21 Prayers For Election Day


Election day is a pivotal moment in the life of a nation. It’s a time when citizens exercise their democratic right to choose their leaders.

As Christians, our responsibility is not only to cast our votes but also to lift our voices in prayer. In this article, we will explore 21 heartfelt prayers for election day, seeking God’s guidance, wisdom, and peace amid the electoral process.

21 Prayers for Election Day

Prayers for Candidates

1. A Prayer for Candidates’ Hearts

A Prayer for Candidates' Hearts

Dear Heavenly Father, we lift all the candidates who have offered themselves for public service. We pray that you would touch their hearts, instilling in them a deep sense of integrity, humility, and a genuine desire to serve the people selflessly. May they seek Your guidance above all else.

2. Wisdom for Decision-Making

Wisdom for Decision-Making

Lord, we ask for Your divine wisdom to rest upon the candidates. May they make decisions that align with Your will and contribute to the well-being of our nation. Grant them discernment and the ability to lead with grace.

3. Protection and Strength

Protection and Strength

Heavenly Father, as candidates campaign tirelessly, shield them from harm and exhaustion. Strengthen their bodies, minds, and spirits, so that they may continue to pursue their calling with resilience and grace.

Prayers for Voters

4. Voter Discernment

Voter Discernment

Lord, grant every voter the gift of discernment as they evaluate candidates and issues. May they see beyond the surface and choose leaders who uphold values that align with Your Word.

5. Unity Among Voters

Unity Among Voters

Father, amid differing opinions and heated debates, we pray for unity among voters. Help us remember that we are all part of one nation, bound together by Your love.

6. Protection from Deception

Shield us, O Lord, from misinformation and deceit. May truth and transparency prevail, allowing voters to make informed decisions that honor Your principles.

Prayers for Election Officials

7. Wisdom and Integrity

We lift election officials before You, Lord. Grant them wisdom, integrity, and impartiality as they oversee the voting process. May they carry out their duties with fairness and diligence.

8. Peaceful Proceedings

Heavenly Father, we pray for peaceful and orderly election proceedings. May Your presence bring calm to polling stations, and may every voter be able to cast their ballot without fear.

9. Protection from External Influences

Lord, protect our electoral system from external influences that seek to disrupt or undermine the process. Let the sanctity of our elections be preserved.

Prayers for the Nation

10. Unity and Healing

We beseech You, O Lord, for unity and healing in our nation. Regardless of the election outcome, may we come together as one people, ready to work for the common good.

11. God’s Sovereignty Acknowledged

Help us, Lord, to remember that Your sovereignty transcends politics. In victory or defeat, may we acknowledge Your supreme authority over our lives and our nation.

12. Gratitude for Freedom

We thank You, Heavenly Father, for the freedom we have to participate in the democratic process. Let us never take this privilege for granted.

Prayers for Election Day

13. Peace in the Hearts of Voters

On this election day, we pray for Your peace to reign in the hearts of all voters. Calm any anxieties or doubts, and guide them as they make their choices.

14. Fair Weather

Lord, we ask for fair weather across the nation, so that no voter is deterred by storms or adverse conditions from exercising their right to vote.

15. Patience and Respect

Grant us, O Lord, the patience to wait for election results and the respect to accept the outcome, trusting that Your will is being done.

Prayers for Leaders

16. A Prayer for the Elected

As leaders are elected into office, we pray for them, Lord. May they lead with integrity, compassion, and a commitment to justice. Surround them with wise counsel.

17. A Prayer for the Unsuccessful

For those who do not win their campaigns, we ask for Your comfort and guidance. May they continue to serve in other capacities, always striving for the greater good.

18. Unity in Leadership

Heavenly Father, we pray for unity among our leaders, regardless of party affiliation. Help them work together for the well-being of our nation.

Prayers for the Future

19. Hope for the Future

Lord, we place our hope in You for the future of our nation. May it be filled with peace, prosperity, and justice for all.

20. A Call to Civic Engagement

Inspire, O God, a spirit of civic engagement among the younger generation. May they be encouraged to participate actively in shaping the future of our nation.

21. A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Finally, we offer a prayer of thanksgiving, grateful for Your guidance and protection throughout this election process. May Your name be glorified in all we do.



Election day is a time of significance, and as Christians, our prayers play a vital role in shaping the outcomes and attitudes surrounding this democratic process. Through heartfelt prayers for candidates, voters, election officials, and the nation, we seek God’s wisdom, guidance, and peace.

Regardless of the results, may we remember that our ultimate hope rests in God’s sovereignty, and may we continue to pray for our leaders and the future of our nation.


FAQ 1: Why is it important to pray on election day?

Praying on election day is important because it acknowledges our dependence on God’s guidance in making important decisions that shape our nation’s future. It also fosters a spirit of unity and respect among voters, regardless of their political beliefs.

FAQ 2: Can prayer influence election outcomes?

While prayer cannot directly manipulate election results, it can influence the hearts and minds of voters and candidates. Prayer can also bring about a sense of peace and unity that can positively impact the electoral process.

FAQ 3: How can I pray for my country’s leaders after the election?

You can pray for your country’s leaders by asking God to grant them wisdom, integrity, and a heart for the well-being of the nation. Pray for unity among leaders and that they may govern with justice and compassion.

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