelter or security. Provide for their physical and spiritual needs, and lead them to places of safety and refuge.

8. A Prayer for Children and Youth

Guiding Light, we lift the children and youth of our world. Protect them from harm, grant them wisdom, and lead them on paths of righteousness. May they grow in faith and maturity.

9. A Prayer for the Unemployed

Provider of Opportunities, we intercede for those seeking employment. Open doors of opportunity, guide their job searches, and grant them the means to support themselves and their families.

10. A Prayer for the Elderly

Eternal God, we remember the elderly who may feel lonely or vulnerable. Surround them with love and companionship, and let them know the warmth of Your presence in their lives.

11. A Prayer for Teachers and Educators

Source of Knowledge, We pray for teachers and educators who shape the minds of future generations. Grant them patience, wisdom, and a passion for imparting knowledge.

12. A Prayer for the Incarcerated

Redeemer of Souls, we intercede for those who are incarcerated. Extend Your mercy and grace to them, leading them on paths of transformation and redemption.

13. A Prayer for the Mentally Ill

Healer of Minds, we lift those who struggle with mental illness. Provide them with the support, understanding, and healing they need. May they find solace and peace in Your presence.

14. A Prayer for Refugees

Compassionate Shelter, we remember refugees who seek safety and a new beginning. Protect them on their journeys, provide for their needs, and lead them to places of refuge and hope.

15. A Prayer for Victims of Natural Disasters

Lord of Creation, we pray for those affected by natural disasters. Comfort the grieving, provide for the displaced, and guide the efforts of relief and recovery.

16. A Prayer for Those in Conflict Zones

Prince of Peace, we intercede for those living in conflict zones. Bring an end to violence, sow seeds of reconciliation, and grant them a future filled with hope and peace.

17. A Prayer for the Environment

Caretaker of Creation, we pray for the healing of our planet. Grant wisdom to humanity in preserving and nurturing the environment, so that future generations may enjoy the beauty of Your creation.

18. A Prayer for Racial Reconciliation

God of Unity, we intercede for racial reconciliation. Break down the barriers of prejudice and division, and help us recognize the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

19. A Prayer for Spiritual Awakening

Holy Spirit, we pray for a spiritual awakening in our world. Stir hearts to seek a deeper relationship with You, and may Your presence be known and felt by all.

Sample General Intercession Prayer

Heavenly Father, we lift our hearts to You in this moment of intercession. We pray for the healing of the sick, the comfort of the grieving, and the guidance of the lost. Lord, in Your boundless mercy, hear our cries and extend Your loving hand to those in need. May Your grace flow like a river, bringing solace, restoration, and hope to all. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

What are the 4 Steps of Intercession?

Effective intercession involves a deliberate process, often consisting of four key steps:

a. Identification

Intercessors must first identify the individuals, groups, or situations for which they will intercede. This step requires empathy and an understanding of the specific needs and challenges faced by those being prayed for.

b. Empathy

Empathy is at the core of intercession. Intercessors must genuinely feel the burdens and concerns of those they are praying for. This deep emotional connection fuels heartfelt prayers.

c. Petition

Intercession involves making petitions or requests on behalf of others. These requests are presented to God with sincerity and specificity, addressing the unique needs of each situation or individual.

d. Trust

Ultimately, intercessors must trust in the divine wisdom and timing of God. Trust is the bedrock of effective intercession, knowing that God hears and responds according to His perfect will.

What is the Opening Prayer for Intercession?

The opening prayer for intercession sets the tone for the entire intercessory session. It is a heartfelt plea for divine guidance and a request for the Holy Spirit to lead the intercession. Here is a sample opening prayer for intercession:

Opening Prayer for Intercession

Heavenly Father, as we gather in Your presence, we come with hearts full of gratitude and compassion. We recognize that we are but vessels for Your divine intervention. We humbly ask for the guidance of Your Holy Spirit as we intercede on behalf of others. May our prayers be a fragrant offering, rising to Your throne of grace. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

General Intercessions Prayer of the Faithful

During Christian worship services, you may often encounter the Prayer of the Faithful, also known as the General Intercessions. These prayers are offered by the faithful in a communal setting, typically led by a member of the congregation or a clergy member. The general intercessions cover a broad spectrum of concerns, including prayers for the Church, the world, leaders, and the needs of the community.

Sample General Intercessions Prayer of the Faithful

For the leaders of our Church, that they may be guided by wisdom and humility, we pray to the Lord… Lord, hear our prayer.
For peace in our troubled world and an end to conflict, we pray to the Lord… Lord, hear our prayer.
For those who are suffering from illness, loneliness, or grief, that they may find comfort and healing, we pray to the Lord… Lord, hear our prayer.
For our local community, that it may be a place of love, support, and unity, we pray to the Lord… Lord, hear our prayer.
For all those who have passed away, that they may find eternal rest in Your loving embrace, we pray to the Lord… Lord, hear our prayer.
In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

General Intercessions for Sunday

Sunday, the Lord’s Day, is a time when Christians gather to worship, reflect, and offer prayers of intercession. These prayers often focus on the needs of the Church, the community, and the world. They serve as a reminder of our responsibility to bring the concerns of others before God’s throne.

Sample General Intercessions for Sunday

Heavenly Father, on this blessed Sunday, we come before You with open hearts, ready to intercede for our brothers and sisters in faith. We pray for the Church Universal, that it may continue to be a beacon of hope and a source of spiritual nourishment. Lord, in Your mercy… hear our prayer.
For our local community, that it may be a place of compassion, unity, and love, we pray. Lord, in Your mercy… hear our prayer.
For world leaders, that they may be guided by wisdom and justice as they make decisions affecting nations and peoples, we pray. Lord, in Your mercy… hear our prayer.
For those who are suffering, whether from illness, injustice, or despair, may they find comfort and relief through Your grace, We pray. Lord, in Your mercy… hear our prayer.
For all those who have strayed from Your path, that they may be drawn back into the embrace of Your love, we pray. Lord, in Your mercy… hear our prayer.
In Jesus’ name, we offer these intercessions, trusting in Your unfailing love. Amen.



In the realm of prayer, general intercession prayers stand as a testament to our capacity for compassion and selflessness. They are the threads that connect us with the divine and with each other, as we earnestly lift the needs and concerns of others to the throne of grace. Understanding the steps to effective intercession, the significance of opening prayers, and the beauty of general intercessions for Sunday enriches our spiritual journey.

May your intercessions be like incense, rising before the Lord, and may they be a source of comfort, hope, and transformation for those you intercede for. Let the power of divine intervention work through your heartfelt prayers, shaping a world where compassion and love reign supreme.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Are there specific guidelines for crafting effective intercessory prayers?

A1: While there are no rigid rules, effective intercessory prayers should be heartfelt, specific, and aligned with God’s will. Drawing inspiration from Scripture and maintaining empathy for those you are praying for can enhance the power of your intercessions.

Q2: Can anyone engage in intercessory prayer, or is it reserved for clergy or spiritual leaders?

A2: Intercessory prayer is a spiritual discipline open to all believers. It’s not limited to clergy or spiritual leaders. Anyone with a compassionate heart and a desire to pray for others can engage in this beautiful act of selflessness.

Q3: How often should one engage in intercessory prayer?

A3: Intercessory prayer can be a regular part of your spiritual practice. You can engage in it daily, weekly during worship services, or whenever you feel led to pray for others. There are no set frequencies; it’s about the sincerity of your heart.

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