13 Prayer for Someone Going Through A Hard Time


People frequently go through difficult periods since life can be unpredictable and stressful. Going through a difficult period can be daunting and stressful, regardless of whether it is a personal crisis, a health issue, financial difficulties, or relationship troubles.

People may feel helpless and disoriented and need support during these moments. Those going through a difficult period may find consolation, hope, and strength from prayer.

In this context, we will talk about the value of prayer for those going through a tough period and how it can bring comfort and assurance during trying times.

Life may be so difficult to get through some seasons. Even knowing what to say to God might be challenging. We will now consider several prayers for difficult times based on potent biblical verses.


How to Pray for Someone Going Through a Tough Time

When someone we care about is going through a tough time, we may feel helpless and unsure how to help. Prayer is a powerful way to offer struggling people support, comfort, and strength. Here are some tips on how to pray for someone going through a tough time:

  1. Be sincere: When you pray, do it with an open and honest heart. Pray from a place of love and compassion for the struggling person.
  2. Listen: Before you pray, take the time to listen to the person’s concerns and challenges. This will help you to tailor your prayer to their specific needs.
  3. Pray for their needs: When you pray, ask for strength and guidance for the person. Pray they find the resources they need to get through their tough time and find peace and comfort in their situation.
  4. Pray for their faith: Pray that the person’s faith in God remains strong and unwavering, even during their struggle.
  5. Pray for their support system: Pray that the person is surrounded by a robust support system of family, friends, and loved ones who can offer help and encouragement.
  6. Pray for their healing: If the person is going through a physical illness or injury, pray for their healing and recovery. Ask for God’s healing power to be upon them and restore them to total health.
  7. Pray for patience and endurance: Going through a tough time can be long and difficult. Pray for the person to have the patience and perseverance to persevere through their struggles.



Prayer for Someone Going Through A Hard Time

1. A Prayer of Support

A Prayer of Support

Almighty God, assist me in providing my loved one with the best possible support during this difficult time.

I humbly come before you to ask for your helping hand in these trying times on behalf of my friend.

You are my pillar of strength and go-to person in times of need.

Keep his hand and prevent him from falling. Shower him with your mercy during these trying times.

My faith is anchored in your unwavering love and limitless strength.

I’ll do everything I can to keep them resilient and pray they have the stamina to persevere.

I plead with you to grant them your calmness and light so that they may understand what is best for them.

I ask that you give them insight and courage so that they can make the best decisions for their future. Amen.


John 16:33

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”



2. A Prayer for Strength

A Prayer for Strength

God the Father, I ask you to strengthen my family through difficult times.

Assist us in becoming more intimate with you through your holy word, both in prosperous and difficult times.

I pray I will be a good role model for my kids so they can know your goodness and love.

I ask that you grant me the courage to continue despite all the ominous sights I might see on the news.

Protect my family, my house, my loved ones, and others whose names I do not know who need your protection right now, along with strength.

I kindly ask that you lend me a shoulder to cry on at this trying time.

Dry my tears. Hold my hand, Lord; I am weary.





Psalm 16:8

“I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”



3. A Prayer for Time of Trouble

A Prayer for Time of Trouble

Divine Holy Spirit, you have my whole trust consistently during difficult times like these.

Because you are with me at every turn, I am sure I can overcome everything in my path.

Let my heart be at peace knowing that adversity draws us closer to you because we rely entirely on your ability to save us, and you never let us down.

Help me get through this challenging period. Order my actions.

Let your presence in my life be more prominent. I ask that you please guide our family through this tough period.

Give us the courage we need to go forward from these trying times.

I know that You can do these and many more for me. Thank you for your answers to prayers.





Psalm 46:1

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”



4. A Prayer for Comfort in Difficult Times

A Prayer for Comfort in Difficult Times

Father, Give me solace in these trying times. Keep me near to you so I won’t lose your trust.

Help me in everything I do. Help me to rely on your grace, which is plentiful in my life, rather than on my understanding, which is limited.

Let my heart testify to your steadfastness even amid these circumstances.

Renew my strength to fly like an eagle, sprint without falling, and fly without getting tired.

Keep an eye out for me during these trying times. Be my pillar of support.

Fill my heart with your serenity. Don’t let these situations make me lose trust in you.

Let me put my trust in you. I am confident I will win this battle since you are fighting for me.

I rely on your promise that you won’t abandon me and will always go ahead of me.

This is your perfect will in my life; I honor you now.



Psalm 119:28

“My soul melts from heaviness; Strengthen me according to Your word.”



5. A Prayer for Soul Renewal

A Prayer for Soul Renewal

God, You pledged to be there for us if disaster strikes.

In this time of difficulty, I rely on your promise. God, be with me.

Give me the knowledge and courage to get over all of these challenges.

Work your magic to rescue me from these painful circumstances, and let me place all of my trust in you.

Refresh my soul and allow me to be still to recognize you as God.

Today, we humbly admit our need for you. We require your grace and healing.

We require the renewal of our souls. We must be reminded of the constant, potent, and total effort we make for the people we love.

Pardon us for attempting to handle our problems on our own.

Pardon us for veering off in different directions when You are the source of support and healing.

Pardon us for putting everyone and everything else before you. We ask for assistance from you today.

Nobody else can comprehend or understand what you see.



Exodus 33:14

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”



 6. A Prayer to Overcome Challenges

A Prayer to Overcome Challenges

God the Father, My heart is in turmoil. I plead for your assistance.

Assist me in overcoming these challenges; you are aware of my troubles.

Let you hand-arrange tangible things for me. I need your help; I cannot accomplish this alone.

Let your angels keep an eye on me at all times. My adversaries are waiting for me to stumble, but with your help, I know I can resist them.

I put my faith in you. Give us the courage, Holy Spirit, to stand firm in our faith, live each day in the light of Your mercy, and handle difficulties.

Let’s treat people who have never experienced the love of a family as our brothers and sisters.

We invite You to guide our decisions, open our hearts to Your will, and join our lives in service to Your kingdom.

Come, Holy Trinity, lift our partners, parents, priests, and the obedient slaves of tomorrow.



Isaiah 26: 3-4

“Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace—because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord God you have an everlasting rock.”



7. A Prayer for Protection

A Prayer for Protection

Faithful Lord, you are the rock I can lean on and find calm in difficult times.

Go ahead of me and smooth out the rocky areas. Be my example.

I’m pleased I have faith in you because I know that times like these put my faith to the test.

Knowing that you are here gives me hope and elevates my spirit no matter how worn out I am.

Without you, I wouldn’t be able to endure these sufferings.

You are my rock. I turn to you, Oh Lord, to send your Holy Spirit no matter what difficulty we are suffering.

Encourage, fortify, and lead us to the light during our trials.

You would unlock the right doors to protect our lives and those of our loved ones, shut the incorrect ones, and shield us from those we need to leave behind.


Establish the results of our labor and complete what you have given us to perform in these moments. As a result of your generosity and love, we ask that you make our steps and path clear.



Psalm 32:7-8

“You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”



8. A Prayer to Remain Loving Despite Challenges

A Prayer to Remain Loving Despite Challenges

O Lord, Teach us to take loving care of one another and look out for everyone, including the frail, the elderly, and children, who are frequently put last on our hearts.

Teach us to take good care of each family member: our spouses so they can watch out for one another; our parents so they can look after our kids; and our kids so they can eventually become our parents’ guardians.

May we all take up the role of protectors of God’s gifts.

Let us witness a typical life supported by love and established on love before the world.

I sincerely appreciate your tremendous love and blessing in our lives.

We are grateful that your kindness never ends and lasts for the rest of our lives.

We want your direction so that we may completely experience your goodness and blessing today.

We kindly request that your face shines upon us.




Psalm 34:10b

Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.



9. A Prayer to Survive Financial Challenges

A Prayer to Survive Financial Challenges

Heavenly Father, We ask You to help our families serve as a powerful representation of Your unending love.

May spouses gradually discover how to develop authentic, long-suffering, and modest love.

They may serve as role models for their kids by being constantly willing to share and forgive.

Trust and willingness to submit to Your will should strengthen children’s hearts.

May they have the strength to experience the joy and freedom You intended for them in their youth.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on the families struggling with financial difficulties, divorce, illness, and death.

You give us life in Your Eucharist; dwell among us and let Your peace and pleasure flourish in us.





Deuteronomy 31:8

“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”



10. Prayer for When You Hurt Each Other

Prayer for When You Hurt Each Other

Dear Lord, revive me and give me the energy to care for my family.

You already know how much I adore them, but maintaining order may be challenging.

Teach me how to interact with and manage my family more effectively.

Give me the courage to keep going by consoling, leading, and guiding me.

You provide the ideal example of perseverance in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Give our family the resolve it needs to unite as a family should.

Give every one of us comfort and enable us to comfort one another.

You are aware of where our release is required. We pray that You will fill every gaping wound with grace and healing.




Psalm 119:105

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”



11. A Prayer for Those Mourning Loss

I ask that You protect all those mourning the loss of a loved one. I ask that You strengthen and fortify them in the face of peril, helping them understand that You have triumphed and will eventually correct every injustice and wrong.

As they reside in the spiritual shelter You give them, please make it possible for them to find comfort in Your shadow.

Informing them that their residence on earth is only transient and that they can only find safety in Jesus’ Great Healer; throughout my current healing process, I pray for strength.

You are kind and humble. Therefore, I lift my yoke off of you to learn from you. I can find calm in you. My entire being is in you. My friend, you. Stay at my side until the end. Be my rock.

Even though I know you are the Great Healer, it is never simple to participate in these moments. Consider all the times you have soothed my pain in the past, and give me the courage to bear this moment.



Psalm 34:17 

“When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears, and rescues them from all their troubles.”

12. A Prayer for a Friend Who is Hurting

Dear Lord, I am grateful for the people you have allowed me to raise. Help me always to remember that you love them more than I could ever love them, even if it comes with a lot of responsibility.

Father, if there are times when I feel overwhelmed or obsessed with the situation, please grant me your peace. I am grateful that you are a good God, Lord.

Help me to have faith in your heart for my friend and me. Teach me to have courage and trust in the face of adversity.

I appreciate your affection for the people you have given me responsibility for and me.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


John 14:27

 “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”


13. A Prayer for Comfort When You’re Grieving

My God, Father, we pray to you in these trying times. It’s simple to lose hope when individuals are unwell and fighting to make ends meet.

Give us the courage and fortitude to persevere in the face of everything and us. Help us to focus on you rather than our issues.

We need consolation and support to get through. I’m requesting that you reunite us as we ought to. Give us the fortitude to depend on one another and, most importantly, on you.

Every member of our family is in my prayers. Help the family as a whole and each of us individually.



Joshua 1:9

 “Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”



Offering prayers for someone going through a hard time can be a powerful way to show your support, care, and love. Prayer can provide comfort, hope, and strength to those facing challenges. Whether you pray alone or with others, prayer can help unite people and foster community.

It is important to remember that while prayer can be a valuable tool, taking action and offering practical support to struggling people is also essential. By combining prayer with tangible acts of kindness, we can help make a real difference in the lives of those facing hard times.

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