21 Decree Prayers for Financial Breakthroughs


In the journey of life, we often find ourselves facing financial challenges and obstacles that can be overwhelming. During such times, many individuals turn to the power of prayer to seek divine intervention and guidance.

Decree prayers for financial breakthroughs are a powerful way to align our faith with our financial aspirations. These prayers are not mere requests; they are bold declarations of faith in a higher power’s ability to transform our financial circumstances.

In this collection, we present 21 decree prayers for financial breakthroughs, each designed to inspire hope, increase faith, and empower those who seek financial abundance.

Whether you’re in the midst of financial difficulty or simply want to invite prosperity into your life, these decree prayers offer a spiritual path toward financial transformation.

21 Decree Prayers for Financial Breakthroughs

1. Decree for Immediate Financial Openings:

Decree for Immediate Financial Openings

I decree and declare, in the name of abundance, that sudden doors of financial opportunities swing wide open before me. I step into the favor of immediate financial openings, and I receive the blessings that flow from them. Let the windows of prosperity be flung wide, and let abundance flood into my life without delay!

2. Decree for Financial Wisdom

Decree for Financial Wisdom

I decree and declare that divine wisdom guides my every financial decision. I am endowed with the discernment and insight needed to manage and multiply my wealth. Financial wisdom is my constant companion, leading me to financial success and prosperity.

3. Decree Against Financial Barriers

Decree Against Financial Barriers

I decree and declare that every wall hindering my financial progress crumbles and falls. I break through every barrier and limitation that has held back my financial blessings. Nothing can stand in the way of my financial breakthrough, for I am unstoppable in the name of abundance!

4. Decree for Supernatural Debt Cancellation

Decree for Supernatural Debt Cancellation

I decree and declare supernatural debt cancellation over my life. I am released from the chains of crippling debt, and financial freedom is my portion. I trust in the abundance of the universe to wipe away all my financial burdens, and I walk in financial liberty!

5. Decree for Favor in Financial Negotiations

Decree for Favor in Financial Negotiations

I decree and declare an outpouring of favor in all my financial deals, sales, and agreements. The favor of abundance surrounds me like a shield, leading to prosperous outcomes in every negotiation. I walk in the assurance that divine favor is my greatest negotiator!

6. Decree for Business Expansion

I decree and declare business growth and expansion in every enterprise I am involved in. I declare that my businesses prosper and flourish, reaching new heights of success. The abundance of God’s blessing is upon my ventures, and I boldly step into greater profitability!

7. Decree for Investment Prosperity

I decree and declare fruitful returns on all my investments. Every seed sown in faith yields a bountiful harvest. The wealth of the universe multiplies in my investments, and I enjoy the abundance of prosperous investments in the name of financial breakthrough!

8. Decree Against Financial Sabotage

I decree and declare divine protection over my assets, guarding them against theft and manipulation. No weapon formed against my financial well-being shall prosper. I am shielded from financial sabotage, and my resources are secure in the hands of abundance!

9. Decree for Generational Wealth Transfer

I decree and declare a transfer of generational wealth to bless my offspring. My children and descendants are covered in the abundance of God’s provision. I declare an inheritance of financial blessings that flows from generation to generation!

10. Decree for Financial Integrity and Honesty

I decree and declare unwavering integrity and honesty in all my financial dealings. I uphold ethical values and principles in my financial transactions. The abundance of truth and righteousness surrounds every aspect of my finances!

11. Decree for Financial Creativity

I decree and declare innovative ideas and strategies for wealth creation. I am open to creative inspiration that leads to financial breakthroughs. Abundance flows through my inventive mind, opening new avenues of prosperity!

12. Decree Against Greed and Mismanagement

I decree and declare that resources are used wisely and not squandered through greed or mismanagement. I am a faithful steward of the abundance entrusted to me, and I am responsible in handling my finances.

13. Decree for Financial Discipline

I decree and declare the discipline to manage my finances prudently. I embrace wise spending and saving habits. Financial discipline is my strength, and it leads to lasting financial success!

14. Decree for Recognition of Financial Sources

I decree and declare a heart of gratitude, acknowledging divine provision as the source of my financial blessings. I am grateful for the abundance that flows from the universe, and I honor the Giver of all good gifts.

15. Decree for Protection of Financial Gates

I decree and declare divine protection over all my sources of income and wealth inflow. I command the financial gates to be guarded against any form of attack or loss. My financial blessings are secure, and I walk in financial security!

16. Decree for Philanthropy and Giving

I decree and declare a heart to bless others out of the abundance I receive. I am a generous giver, and I sow into the lives of those in need. Abundance flows through me, and I become a channel of blessings to others!

17. Decree for Sustainable Wealth

I decree and declare sustainable, enduring riches. My wealth is not fleeting; it is established and long-lasting. I walk in the path of lasting prosperity, and the abundance of God’s blessings remains with me always!

18. Decree for Wealth Multiplication

I decree and declare multiplication in every financial venture I undertake. The abundance of increase is my portion, and I experience exponential growth in my finances. I am a magnet for wealth multiplication!

19. Decree for Financial Peace

I decree and declare financial peace and contentment in my life. I release all anxieties and worries about money, knowing that the universe provides for my every need. I am at peace with my finances, and I rest in the assurance of abundance!

20. Decree of Thanksgiving for Breakthroughs

I decree and declare heartfelt gratitude for every financial breakthrough I have received. I am thankful for the abundance that surrounds me. With a heart full of thanksgiving, I attract even more financial victories into my life!

21. Decree for Divine Guidance in Financial Decisions

I decree and declare that divine guidance and clarity accompany every financial decision I make. I am attuned to the wisdom of the universe, and I trust that I am led to choose the right paths for my financial success. I walk in confidence, knowing that every step I take is guided by the hand of abundance, and I manifest financial breakthroughs with divine precision.


In times of financial hardship, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and defeated. However, through faith, prayer, and the power of decree, we can tap into a source of strength and abundance greater than ourselves.

The 21 decree prayers for financial breakthroughs provided in this collection are a testament to the unwavering belief in the potential for change and transformation in our financial lives.

By speaking these declarations with faith and conviction, we align our intentions with the divine, inviting positive change and financial blessings into our lives.

May these decree prayers serve as a source of inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment as you embark on your financial journey.

Remember that you are not alone, and with faith and perseverance, financial breakthroughs are possible. Trust in the power of decree, keep your faith unwavering and watch as your financial circumstances are transformed in ways you never thought possible.

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