17 Prayers For Mom Passing Away


Losing a mother is an incredibly profound and challenging experience. It’s a time of deep sorrow, but it’s also a time when turning to prayer can provide comfort and solace.

In this article, we will explore 17 heartfelt prayers for those who are facing the loss of their beloved mothers. These prayers are meant to offer spiritual support, guidance, and healing during this difficult journey.

17 Prayers for Mom Passing Away

1. Prayer for Peace and Acceptance

Prayer for Peace and Acceptance

Dear Heavenly Father, In this moment of profound loss, I come before You seeking peace and acceptance. Help me to understand that Your plans are perfect, even when they are difficult for me to comprehend. Grant me the strength to accept Your will and find peace amid my grief.

2. Prayer for Comfort in Loneliness

Prayer for Comfort in Loneliness

Lord Jesus, As I navigate the loneliness that comes with the absence of my mother, I pray for Your comforting presence. Be with me, wrap Your loving arms around me, and fill the void in my heart with Your love and grace.

3. Prayer for Strength in Grief

Prayer for Strength in Grief

Almighty God, Grief can be overwhelming, but I know that Your strength is made perfect in weakness. Give me the courage and strength to face each day without my mother, knowing that You are my refuge and my fortress.

4. Prayer for Gratitude

Prayer for Gratitude

Heavenly Father, I thank You for the precious time I had with my mother. I am grateful for the love and memories we shared. Help me cherish those moments and hold them close to my heart as a source of comfort.

5. Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Healing

Lord of Healing, I pray for healing not only of my heart but also of the hearts of my family members who are grieving. Let Your healing touch mend the brokenness we feel and bring us closer together in our sorrow.

6. Prayer for Forgiveness

Merciful God, In this time of grief, I ask for the strength to forgive any unresolved issues or conflicts with my mother. Help me release any resentment and find peace in forgiveness.

7. Prayer for Guidance

Divine Guide, As I navigate the practicalities of life without my mother’s guidance, I ask for Your wisdom and direction. Show me the path forward and lead me in making decisions that honor her memory.

8. Prayer for Eternal Rest

Loving Savior, I entrust my mother’s soul into Your loving care. Grant her eternal rest and let Your light perpetually shine upon her. May she find peace and joy in Your presence.

9. Prayer for Hope

God of Hope, In my moments of despair, help me to hold onto the hope of reuniting with my mother in Your eternal kingdom. Let this hope be a source of comfort and motivation in my journey of grief.

10. Prayer for the Family

Heavenly Father, I pray for unity and strength within my family as we mourn the loss of our beloved mother. Help us to support and uplift one another, finding solace in our shared memories.

11. Prayer for God’s Timing

Lord of Time, I surrender to Your divine timing. Help me trust that You know the best moments for every event in our lives, including my mother’s passing. May Your perfect timing bring peace to my heart.

12. Prayer for Remembrance

Eternal God, Grant me the ability to remember my mother with love, joy, and gratitude rather than sorrow. Let her memory be a source of inspiration and a reminder of the beauty of life.

13. Prayer for Strength in Weakness

Lord of Mercy, When I feel weak and overwhelmed by grief, be my strength. Lift me and carry me through the darkest moments of my sorrow.

14. Prayer for Peace in Dreams

Heavenly Father, My dreams, allow me to experience moments of connection with my mother. Let these dreams bring comfort and assurance that she is at peace in Your presence.

15. Prayer for the Release of Regrets

God of Redemption, Release me from any regrets or guilt I may be carrying regarding my relationship with my mother. Help me find forgiveness and peace in knowing that I did my best.

16. Prayer for Divine Comfort

Loving God, I open my heart to receive Your divine comfort. Let Your Holy Spirit surround me with Your love, reassuring me that my mother is in Your loving embrace.

17. Prayer for a Legacy of Love

Heavenly Father, May my mother’s legacy be one of love, faith, and kindness. Help me carry on her spirit by spreading love and compassion to others in her honor.


Losing a mother is an incredibly challenging and emotional experience. These prayers are offered as a source of support and comfort during this difficult journey.

Through prayer, we can find the strength to navigate our grief, cherish the memories of our mothers, and hold onto the hope of eternal reunion in God’s kingdom. May these prayers provide solace to those who are mourning the loss of their beloved mothers.


Q1: Can prayer help with the grief of losing a loved one?

Yes, prayer can be a source of great comfort and solace during times of grief. It allows individuals to connect with their faith, seek guidance, and find strength amid sorrow.

Q2: How can I pray for my mother’s soul after her passing?

You can pray for your mother’s soul by simply speaking from your heart. Ask for God’s mercy, grace, and eternal rest for her. Express your love and gratitude for the time you had together.

Q3: Is it normal to feel anger and resentment when grieving the loss of a mother?

Yes, it’s normal to experience a range of emotions, including anger and resentment, when grieving. Grief is a complex process, and it’s important to allow yourself to feel and process these emotions healthily.

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