Fasting and Praying For Relationship Restoration – 11 Prayer Points

11 Fasting and Praying For Relationship Restoration

Relationships are essential to our lives, bringing us love, joy, and companionship. However, even the most vital relationships can face challenges and difficulties that can cause pain and hurt.

Knowing what to do or where to turn can be challenging in these situations. Fasting and praying for relationship restoration can be a powerful way to seek divine intervention and healing.

This guide will explore the importance of fasting and praying for relationship restoration and provide helpful tips for those who want to embark on this spiritual journey.


Fasting and Praying For Relationship Restoration

Praying and fasting has been used for centuries by people of faith to seek God’s guidance, mercy, and restoration in their relationships.

Through fasting and prayer, individuals can seek spiritual renewal, forgiveness, and renewed hope for restoring their relationships.


1. A Prayer of Understanding in Relationship



Dear Lord, I bring my relationship issues to your throne of mercy. My spouse and I got into a misunderstanding that has separated us for months.

It is not your wish that relationships should shatter. Dear Lord, please bring him back to me because of my love for him. Soften his heart so that he can forgive me.

Please, Lord, revive his heart and restore the love he once had for me. Refresh his memories and remind him of the good times we spent together.

Place him among friends who will advise him to return to me and forgive me. Nothing is too hard for you, Lord. Absolutely nothing!

I trust in your power to restore this relationship in Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


2. A Prayer of Unity



Dear Jesus. I thank You because You created the Union between man and woman by giving Eve to Adam.

Dear Lord, I’m on my knees pleading with tears that you should return my husband.

As a human, I make mistakes, I’m ready to amend my ways and reconcile, but he is not. Please touch his heart for me.

Fill him with humility. Revive the love he once had for me, dear Lord. Don’t let him give up on me.

Give me the strength to fight for our Union and forgive us, Lord. Amen.


3. A Prayer for Restoration



Please, lord, I pray that you restore my broken relationship. I have lived in pain, grief, and brokenness since I separated from my spouse.

My life has failed to be the same. I lose my joy and happiness; you are the only one that can help me.

Please touch my relationship with your renovating hand restoration. Bring back my spouse to me.

You said in your word that what God has joined together, let there be no asunder.

Father, there is an apart in my relationship; please join us back together; I can’t stay alone anymore. I pray I trust in your word for manifestation in Jesus’ name. Amen


4. A Prayers for Reconciliation and Forgiveness



Dear Jesus, I thank you because the human race was far from grace until you came and reconciled us to God using your blood.

Lord, please reconcile me to my spouse. I’ve tried, but it seems not to work. You are the only one that can change his heart because you created him.

Father, Lord, please forgive me, for I have not been faithful to you. I am filled with rage and anger; I hurt people, including my spouse, with my words.

Forgive any wrongs I may have committed in the relationship, intentional or unintentional. Help me to forgive my partner for any wrongs they may have done.

Soften partners’ hearts towards one another and open up opportunities for reconciliation and restoration.

Please forgive me, Lord, and touch my spouse’s heart so he may forgive me too. Speak to him, Lord, and reunite us once again. Amen.


5. A Prayer of Obedience



I am sorry because I have not been able to obey your commandments; I do things that provoke and hurt you; please forgive me, Lord.

I have hurt my spouse, and we have not spoken for some time now. Father, please, I have tried reconciling with him, but it only worsened matters.

Soften his heart for me, Lord, so that he might forgive my shortcomings and reconcile with me.

Show me what to do, teach me the right words to say, and reconcile us back together.

Help me control my emotions and respect my spouse as a wife should.

Please answer my prayer so we can both offer a sacrifice of praises to your name. Amen.


6. Miracle Prayer for Relationship Restoration



Dearest Lord, I and my spouse are going through a hard time. Our vows have been broken, and my child is going through emotional pain.

I need your help, Lord. It’s only you that can restore my Marriage. Please bring my husband back to me. Touch his heart, dear Lord, and make him look for his wife.

Bind us together more than we were before. Revive the love we once had for each other.

Remind us of our promises before you the day we were joined together.

I believe in your restoration power and surrender my heart to you, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


7. A Prayer for Relief From Pains



Dear God, I come before your throne of mercy with my broken relationship.

I surrender the burdens of my heart, the pains I have caused my spouse, and my past mistakes. Please take it away and restore my relationship with me.

I know I have been unable to control my rage, and it has always burned me to anger and made me say things I shouldn’t. I’m sorry, Lord.

Please speak to my spouse. I cast out every evil spirit hardening my spouse’s heart against me in Jesus’ name.

Lord, I cast my broken heart to you today, my fears and pains to you, everything that caused me and my spouse to be asunder. I threw it upon you, Lord, in faith and hope. Jesus

Please intervene for me. Reunite us again. I submit to your supremacy, Lord. Come and take absolute control of my relationship in Jesus’ name. Amen.


8. A Prayer for Glory



Thank you, Father, for creating Marriage for humanity to enjoy and reflect your glory.

I am sorry, Lord, my husband and I have not been able to fulfill our duties as Christian couples for some time now.

We have disobeyed your command in 1 Corinthians 7:3, which says that the husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife and, likewise, the wife to her husband.

We need your forgiveness, Father. We have fought severally, misunderstood, and abused each other. We are almost on the verge of divorce.

Father, I am tired of living a pretentious life among friends. My Marriage is not in good condition.

Father, please come into our home, search our hearts, and know our thoughts; bring guilt and remorse about any attitude obstructing us from reconciling.

Replace our pride with humility; replace resentment with love. Restore the love we once had for each other.

Father, you said in Ephesians 4:32 that we should be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other just as Christ forgave us.

We believe in your power of restoration. Please unite and restore us in Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


9. A Prayer for Humility



Dear God, I humbly come before you today, recognizing that I am nothing without you. You are the source of all wisdom and knowledge, and I ask that you grant me a humble heart and mind.

Help me recognize that all I have comes from you and that I am nothing without your grace and mercy. Let me admit my faults and shortcomings and seek forgiveness when I have done wrong.

Teach me to put others before myself and to serve them with a spirit of humility and compassion. Let me be quick to listen and slow to speak, seeking to understand others before seeking to be understood.

May I never become proud or arrogant, but always seek to live in a way that honors you and serves others. Grant me the grace to embrace humility in all aspects of my life and to reflect your love and grace to those around me.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


10. A Prayer for Wisdom



Heavenly Father, I come to you today seeking your wisdom and discernment as I navigate the complexities of my relationships. I ask that you give me clarity of mind and a discerning heart to know your will and make decisions that honor you.

Lord, I know I cannot make wise decisions alone, but all things are possible with you. I ask for your guidance and direction as I seek to restore and strengthen my relationships.

Father, I pray for a spirit of wisdom and discernment to guide me in all my interactions with others. Give me the ability to understand the needs of those around me and to respond with compassion and love.

Help me to be humble and patient, to listen carefully, and to speak truth in love. Lord, I pray you to protect me from making hasty decisions or acting impulsively. Help me to wait on you, to seek your will through prayer and fasting, and to trust in your perfect timing.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.


11. A Prayer for a Renewed Relationship

Dear God, I come to you with a heavy heart, seeking your divine intervention in my relationship. Lord, I pray that you will bring about a renewed and stronger relationship grounded in your love and grace, and that brings you glory.

I ask that you help us to let go of any bitterness or resentment that we may be holding onto and to forgive each other for any wrongs that have been done.

Lord, I pray that you will fill our hearts with love, compassion, and understanding toward one another and help us to see the best in each other.

Please give us the wisdom and discernment to navigate the complexities of our relationship and make decisions that align with your will. Help us communicate effectively and be honest and transparent with each other.

Lord, I know that with you, all things are possible. I trust in your power to heal and restore our relationship, and I believe you will make everything work together for our good.

Thank you for your unfailing love and grace towards us. I pray all of this in the precious name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


Bible Verses for Fasting and Praying Relationship Restoration

1.  1 Peter 5:10

2. Joel 2:25-26

3. Psalm 5:12

4. Jeremiah 30:17

5. Hosea 6:1

6. Isaiah 61:7

7. Zachariah 9:12



Fasting and praying for relationship restoration can be a powerful way to seek healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation in a broken relationship.

It requires a solid commitment to physical and spiritual discipline and a willingness to humble oneself before God and seek His guidance and intervention.

Through fasting and prayer, one can deepen their relationship with God, gain clarity on the issues, and open their hearts to forgiveness and healing.

However, it’s important to remember that the outcome of the relationship restoration ultimately rests in God’s hands, and we must trust in His perfect timing and will.

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