13 Prayer to Stop Obsessing Over Someone


Obsessive thoughts are intrusive, repetitive, and distressing ideas that can overwhelm our minds, affecting our mental and emotional well-being.

Such fixations can lead to heightened anxiety, disrupted sleep, and strained relationships. The constant preoccupation with a person or situation can hinder our overall sense of peace and joy.

Prayer serves as a conduit to shift our focus away from obsessive thoughts.

Engaging in prayer allows us to surrender our worries and desires to a higher power, inviting divine guidance to replace our distressing fixations.

This redirection of focus aids in breaking the cycle of obsession.

Prayer to Stop Obsessing Over Someone

The collection of “13 Prayers to Stop Obsessing Over Someone” offers a path of spiritual healing and renewal.

Within these prayers, you’ll find an opportunity to relinquish the burden of obsession, release the tangled emotions, and rediscover a sense of inner peace and freedom.

With faith as our guide, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, seeking divine intervention to overcome the suffocating grip of obsession and reclaim our hearts and minds.

1. A Prayer for Release from Obsessive Thinking

A Prayer for Release from Obsessive Thinking

Dear Divine Source of Peace, I come before you burdened by my incessant thoughts of another.

I release these obsessions that bind me, surrendering them to your infinite wisdom.

Grant me the strength to detach my mind from this fixation, so I may find solace in your presence.

Replace my preoccupations with tranquility and clarity.

Let my thoughts be guided by your serenity, freeing me from the chains of obsession.

In your name, I let go and find peace.


2. A Prayer for Clarity and Understanding

A Prayer for Clarity and Understanding

Eternal Source of Knowledge, As I navigate the maze of my emotions, I seek your enlightenment.

Grant me the clarity to understand the complexities of my feelings and the situation at hand.

Help me see beyond my perceptions and biases, so that I may discern the truth.

Illuminate my heart with your wisdom, guiding me towards a deeper understanding of myself and others.

May your insights bring me the clarity I seek.


3. A  Prayer for Emotional Healing and Wholeness

A Prayer for Emotional Healing and Wholeness

Divine Healer of Hearts, I lay before you my wounded emotions, asking for your gentle touch to mend what is broken within me.

Bathe my heart in your soothing grace, filling the cracks with your divine light.

Grant me the strength to forgive, to release the pain that binds me.

As I heal, may I emerge whole, ready to embrace the beauty of life’s journey once more.

Heal me from within, and make me emotionally whole.


4. A Prayer for Strength to Let Go

A Prayer for Strength to Let Go

Mighty Source of Strength, I stand at the crossroads of holding on and letting go.

Give me the courage to release my grip on what no longer serves my soul’s growth.

Grant me the resilience to move forward, even when it’s difficult.

Fill me with the strength to release attachments and find freedom in surrender.

With your unwavering support, I find the power to let go and embrace the new chapter before me.


5. A  Prayer for Divine Guidance and Wisdom

A  Prayer for Divine Guidance and Wisdom

Guiding Light of Wisdom, In my moments of confusion, I turn to you for guidance.

Bestow upon me the wisdom to discern the path I should tread.

Open my mind to insights beyond my understanding, so that I may make choices aligned with your divine plan.

Illuminate my steps with your presence, so I may walk confidently in the direction you have ordained for me.

Guide me, O Divine Source, for I am ready to receive your wisdom.


6. Prayer for Surrender and Trust

Loving Source of Trust, I surrender my worries, doubts, and fears into your caring hands.

Teach me the art of letting go and placing my trust in your divine orchestration.

Help me relinquish control over the uncontrollable and find serenity in your plan.

With each surrender, may I grow in faith, knowing that your love carries me through every storm.

I place my trust in you, O Divine Guardian.


7. A Prayer for Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

Creator of Unconditional Love, I embrace the person I am, recognizing my worth and inherent value.

Let your love flow through me, nurturing my self-esteem and self-acceptance.

Help me shed the burdens of comparison and insecurity, allowing me to bask in the warmth of your acceptance.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I honor the unique being you’ve created me to be.


8. A Prayer for Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Merciful Source of Forgiveness, Grant me the grace to forgive those who have hurt me, and the humility to seek forgiveness where I’ve wronged others.

Guide my heart towards reconciliation and understanding, that wounds may be healed and relationships restored.

May your boundless compassion inspire me to extend forgiveness, fostering peace and unity among us.

Through your love, I find the strength to forgive and reconcile.


9. A Prayer for Filling the Void with God’s Love

Abundant Source of Love, Fill the empty spaces within my heart with your divine love.

Let your unconditional affection replace the yearnings that were once occupied by obsessions.

Help me find my completeness in you, so that I may no longer seek validation or fulfillment from external sources.

As I receive your love, may it overflow into all areas of my life, radiating your light.


10. A Prayer for Renewed Focus on Personal Growth

Nurturing Source of Growth, Redirect my energy toward my evolution.

Let the time and effort once spent obsessing over another be channeled into self-improvement and growth.

May I develop my talents, pursue my passions, and cultivate a deeper connection with you.

Grant me the determination to embrace my journey of becoming the best version of myself.


11. A Prayer for Peaceful Sleep and Rest

Gentle Guardian of Peace, As the night falls, I ask for your presence to grant me peaceful sleep.

Ease my mind from the restlessness of obsessive thoughts, allowing me to find rest in your embrace.

Let your tranquility envelop me, calming my spirit and renewing my strength for the day ahead.

I release my worries to you, knowing you watch over me through the night.


12. A Prayer for Open Doors and New Opportunities

Divine Orchestrator of Destiny, I trust in your plan for my life, believing that closed doors lead to open pathways.

Guide me towards new opportunities that align with my purpose.

Help me embrace change and step boldly into the uncharted territories before me.

With your guidance, may I discover unexpected blessings and pathways that lead me to growth and fulfillment.


13. A Prayer for Gratitude and Contentment

Overflowing Source of Blessings, I am grateful for the lessons learned from my experiences, even those of obsession.

Grant me the wisdom to appreciate each moment, finding contentment in the present.

Fill my heart with gratitude for the love and guidance you’ve bestowed upon me.

With a heart full of thanksgiving, I embrace the journey ahead, knowing that you are with me every step of the way.



As we conclude this collection of “13 Prayers to Stop Obsessing Over Someone,” we stand on the threshold of newfound freedom and healing.

Through these prayers, we’ve sought divine assistance to break the chains of obsession that once bound us.

In turning to the divine for guidance, we’ve found the strength to release the grip of intrusive thoughts and surrender our desires.

As we walk forward, may these prayers continue to resonate in our hearts, reminding us that we possess the power to overcome even the most consuming emotions.

With faith as our companion, let us step into a future marked by restored inner peace, renewed focus, and a deeper understanding of ourselves.

1. How do you pray to give up control?

In prayer, ask for the strength to release your need for control.

Surrender your worries and desires to a higher power, acknowledging that their plan is greater.

Pray for trust in the divine wisdom and guidance that surpasses your understanding.

2. How do you pray to let go of someone you love?

In your prayer, express your emotions honestly to God.

Ask for comfort, healing, and the strength to release your attachment.

Pray for their well-being and the courage to move forward. Trust in God’s plan for both of your lives.

3. How do you pray to God to forget someone?

Instead of asking to forget someone, pray for healing, acceptance, and guidance.

Request strength to focus on the present and the future.

Pray for grace to release painful memories and to find peace in moving forward.

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